330 Congress St, Boston
(617) 439-3179

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Bas B

This dunkin i worked for many years I walked in to an empty dunkins to orderOnly for thr kid to tell me it's busy they can not put butter on a muffin.I will report to Cheryl

Bradley Wilson

Staff is constantly on their phone, unable to even take orders.Service: 1/5

po chun hsu

Worst Dunkin I've ever been to.Waited over 20 mins for a sandwich, it was not even busy in the store.Staff have no idea what they're doing especially at the sandwich station, the crew are completely clueless.Service: 1/5


So bad service you need to waite for long long time in the line to orden and after waite long long time to get a sandwich this place is terribleService: 1/5

Ally Shafer

Slowest Dunkin’ on earth. The staff laugh and chat instead of doing their job. Please get better employees and management at this place.

Camille Cottrell

If I could give the 330 Congress Street location zero stars, I would. This location does not care about good customer service. The staff laugh and make jokes more than successfully fulfill orders CORRECTLY...... The counters aren't always clean and have coffee spills all over it. I truly miss the staff that worked there before the pandemic and prior to being renovated. Order at that location at your own risk.The two male staff members I had encountered on Thursday (at the this location) were very rude, inconsiderate and disrespectful. Particularly the guy who takes the in-person food orders, handles money, packages your food and makes the coffees. I waited almost 30 minutes for my mobile order. I watched about 10 in-person orders get placed and fulfilled. Meanwhile the mobile orders are now backing up because the sandwich order monitor was broken. The sandwich maker had to ask customers if they ordered sandwiches. He had only inquired with the men in the store and would stare at the women waiting for us to tell him if we had a sandwich order or not. I had watched many names go from "in progess" to "ready", then disappear from the mobile order screen with no food or drink production and that included my order. Mobile orders submitted after mine was fulfilled before mine and a few others. When myself and another woman confronted the staff member making coffees about our previous orders that we had patiently waited over 20 minutes for, he became hostile and told us to keep waiting. The woman asked for her money back. That further infuriated him. He that belts out in front of everyone, "If you want a refund, form a line to get your money and leave". Two people received credit back to their mobile app. I still wanted my coffee, so he asked was did I order. He then tell me that they were out of the coffee flavor shot that I had ordered. I pointed out the bottle to him, which was in the dead center of other bottles and was very visible to everyone. It had a green label and clearly read Hazelnut. He then sucked his teeth, rolled his eyes, made my coffee, shoved the cup in my hand and said "Here".I will never return to this location.You've been warned!

Chef LeRoy Gordon

Use to be a good place but the crew they have now is slow and rude. They'd don't wash their hands or anything. The coffee doesn't taste like anything you ordered and it's very dirty. Completely different from the past with the younger crew.

Drew Gorm

Has to be the worst Dunks in Boston. No one serves you when you walk in. I literally spent 25 minutes waiting on a single sandwich with no other customer there. The guy behind the counter just stares at you and takes an obscenely long time to do anything. Always on his cell phone. Never enough people working. Never going back to this place. Worst staff and no one wants to do their job. Always joking around vs taking orders and working.


It’s amazing how understaffed they are all of the time. Huge line to order, and huge line for online pickup, but they only have one employee.

Kathryn Chadwick

Horrible! No lattes, machine was broken. Too forever and and ever to get our order. No bathrooms. Do not waste your time!

Adam Westlund

This Dunkin is awful. The wait times are always outrageous. They charge for oatmilk and then give you maybe a half teaspoon. They have gotten my bagel order wrong several times. All they need to do is toast it and put the butter spread on it but they put a half warm bagel in the bag with a handful of butter packets every time. They can't manage to put your items next to each other at the pickup window. And they have the audacity to jack up their prices. Simply terrible.


Closed for remodeling as of July 22.

Min C

It’s taken more than 15 minutes there’s no one in line and I still done have my iced coffee.


If you find yourself down on Summer St. and looking for a good hot coffee or snack, consider stopping at this location for some quick service. You just need to be on foot because parking is tough.

Vivian C.

Don't know why searching for a Dunkin' in the Seaport area didn't turn up this location till I nudged and kneaded the map area to be searched... My companion located it, however, as the closest location to the Snowport Winter Village and was hankering for some of their coffee for a warm up. I opted for their hot chocolate. Medium $2.99 iirc. It was pretty good! Upon exiting, we held the door open for a lady with a baby carriage, only to wonder how she was going to manhandle that thing up their three steps. I figure this location is rather new (which is then quickly corrected by a resorting of the Yelp reviews from oldest to newest... 2008), so I'm surprised that they didn't take accessibility into consideration, although I give them a nod to their response to the locally known flooding issues.

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