25 Thomson Pl, Boston
(617) 819-8226

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Kim Fonseca Cordeiro

highly recommend!! no idea how they coax such flavor out of food. best meal I have had in months. impressed!!!!!!

Charbel Bousraih

Very cozy place with awesome drinks and tacos ? had fun

Yuki C.

It's a pretty decent place in the seaport area, not too expensive compare to other fine dining in the area. I love the decorations inside it seems so comfy and warm! I love the idea of phone ordering too, cut the time a lot lol. I ordered 5 tacos and a grapefruit drink, the drink was good - sweet and sour which was what I'm looking for. As for tacos, I love the oyster, cauliflower, tuna, and fish one! The falafel was alright, nothing to special. They also have three types of hot sauce to choose which is amazing, I love the roja and jalapeño sauce! Also they don't do reservations so u have to be there and checkin and then wait for half an hour to eat( at least that's our case).. anyway, I'll probably come back again and try their rice bowls and some alcoholic drink next time if I'm in the area!

Kristin J.

Service here is horrible. Came on a Sunday afternoon and waited over 30 mins outside for a table. When we were finally seated, the waiters were extremely slow in delivering water, cutlery, etc. My friend's water glass was dirty and she asked for a replacement: we had to keep flagging down staff in order for them to give us a new one. I could tell the staff seem extremely stressed and unsure of what to do--clearly poor management. We ordered food on our phones and we waited close to an hour for it to arrive. We saw all the tables near us being served their orders but not us! We had to flag waiters again to inquire about our food. When we had our food delivered, they had messed up our order and didn't include several tacos. I enjoyed the cauliflower taco but everything else was below average. I do not recommend the meat nor fish tacos, they were not fresh. Overall, the service and long waits was a real damper on our meal. I would not recommend Bar Taco.

Rosemary K.

I'm obsessed with this place! Recommend sitting at the bar and getting snacks with your drinks because it's such a great vibe. The drinks are so good! Off menu I ordered a grapefruit margarita and it was perfect!

Gabriel Solorzano

Mexican food, small quantities so order plenty. Food is very spicy, my wife had to return a meal that did not specify that it was hot spicy and she could not tolerate it.Ordering and paying is very complicated, only via an app and often you get another table’s order. Cannot see prior order, only last thing you ordered.It was extremely confusing.

Rebecca C.

Some of the best tacos and margaritas in Boston! They use a unique tab system on your phone where you order on the phone and open a tab. You can keep ordering more things throughout your meal. To make a reservation, you do have to download their app to get on the waitlist. Duck birria was one of my favorite dishes. As for tacos, we enjoyed the fish, mushroom, pork belly, fried oyster. The chorizo taco was one of our least favorites. The churro dessert was also good, though wish the churros were more doughy. The drinks were also SO good. I'm not a huge margarita fan as I find them too sweet. But the margaritas here are bomb! Perfect balance of everything and not too sweet. Priced at $11-12 which is super reasonable. One improvement I'd like to see is a bit faster service. We waited about 25 min before any food came out and felt the need to order ahead before we finished the food in front of us because we knew it would take a while for the next order to come.

Mia L.

On our way back into Boston Logan Airport from Providence, we wanted to stop for a bite to eat and bartaco wasn't too off route. We were tight on time which actually made bartaco the perfect pick. It was our first time so the hostess kindly explained how it works: scan the QR code, start a tab, order at will, close your tab, and head out! It was very easy and you could even add someone else from the table to your tab. Would give 5 stars but I do feel that almost $4 per tiny taco is a bit steep but must say the quality and flavor were impeccable.

E C.

Fun place for tapas-like foods. I especially liked their large tortilla chips for dipping in salsa and guacamole. Small meals that are perfect for a social gathering.

Josh Averill

Um…….. YUM!The tacos are a bit small but that allows you to try more variety. Everything I ate was delicious. And the plantains… ??Plus everyone was super nice and gave great service.

Chad Y.

We were mere tourists walking around the neighborhood in search of sustenance when a friend cried out "hey! this is the place (insert another friend name here) mentioned!" Uh..ok, it looks like yet another trendy taco place...hop on Yelp, whoa...there are some legit reviews. Let's go check it out. The chips and guac were alright and a great way to start your meal, but the tacos are the show. The falafel was an interesting take and a good vegetarian option with the crispiness, giving a really nice texture. While the carne asada was bites of tender and incredibly flavorful meat with a nice finish from the slaw. The pork belly was the star though. It ain't going to be considered traditional by any means, but the sweet teriyaki style marinade just hits the palate in the right way, while the tender pork just melted in your mouth at first bite. The pickled radish and bits of cilantro gave the fresh flavors that you crave after an intense bite. Now you're going to need some cocktails to wash it all down and they have a pretty respectable offering. Despite your preference, you'll likely find something on the menu to catch your eye. Service was pretty good and the staff pretty attentive when we needed it. Would I go back...hell yeah, that pork belly taco was something else.

Nora the Food Explora

One of my all time favorite spots. All the tacos I tried here are great except maybe the falafel. My fav was the chicken with pineapple but they dont serve it anymore.All tacos are great including fish, shrimp, duck, and even mushroom ?The guacamole is another favorite but last time I came the chips were way too salty…Churros are a must for dessert - I get it every time!Overall great spot. I’d come again!

David Sierra

Excellently delicious tacos. Korean Glazed Pork Belly is a cant miss flavor. Ordering was unusual but manageable.

Daniel Hossain

Very big fan of Bartaco. They have a great internal atmosphere for dining. I was promptly seated towards a table. They have an interesting method of service. The server went in great detail describing to me that there is a QR code in the center of a table that links you to a website where you can view the menu, order items, and pay. The server checked in on me many times to make sure everything went accordingly.In terms of the food, the tacos are about 3 bites each. They have many options and I found all of them to be very flavorful and found myself wanting to keep ordering more. This place is fairly priced and delicious! I highly recommend it!I also purchased one of their Habenero hot sauces to bring home because I enjoyed it so much!

Renata Oliveira

Very good tacos! The pork tacos were very good and the shrimp one very spicy! I would order the pork and fish again. Really liked the ordering system - all online - food came fast and staff was nice :)

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