Blue Star

11 Corinth St, Roslindale
(617) 323-9638

Recent Reviews

Jaysa M.

It's ridiculous for a side order of 3 pancakes to be $21. Overall the pancakes do not taste good and has a mushy texture.

Marlon Gray

First, but wont be the last, time in here.. Had a western omelet & since it was a bit cold out I had the lentil soup, which was delicious! Loved the chunky veggies in it & as well as the all around taste of the soup.. A true must have (in my opinion).. The omelet was just as good & I'm a fan of the chunky veggies that was in it; it was perfectly cooked & simpy great. When next I'm in the area I know exactly where I'm stoppin in!! Great, friendly staff, great food.. Its a win, win for me.. Keep up the good work..

Rich H.

Nothing like having lipstick all over mug, send it back, dude still charges me for it. Not worried about couple of bucks but at least try to make it right.

Esther Rodriguez

Service okay you pay cash no good and you pay for coffee refill

Agnes H.

I'm sad to write this review since Blue Star has been one of my go-to breakfast spots for years. How many restaurants use leeks in their omelets? Blue Star has two - German (ham, leeks, Swiss - my favorite) and Albanian (leeks, meatballs, feta). But COVID-19 safety is a big deal, and Blue Star missed mask compliance mark today, and I won't be going again. There were two other occupied tables in the restaurant...with seniors! I have been to few restaurants post-COVID, but this one is definitely off the list. Of three people I viewed in the kitchen area, none were wearing their masks for the brief time I stayed in the restaurant, and I left as soon as possible. The cook had a mask around his neck the whole time and was chatting it up with a guy with an outdoor jacket on, no mask in sight. Jacket guy kept coming into the dining space to help himself to coffee, and slightly covered his nose with his jacket collar because he could see patrons in the dining area. I don't know if he was staff or kitchen visitor. An older lady had a mask around her neck, and she was coming & going between those guys in the kitchen to restock mugs and glasses in the dining area without mask. The server wore his mask the entire time, but when I said that no one in back was wearing a mask, he said "Thank you". I repeated because I wasn't sure if he'd heard me correctly, and he repeated "Thank you".

Luke Winslow

Fantastic service. Great place. Heck out their combos for breakfast!

Susan Harrington

Good food. Great waitstaff.

Dana Raines

Great breakfast place. I take my family there twice a month. I eat there three days out of the week( veggies omelette with pancakes)

Ashantia Stone-white

First time ordering, food was great but meat portion is a minimum. Highly recommended for breakfast.

Frank Stanley

Yesterday was our first time we visited this magnificent restaurant. But It is absolutely not the last. We had a good time with the generous service, with the fine dishes and wine and with the honest price. We will definitely return there again.

Kevin Lipert

The cinnamon swirl french toast is on point.

Eric T.

Great place to eat and relax. Very friendly staff and great food. I highly recommend it!

Maria D.

Every neighborhood has THAT place. The one where you're greeted with a warm smile and they know just what you're ordering. As we believe in "shop local, dine local", the Blue Star is that place for us. Today, called and ordered a Greek salad and hamburger. Although there's no "dining in", lunch was fresh & delicious. If you haven't tried the Blue Star yet, I recommend giving it a shot!

Abeje A.

This is a neighborhood gem! It's a simple diner with great food. I've had breakfast several times and the waitress is always friendly, attentive and nice. I typically have the veggie omelet with seasoned potatoes, so good or I'll have French toast, yum! Doesn't matter what you choose it will be good!

Jax Drake

Had a great experience in this spot with my wife. The food arrives rapidly and the customer service is just good. Prices are convenient.

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