Ali's Roti Restaurant

1035 Tremont St, Boston
(617) 427-1079

Recent Reviews

Sachit D Saksena

Everything is great but the goat roti is absolutely delicious. Amazing portions for the price and everyone is super friendly every time I go.

young_rose Davis

You have to watch the way they prepare roti roti don't taste the same as it did the first time oder one from there.they people friendly with costumers charge to much for roti taste nasty .never going to get one from there ever again always never satisfied with taste .They are very cheep selfish to there costmers especially to ones who bye more there food and keeps there biisness open when be over charge and skimped

Labrina W.

Customers service is horrible i travel 2 Boston to receive a roti Ali's Roti in Mattapan the younger women are so rude and don't have patience the owners really need to address this issue extremely disappointed don't think I would be going back there ever again

Blen Yirga

It’s a disappointment. No flavor at all. I cook better curry than they do.

Mubarik M.

Ali's never disappoints,if you are craving flavor this is the place to go. Beef roti and chicken roti both are out of this world. The prices are unbeatable. Overall great place.

Nancy C.

Today 04/22/2021 @ 4:40 my experience: The customer service is really lacking one short older lady with red hair decided not only to make me wait 20 minutes but when it was my time to pay she decided to take a customer that she knew (who just came in"after me") ahead of me and then ...started making food for the person behind me ... before checking me out I was there for 30 minutes while my husband waited outside anytime I asked her for anything she just acted like she didn't hear me and then said wait underneath her breath. I shared this with my husband and he said he had the same experience I don't care how good the food is if I'm going to be treated like I don't matter. I was just ready to leave the food and not even support the business.

Jen Kimball

Love the vegetarian roti! Wish they were open every day, because that’s how often I want to eat here :)

Pep per

Hello Hello HelloThe roti was so so good. It touched the spot. I am telling you so so good.

P Costa

Fantastic atmosphere and super welcoming service. The meals were crisp and delightful. Will clearly recommend this place to others. Convenient rates and large portions. Great job.

Kendra Ronnie

Great prices, excellent food, and friendly service

Dominique Rodriguez

This spot is excellent! Good pricing, large portions and the staff members are constantly welcoming.

Brian Jacobs

There is not much to say other than this place has THE BEST ROTI'S IN BOSTON.Others may be very good. Delicious even. But nothing can touch Ali's. The wrap is amazing and flavorful, the fillings are delicious. The curry is perfect. I get the shrimp with cabbage and chickpeas (I'm a pescatarian) and it's awesome. My wife gets the goat. The portions are large and you will definitely be full by the end.OK, the restaurant itself is not pretty. They aren't in a fancy area. There really isn't anywhere else you would want to go nearby. There isn't much parking.Do not let that stop you from tasting their amazing food or you will be missing out on something truly great.To be honest, I don't even remember what they charge. I doubt it's too much. It's not like I'm wealthy and don't look at prices. I just feel that whatever they do charge, is worth it.Make sure to call and check the hours. They seem to be a bit different these (covid) days.You owe it to yourself to try this place.Awesome. Just awesome.

Shana Hadeed H.

Great Trini roti shop! Tastes just as good as the ones back home and they even had red solo to go with in!

Bella Wang

Love this place. Roti is delicious. Love their curry goat and oxtail. Always craving this place.

Saad Ali

In business since 1989 food cooked fresh every single day fresh seasoning fresh ingredients what more can I say

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