Yummy Garden

57 Main St, South Barre
(978) 355-2022

Recent Reviews

Roger Leblanc

General Tsoa's had a wicked fishy taste. Ok service.

Erica Clark

Good was good prices were fair for this economy.. would be 5 stats but they have those silly tables u stick to I could see they are clean just old and tacky to the touch

Mike Weatherbee (Raged Maniac)

Great food and nice place to have that evening cocktail.

Aaren Bailey

My family has been ordering from them for years, but we can't anymore. We just can no longer get past how unpleasant and disrespectful the woman who works the phone and register is. I used to be able to excuse until a mistake was made on my order, which unfortunately I couldn't understand when she read it back to me over the phone because of her accent (I already asked her to repeat herself two times) and when she gave me an additional charge that I did not want, I asked if there was some way that it could be rectified.She gave me the heaviest eye-roll I've ever seen and proceeded to take money out of the till, after seeing how she reacted this way I let her know that if it's such a problem then I will take the food instead. They proceeded to walk out of the building she shouted something angrily in Mandarin towards my direction. I couldn't make out exactly what she was saying, from the few terms and phrases I know in Mandarin I could only make out the term "white boy".Suffice to say we have no intention to ever order from them again. And looking back on it it's not a loss. The food was always overcooked and I'm not quite sure how a single order of sesame chicken, chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, fried rice, chicken fingers, and two egg rolls can amass $70 in a single charge.Good riddance.

daryl brown

i went there once for take out. poor service. the fried rice was terrible and so salty i had to throw it out. the white rice was as brown as dirt!!!!! basically threw everything out i bought...will never go there again!!!!!!! they probably pay people to write good reviews or have family members or friends write the reviews to keep in business!!!!

ann deflorio

I have always gotten takeout love the food for the first time we ordered in the service is bad really bad if we didn’t have 3 kids to feed we would have walked out

Fini McQueston

Amazing service, my fiancée and I go here at least once a week, best Chinese food we've ever had, great friendly service and fast food. 10/10

Tina Lindsey

We were the only ones there and got very poor service. Got our own menus and silverware. Has to ask 2 and 3 times for water.

Nick Grandmaison

Delicious food and pleasant staff!


Excellent service, they're always so kind and polite. The food is phenomenal drinks are delicious

Dawn Parks

Great food Great service

Jayo Reppin

Yummy garden so yummy. I like sweet n sour chicken. I eat it while watching TV shows and I am on cloud 9. But I eat too much and now doctor say no yummy garden. Now I sad. I think I go eat yummy garden anyway. ?

Patricia Baillargeon

Food was tasty as always. Staff friendly. Quite for lunch.

Dan Laukaitis

Food over cooked, ordered pu pu for two, chicken wings were like shoe leather.

Emma Clark

The food was delicious ? as always I love everything I ate, there is nothing to complain about and I would totally recommend taking up the chance to eat take out.

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