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Becca P.

My friends and I came here on an early Saturday evening for bbq. We started with drinks. I can't find the exact drink menu online but I had the first one under cocktails middle of menu that has blood orange. It was an okay cocktail, I wish I could taste the blood orange more. My friends got the Johnny D, mojito, and some beers. The Johnny D was good and sweet. For entrees, we were going to get the pitboss (3 meats and 3 sides) but our server suggested that our table of 6 getting the pit master which is $37/pp and you get all sides and all meats. So we did that. It was nice to get to try all the meats and sides but I think you better bang for your buck doing the individual orders. The wings were my favorite! The brisket and ribs were good but not super tender and did not fall apart. So disappointing. Same issue at their other location in Assembly. The pulled chicken and pork were delicious. The pork belly burnt ends was really good too. The chicken was dry. The sausage was spicy. Not so much for me but everyone else who ate it had a burning mouth. The sides were good. The Mac and cheese was our favorite. We tried to order an extra which we would have paid for but our server never brought it to us. There was also some miscommunication on the pitmaster. We had order for 6 of us and they brought one meat tray out that we easily devoured. Apparently the server had punched in only enough for 3 people? So he brought another one out when we asked since he said he made a mistake. I just wonder how much meat there would have been if it was entered properly. I think the pitmaster is a lazy option for servers and a money maker for them. You definitely get more meat ordering on your own. I liked trying everything but I would have been fine with my individual order. There wasn't enough Mac and cheese or Texas toast. The wings were delicious but there was only enough for 1 each. I would come back but I'd probably opt to go to another bbq restaurant.

Zach E.

We had the wings, pulled pork sandwich, cornbread and pork ends. Everything was delicious. Best bbq I've had anywhere near the city and prices were very reasonable for being in the city. For 3 people to eat cost $100

Aidan M.

Great please , very tasty BBQ, the bar man was very good who I think was a bar back precovid but now working as our bartender the Sunday we visited, a very good Barman the industry is in safe hands Big selection of beers and bourbons will go back and the menu I wanted everything, anything I would say would maybe have the food hotter as in temp not spice,

Amanda G.

Delicious! Coming from the West and we still stop in every time we're in town on business travel. Great food and great service! Recommend the sampler plates so you can try a little of a few things. The banana bread pudding is SO good!

Anderson H.

Amazing barbecue. Wish I could eat here everyday but it's certainly a great occasional meal spot.

F M.

The Smoke Shop BBQ at Seaport, not to be confused with other locations, has what is EASILY THE BEST BBQ you'll find at any franchise restaurant; this is coming from someone who's a soul-food connoisseur and lived in Alabama for half a decade. I consistently order the Pit Crew while getting: (1) the burnt ends; (2) the famous wings; (3) the brisket. The sides are: (a) sweet potato mash; (b) sweet and spicy coleslaw; (c) and the brussel sprouts. The first time I ordered this I absolutely fell in love. I think they discontinued the sweet potato mash and brussel sprouts and after I write this review I'll be starting a petition to bring them back. The Burnt ends: tender and so sweet and delicious. The Famous Wings: you'll be adding agave to all your wings after trying these, and the spice rub they use is paramount. The Brisket: When made with TLC this is unbeatable, so tender, juicy, and savory. Your mouth will water just looking at it (and while thinking about it apparently). Now, to be realistic, now restaurant gets spot on 100% of the time, but the Seaport location come pretty close; they really take pride in their product. Once the brisket and burnt ends were "off", so I spoke with the manager (I may have been crying but I won't admit it) and he was nice enough to literally hand deliver a replacement meal. The seriously take PRIDE in their product. If you have a craving for outstanding BBQ that you absolutely must satisfy with no margin for error, I highly, highly, highly recommend ordering from the seaport location, even if it means you'll have to go out of your way to do so. If you can't tell, this particular The Smoke Shop BBQ seaport location is my favorite BBQ joint (hard period).

Tina D.

FABULOUS restaurant! From the incredible BBQ (not your ordinary BBQ), to amazing drinks (margaritas are fabulous), and fun atmosphere (casual, great music). I can't say enough! Oh, and the staff was pleasant and friendly from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave. You'd be crazy not to try this place!!

