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Daniel Dawson

The nastiest Italian food I’ve ever ever had. It tasted like the chicken was half cooked, then frozen, then microwaved for 20 minutes, then refrozen and then re-microwaved for another 2 minutes and 27 seconds, then thrown on top of some equally as bad pasta. Could not get through the first bite. Terrible.

Jill O.

We enjoyed fried eggplant sticks, large house salad, eggplant parm and veal ponchartrain. The food was very enjoyable. My disappointments were with the very large chip in the entree plate, the dirty paper menus, the pre-grated parmesan cheese and the food on the floor under our table.

Janice B.

Everything - I loved everything about it. Spinach and artichoke appetizer was cheesy and garlicky. Pizza was thin crust, not too much sauce, with CHEESE. Caprese salad was delish. Atmosphere was quaint, checkered table cloths with white paper on top. Cloth napkins.

Patrizia USA

We were on vacation in New Orleans and some friends had recommended this Italian restaurant. So we went. As soon as we were seated we noticed the variety of foods in the menu and the interior of the restaurant was visually attractive. After some time we decided to order some appetizers. We ordered the fried calamari and it was exquisite and very fresh! The garlic bread was perfectly toasted to a crunch, and for the main, I ordered some lasagna. The rest of my family had the special pizza and shrimp marinara. Overall a great experience and whenever we have another opportunity we would love to come back.

Nicole Arnoult

I've lived in New Orleans my entire life. It's been years since I ate here and I can't believe how much the place has diminished in quality and service. It was a Sunday night and albeit they were slammed. We waited over 30 minutes to be seated. They seated our family in this tiny dark room in the back, near tables where people were drinking heavily. After 20 minutes after no one even approaching our table, my husband asked the man who seated us if we had a server. About 5 minutes later some guy came up and asked if we wanted drinks. 10 minutes later he brought our drinks and that's it. Another 20 minutes went by. We were there to celebrate my son's birthday and he was saying how he felt we have been forgotten about. Sad. I got up and approached the same person who seated us and explained to him how no one had greeted us, asked us about the menu, it was dark, we were there to celebrate and found the atmosphere depressing instead because of the lack of attention we are receiving. He apologized and another 10 minutes later the same person that took our drink order came up to me and asked if I was depressed!! Are you kidding me?? I told him I was most certainly not depressed but we were not experiencing any sort of a restaurant experience here. We told him we wanted food and he said okay. He took our order. He didn't talk to us, bring us bread or anything else. We watched as all the other tables were served dishes after dishes and their servers spoke with them and laughed. 45 minutes later our drinks were empty and no one had bothered to ask if we wanted a refill, the bartender at Gilbert came up and offered us complimentary classes of wine trying to remedy what was already the worst dining experience we've ever had. If it was not for him, we would have completely walked out on the restaurant. He was kind, friendly and clearly trying to do as much as he could to help.It was over an hour before we got our food and it was just okay. The veal Pontchartrain that I ordered literally had three unseasoned shrimp on top, no crab meat no artichoke, nothing like the pictures from previous guests. My daughter's meatballs and spaghetti was bland. And they informed my husband that they had no Alfredo sauces and no cream sauces even while we saw many people being served them. He ended up ordering the seafood stuffed mushrooms which had no seafood and tasted like they were stuffed with mere breadcrumbs. Not good.Another family behind us was equally as mortified at the service and the profanity spewing table next to us with a woman so loud, drunk and heartless that she openly ridiculed us and the other family for being astonished at how many times she said the f word with our teenage children. The tall stocky, female server of that table had joined in the ridicule when she would go to bring them their food/drinks making the atmosphere even more uncomfortable. How rude and insensitive.Unfortunately this will be our last time at this restaurant.

Megan B

Had reservation, was seated within 10 minutes. The food was great! Seemed short staffed but everyone was working hard and my family and I appreciate that. Will def be back!

Duane C.

We ended up here on Cinco de Mayo after stupidly trying to visit a nearby Mexican restaurant during prime dinner hours. Venezia came highly recommended to us by other diners at another area restaurant and they definitely were right! This is a great old school, traditional Italian joint. We started with the garlic cheese bread which was so good, I could've eaten a couple orders and called it a night. My Chicken Parmagiana was excellent, perfectly breaded and cooked. They have a great drink menu which we took full advantage of. Definitely would return to Venezia!

Lisa G.

The food was great the service horrendous! Sat at our table an hour before appetizers arrived! Then tried to order entrees, out of Lasagna and Stuffed Shells. You're an Italian restaurant! Ended up ordering a Filet which was good but.... The waiter was terrible.

Meaux V.

The food is outstanding, the service is lousy. Was there middle of the week; waited a few minutes to be seating while open tables were available. Waited 20 minutes to be greeted by waiter, he seemed preoccupied. Waited another 15 to take our order. In the meantime, folks were getting their drinks, appetizers, etc. Brought us an appetizer we did not order, said it was free, we refused, didnt want fried eggplant spears. It took a while to get our meals which were very very good. The waiter made an off color joke, glad my wife didnt hear it about not bringing garlic bread "sooner than the meal, because later meant it wouldnt be stiff like he is in bed"! Anyway, he tried to charge us for the "free appetizer", when i called him on it, he said, "I know", i then took my time to point it out and then followed up with him that he overcharged us for wine we did not order. In summary, no lines, just had to wait to be seated. Food is Outstanding. Service was lousy. Will give it another try. Hopefully it was a one off.


La primera, numero uno, best pizza in town. It’sa fact, Jack! -Merican

Jeremy L.

Gotta know what to get The calamari appetizers were a100. I think they were understaffed but they apologized for th wait times. Pizza was also excellent, can't wait to try their famous steaks


Firstly the drinks order took a long time to arrive. A drink was missed from the order & took even more time to be replaced. The pasta arrived a while before the pizzas. Some of the order was forgotten. The waitress was awful. Not unpleasant, just not good at the job. Very disappointing

Don T.

We like to go to this restaurant as it is a consistent, traditional Italian restaurant. Last night did not disappoint. We started with the Fried Calamari appetizer and the House Special Salad. The salad was lettuce, genoa salami, provolone, tomato, artichoke and kalamata olives. Both were fantastic. Our entrees were the chicken parmesan with penne pasta and the Eggplant Vatican which was fried eggplant shell filled with shrimp & crawfish in a crabmeat cream sauce. served with a side of alfredo. Both were excellent. The downgrade that appears in my rating is because of the way we were handled in our efforts to get seated in the restaurant. We called to see if there was a wait and we were told we could be seated in 30 minutes. We went to the restaurant and arrived at the appropriate time. We were told to wait and we waited an additional 45 min before we were seated. If we had been told initially that our wait would have been 1 hour and 15 min, we would have gone elsewhere.

Matthew Greenbaum

Had a ridiculously difficult time deciding on what to eat as the people I was with had been there before and gave me far too many recommendations. But I went with the New York Strip (on a sizzling plate no less) and was glad I did. Very good sized steak, cooked perfectly, with a lovely side of pasta. Everyone was very nice. It was for a birthday and they chilled the bottle of champagne we brought and even let us bring in desserts we bought next door. Highly recommend.

Blake Arabie

Very nice staff and the food is absolutely delicious!! Highly recommend Eggplant Vatican!!

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