Fiouna's Restaurant

90 Peterborough St, Boston
(617) 247-7717

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Jen V.

Falafel sandwich was probably not their signature dish. It was large and a bit unwieldy, and rather bland. The falafels were very good, crispy gold on the outside and freshly green inside. But I was expecting a pita and got a tortilla instead. The tortilla was not fresh and was rather chewy. There was plenty of hummus and cabbage included but I was wishing for crisper, pickled vegetables or some carrot and cucumber. And I wish there had been tahini sauce or spicy pepper sauce to put on it. I regret I did not try some of the meat dishes, which did look and smell very good. The prices here were certainly a good value. There is outdoor seating.

sanaz sadeghi

Good Persian food, with reasonable portions and prices. I ordered the ground combo (ground chicken kebab and ground beef kebab). Both were fine, but the chicken kebab was especially tasty. Sides were also exciting and delicious. Both Mast-Khiar and Shirazi salad were good (Shirazi salad was with vineger)

Rita Walsh

Wonderful customer service! Terrific lamb and delicious saffron ice cream. I regularly ti take out and delivery from Fiouna's and have not once been disappointed. Strongly recommend!

Marshall Tsien

take out only , no dine-in yetordered beef soltani , chicken soltani , salmon shish kebob , almond baklavaall very tasty n even YummyLicious the next day without reheatingfirst Persian restaurant even though having lived in new england for 10+ years


The best Persian food you could ever find in New England! Kebabs and Stews that is out of this world!

Majid Amoori

Good chicken kabob! Recommend the place if you want something unique and quick! Owner was nice and attentive!

Farnaz Mobini

Delicious authentic Persian food ?


Great authentic Persian food. The chicken soltani dinner box is amazing the ground chicken is a must to try it’s the oerfect combination of spicy and onion and chicken and the taste is very authentic. The cucumber yogurt dip is a must. The Burberry rice is something you have to try. Try the place you will love it

Ayon Ibrahim

I got their “pomegranate stew with chicken” - which I’m pretty sure is koresht fesenjan - and it was very tasty. They also give plenty of rice (perhaps too much, but that’s never a problem, just means leftovers). My friend got the chicken filet kebab, and she said the chicken had good flavor but was dry. And I suppose prices are a tad high, but not a big deal.

Noor Hamad

I always order from this restaurant for delivery, I honestly believe that its the best Persian food in town. Best of luck to you!

Steve J. Delpino

Good food, good portion sizes and great service

Living Life

I just ordered food online. So delicious. Seriously. Thank you for making good quality food. Appreciate you.

V M.

1 star for lamb kabob which was decent. 2nd star for rice, basmati and lentil which was good. The rest was blah. All the sides were bland. The biggest disappointment was the lamb shank which was the most boring and underseasoned. Overall, it was overpriced and underwhelming. Good thing I used DoorDash credit to pay for most of it otherwise I'd be really pissed. I will stick with Roksana's in Watertown.

Darüsch R.

I stumbled upon for the first time. I enjoyed the joojeh kabab (offered bone-in). Beef / Lamb / Chicken Plates are appx ~$20 and include rice + 1 more side. Lentin soup has hints of tomato sauce (comes in 3 sizes, was good). I would have appreciated if they cleared a few outdoor seats. Staff are friendly and restaurant is clean.

Mhmd 4131

Good shawarma but the bread too small and the chicken too much

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