Andrea D.

I ate here for the first time last night 3/20/21 and I was sooo pleased! To start the menu had great selections of food to order. I ordered one of the plate specials which comes with your choice of two sides. I picked the half rack of bbq ribs and my sides cornbread, macaroni & cheese and I added an extra side of coleslaw. Everything was delicious! The ribs was well seasoned and cooked just right! All the sides were great to! The Mac n Cheese good flavors, Coleslaw a nice blend of seasons and flavors! Also the cornbread was delicious fresh and the honey butter on top was just the right amount of saltiness and sweetness! The prices were great to $22 for the 1/2 rack and my extra side $3. I will definitely come back and try more delicious food and more!

Norm B.

As a native Texan I was a bit skeptical of Boston brisket, but let me tell ya this place will knock your socks off! The pit boss is a perfect amount of food to split and the banana pudding was exceptional! Would definitely recommend!

Sabrish M.

Visited on January 17, 2021. We made reservations just to be safe during COVID. They are following high standards of COVID sanitization guidelines.

We tried the Pit Crew first with Ribs, Hot Wings, Brisket as the mains and Sweet Potato Mash, Mac & Cheese, Cornbread as the sides. I would recommend following this route as this works as a sampler if you're unsure of what you want.

Smoke Shop serves around 275 varieties of Bourbon/Whiskey according to a staff member, we ordered a couple of old fashioned drinks and those can be modified with your own choice of bourbon.

Service was timely and our host was elaborate in explaining whenever we had questions on items off the menu. It was an afternoon well spent.

Must Try:
Hot Wings
Baby Back Ribs
BBQ Peanuts
Blood, Sweat & Tears - Cocktail

Winnie D.

You wouldn't think you go to a BBQ place and order a salad, but the Wedge Salad is special. Seasoned thick cut bacon, with delicious tomatoes (I am very picky about my tomatoes but the flavors these were soaked in, so good!). Then the dill ranch dressing! Not too much dill just the right amount. Ugh but that bacon!!!

I also ordered the pulled pork plate. Came with some delicious bbq sauce. I got a side of Mac n Cheese which, tastes like home, as well as the pickled dill cucumbers.

When we crave bbq or when it's cold and we want something warm, this is where we go!!

George D.

First time here. We were welcomed by 'Matt Miller' (not sure if spelt correctly!) all I can say is, what an experience. We got the pitmaster for 2, we were not disappointed. Matt took us through the entire journey (I'm from England so didn't have a clue!) We even had matching drinks recommended alongside the meats.200% will be back again and didn't even realise this is just around the corner. Thanks Matt and the Pitmaster for making this a great spontaneous night out. George

Gee F.

Menu looked interesting so I ordered through DoorDash. Big mistake. I spent $30 (!) on 3 items, only 2 were delivered. Fool me once...I cannot recommend. Butter Cake

Kathy N.

I have nothing but positive things to say about this place. They have indoor and outdoor seating available, but I unfortunately came on a rainy day. Most of the tables inside are spaced out well, and plastic dividers separate the tables that aren't. There is a fair amount of seating and space with even some by the bar area.My waitress was very sweet and checked in on us often. Food also arrived very quick and was very filling!! I would love to come back here. Food, service, and atmosphere are all great. Also, the corn bread is a must-have!

Anna X.

*To preface, this is a review for the dining experience I had back in January 2020. :- )The Smoke Shop is a wonderful place to get your BBQ cravings satisfied! The portions may look small but they're quite filling. 10/10 would recommend. :- ) I ordered the Tofu Basket, which came with your choice of two sides (I had to get the Pit beans and crinkle-cut fries, of course!), a small salad, and a piece of watermelon. I really enjoyed every single part of my meal. The salt-and-pepper tofu pieces were lightly fried and oh-so delicious! They paired super well with the side of BBQ sauce provided. Tofu lovers, rejoice! The Pit beans (which aren't vegetarian- they contain beef) were amazingly flavorful and savory. If you like baked beans, get this as a side. You won't regret it. :- ) The crinkle cut fries were equally as awesome. They held up well and were lightly salted. If you have room for dessert, I'd recommend getting Kenny's Butter Cake! It's truly a marvel.

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