113 Dartmouth St, Boston
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Carolyn Smith

I was with my best friend, her boyfriend, my husband, and my best friend has a service animal. We were coming to the bar for drinks before dinner. This encounter occurred on or about 7:30pm on November 5, 2022.The host asked us if the dog was a service animal, and we said yes. The host told us that the dog either needed to have a service vest on (which the dog does at all times) OR that he needed to see paperwork for the dog. The host said that this was a new rule in the state of Massachusetts per the health department.The host moved very aggressively and loudly toward us when we told him politely that we don’t have any national paperwork for the service dog. I said “if you look at the dog right now, you’ll see the blue vest that says ‘SERVICE DOG, DO NOT PET’” and he quickly backed off and said he was sorry he didn’t see the vest. But then proceeded to continue to say that he is allowed to legally ask for proof of paperwork for the service animal because he has “seen it before”, and continued to rant about it. His rant was completely incoherent. My friend was in shock, as we all were, at how aggressive this man was about a service animal. My friend trains service animals, and has done so professionally for years.There was no sign posted anywhere in visible sight regarding this new law about service animals. Per Mass.Gov, “People are not required to possess any certification or identification for a service animal. Service animals are not required to wear a vest or a badge.” And “An individual with a disability accompanied by a service animal may not be asked to provide documentation of a disability, to answer questions regarding his or her disability, or to have the service animal demonstrate its work.”While I cannot seem to locate anything online regarding a change in law about service animals, I firmly believe if a law has been recently changed, there should be a posting of it in the establishment in the event that people are unaware. I also believe that if a law has been recently changed, then staff should be well versed in it enough to be able to articulate in a professional manner what the law is without aggression. I am incredibly disappointed in this experience.

Godfrey Ainooson

Came here for an event, and seems like a nice bar. Cool music, nice vibes, great place to grab a drink or 3 with some friends.Service: 4/5

C Fad

Good local bar with wide beer selection. Clean bathroom. Pleasing servers. Though their layout is too small for standing customers.

Jared Rich

The burger was great, service was friendly, so this may sound petty: There was no list of their whiskey spirits, and I wanted to try something new. So instead of listing off every whiskey they had, they offered to make me a flight (which was off-menu) which I accepted. When the bill came it was a $50 flight of whiskey. Most expensive flight of middle shelf whiskey I’ve ever had.

Francis Dean

This place was rubbish. Went to watch the Red Sox game and they didn’t have it on. We asked the two attendants near the entrance if they were showing it and they were more interested in scrolling mindless drool on their phone than helping. One’s response was ‘I am not sure, I don’t operate the televisions’. The bar also had a quiz on somewhere and thought it would be a good idea to broadcast the questions throughout the bar speakers over the music. I wouldn’t waste your time. Instead go down the road to the Five Horses Tavern. The service was 100 times better and didn’t feel like you were having a beer in a zoo.

Alan Cason

We attended the Georgia game watching event. The staff seemed very uninterested in taking care of patrons.And after the game, the staff literally told us that we had to leave immediately instead of being able to socialize at all after the game.And they were very rude about it!

David Cree

Noisy on trivia night but understood, we came for the dollar oysters and they didn't have them.Fun spot that is worth another shot

Eugene Wu

Everything is super delicious but the service was bad in terms of how long they made us wait for the check, for someone to come take our order, and talking bad on us for being indecisive.

Gabriel Salinas McQuary

Never before had I been treated so rudely by a bartender. Before I start I just want to mention the utmost important it is for me to treat bartenders/waiters etc with respect.The server gave us some lukewarm drinks for which I proceeded to ask for ice. Once the bartender came she gave me 2 small ice cubes, is the most inattentive and disengaged manner and left. As this was not enough ice I stayed there to wait for her to come back again. When she came back I asked her for more ice and she took the cup with 2 ices cubes and threw it to the trash, like if I didn't deserve them anymore. She then asked me why I needed ice for, to which the answer is obvious, but still her job is to serve customers, not question them on their orders. Anyways, she finally proceeded to give me enough ice, again serving it in an angry manner. I said thank you and she started leaving. I turned to my friend, and told him "What an attitude" (which was true), and unfortunately was overheard by the bartender. She then went out of her way to step outside of the bar area, harass me, started shouting in front of my friends and threaten me that she was going to have me kicked out of the bar for no good reason. I decided to be the better person and simply say I was sorry. She left. This situation was embarrassing for me but even more so for her. Her behavior was clearly out of line and her temperament clearly had to do with something else, and she was definitely not having a good day, but that is no excuse to treat customers like that. I will not be going back there again any time soon.

Roland Scheck

Great pub! Even greater if your a Tottenham fan for game day! Awesome atmosphere for the game.

Bruno Fernandes

We had some drinks at this place. A lot of young people and good atmosphere.

Aaron Podhajecki

A local bar got kind of packed as the evening moved on. Good Atmosphere and food was good.

Vinamra Jain

Great location for happy hours with colleagues. Great selection of drinks and snacks. Nice ambience. Hostess was really sweet and gave us good recommendations. A good location to spend evening with friends/ colleagues. Must visit.

Julianne Leary Cardello

The staff is great! They remember the customers to the point of having your drink ready by the time you settle in to your seat. Always a great, comfortable experience. I can't say enough about how welcome I feel when I walk in

Adele Nadine Traub

Had the salmon dish with mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts. The food was excellent…seriously so good. And our server was efficient and funny. Great meal.

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