Fuji At Ink Block

352b Harrison Ave, Boston
(617) 936-3282

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Vivian Y.

4.5 starsLarge, spacious restaurant with casual ambiance. This is a great place to grab lunch with good food. I ordered the seared lunch special and enjoyed the nigiris and roll.

Tinah H.

I came here for a date one night and this may be my new favorite restaurant in Boston. The atmosphere is great for a date. The ambiance and lighting are perfectly dim. Each bite of each dish we got was extremely flavorful. See pictures attached.The only part that I disliked was how the door kept being propped open even though it was extremely cold when I went.

Kara L.

*Review for take out *I like to order Fuji on a special occasion as it is the best sushi for take out but it is pricy! My favorites are the general gao chicken - so tasty and crispy , the avocado roll and sweet potato roll. If you are looking to splurge go for the wagyu beef clay pot !

Javier C.

Good Place To Eat Sushi Go And Get Your Favorite Dinner They Make You Comfortable Let Go And Grave Your Favorite Dinner And Enjoy The Place

Yvonne Jacob

I went here 3 weeks ago when visiting Boston and still dreaming of the amazing Sushi we had here. The waitress was so lovely and service was fantastic and the sushi was probably some of the best I have had, so fresh and ridiculously tasty. Thank you so much for an amazing food experience.

Jazmin A

We had a great dinner at Fuji, celebrating a birthday. Loved the spicy passionfruit marg and black truffle maki. Our waitress Tina was absolutely amazing, she gave great recommendations, was very attentive and even sent over a cute birthday dessert.

sylvia c.

The food was excellent. Was here in Boston for Spring break w my teen and preteen kids and enjoyed a wonderful meal. My daughter kept wanting to get more fried wonton appetizers as it was surprisingly better than most we've tried...so we got two orders of that. My son had the salmon nigiri, sake maki (still salmon) and miso soup. I got a few delicious things, ribeye teriyaki, salmon and hamachi nigiri, and forgot the name of the roll....We were stuffed and the food was good. Seafood quality was good as expected. The bill came and it was high...but it's our first time in Boston so we splurged a little. Can't eat like this all the time, but worth it for celebration or special treat.

Alexandra P.

Had a great meal here a few weeks back with a friend. The reviews don't lie- this spot is fabulous. The ambiance is upscale but not pretentious, service was friendly and attentive, and the food was delicious and reasonably priced. My friend and I went "full boat" and we're not disappointed. Paired with a few sapporos, our bill for two (with tax/tip) was about $125/pp. A great option out for friends or with a date!

Hallie L.

An intimate and elegant place to have date night. The service is phenomenal, with attentive staff and hosts. The food was a little overpriced for the amount but not for the quality. Our sushi boat was $65, which felt a little steep for 24 pieces. Nevertheless, the food was incredibly tasty. The fish was all fresh and many levels above your typical sushi buffet quality fish. I ordered the strawberry paloma mixed drink and felt it a bit strong for my liking (but I also think Mike's hard lemonade is strong so keep that in mind ;p). Our waiter was incredibly accommodating and mixed in more Sprite to make it more palatable for me. Overall, a wonderful experience despite the high price point!

Al S

Get the Miss Waldorf maki. It’s pricey but is a unique roll that’s a true standout.

Bethel D.

Ambiance: there is a wall that separates the bar from the dining area and its sort of nice actually. Bar seating has several mounted tv's perfect for watching a game. Service: I have only sat at the bar at this location and the bartenders are attentive and friendly. Drinks: Yuki Lychee -- tastes exactly like what it is, it was great sweet taste to balance out the saltiness of the food. 10% ABVFood: Potstickers *not pictured* -- tasty, definitely recommend squeezing the lemon over them!Salt & Pepper Calamari -- cooked perfectly and good flavor but unfortunately it was overwhelming salty, not sure if it's typically like that or not the best batch.(top roll) Spicy Tempura Maki Katsu Style -- taking a bite out of this with all the textures and flavor hitting at once will leave you speechless 10/10 recommend (bottom roll) Prism Dream -- was exactly that, dreamy. Perfectly seared tuna and salmon, you can also never go wrong with unagi sauce. 10/10 recommendInk Block Fried Rich -- perfectly cooked, I loved the balanced amount of veggies and the mixed meat/seafood.

Sunny C.

Really cute sushi spot - we had the chirashj which was amazing- not a ton of rice and lots of fresh fish.. and a few rolls (which I honestly thought were OK- nothing spectacular but not bad either) The place has a good amount of foot traffic, it was busy on a weeknight with a mixed crowd (families, dates, friends etc...) so would fit most types of occasions.Service was decent- Overall, I had a great experience and would recommend it to others:)

Lexie Gauthier

Really good sushi and atmosphere! I marked down a star because we had a reservation but still had to wait 25 minutes to get seated. Would eat here again.

Jonathan Belle

My first time eating sushi and we went here. Honestly I couldn't tell you what any of these are cause she ordered them. But they were all very delicious. Also the restaurant is aesthetically pleasing as well.For a drink I had the "Her Sin + tonic" and it was great.Oh and edamame for a started. That was great too. Definitely would come back !

Jason O.

This place has a fantastic looking menu based on the variety. The decision making process was a bit of a challenge in a good way. So many reasons to come back! The restaurant is nicely laid out with modern upscale decor. I stopped in a snowy night so the crowd was likely smaller than usual. There's plenty of bar seating available for the lone traveler to take advantage of in the absence of an open table. The service was friendly, fast, and professional. I had a glass of red wine and ordered the Miss Waldorf and the Boston Maki. Pure happiness! This place is definitely on my list for future visits. The only observation I would make is that they need to solve their storage issues. They had a some crates of drinks stored off to the side of the bar which wasn't attractive. Otherwise, it's a great experience. Enjoy.

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