Fuji At Ink Block

352b Harrison Ave, Boston
(617) 936-3282

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Xi Z.

We have been to this place for a few years and we used to like the food. However, since last year, the price has increased a lot (understand that partially is due to pandemic) and the quality is really going down. We ordered a few dishes tonight for 3 adults, we spent ~$150 (we picked up the food and ate at home)! The sushi looked mediocre, the fried noodle (used to be one of favorites!) looked sad.... The quantity was less than we expected and the quality was definitely below expectations! The first photo shows everything we ordered. In the 2nd one, you can see the sushi wrap was open! 3rd was the sad looking calamari!

Dustin P.

I went to Fuji about 2 weeks ago for my birthday. First time having sushi in Boston and I was very happy with the experience. Upon entering the restaurant it has a very nice ambience. Full bar on one side of the restaurant and dining on the other. The lighting was ample and it was just a very nice traditional sushi restaurant. Our waiter was nice and did his job but he did look a little stressed. They may be a little understaffed but most restaurants are still recovering from the Pandemic. We had the Spicy Tuna Lettuce Wraps, which was a first for me at any sushi spot but equivalent to any Spicy Tuna Rice, just substitute the rice for lettuce. We ordered the Salmon, Yellowtail, Salmon Belly, Yellowtail Belly, and Toro. All tasted fresh and were decent. Nothing particularly special but not bad either. We chose the Miss Waldorf, Black Truffle Maki, and Prism Dream Roll, my ranking of them in this order. These were very enjoyable but pricier. I would definitely get them again however as the presentation, quantity, and mix of ingredients were unique and flavorful. The Ishiyaki Wagyu, one of their entrees, was definitely the best part of the night. It's similar to a Korean BBQ style where you cook it yourself. It was definitely affordable considering what large corporate steakhouses charge for A5 Wagyu and they didn't skimp out on the quantity. The flavor is exactly what you would expect. This dish was a 10/10. Dessert was dessert, complimentary for my birthday, much appreciated. I know it was Matcha flavor but not too memorable in itself. Overall I really enjoyed Fuji. I can't rate them 5/5 because compared to California and New York sushi restaurants I definitely feel they are a little bit behind, in quality and affordability surprisingly. I don't know the Boston sushi scene and there may be better Boston sushi restaurants that deserve a 5/5 as well but Fuji is a solid 4/5.

Hitori S.

We came here for dinner recently. The atmosphere and service were great! However, overall the food was a bit disappointing. First of all, they didn't have any tamago which I've never experienced before at a sushi restaurant. The salmon sushi came with fruit on top of it and the tuna sashimi had jalapeños. We understand it's a garnish but authentic sushi should come as it is or at least they should ask us if it's okay in case there are food allergies. The black truffle maki was the highlight of the evening. Also, the sushi chef gave us two specials which were both quite good so they definitely had good service! For dessert I ordered the vanilla crepe and black sesame ice cream, both were so-so. The food wasn't bad but it also wasn't great given the price point. Lastly, their sushi bar did not seem to be the most clean. Everything was stacked on top of each other.

Sam S.

Irene and Sparticus were so helpful and kind. It was my first time there at Fuji & Sparticus gave my friend and I good food recommendations. Irene was very accommodating while serving us. They both surprised my friend for their birthday and was able to give us a delicious fried cheesecake with ice cream, we loved the trick candle Irene gave us for the cake! Would definitely go back.

Tyler Clark

Great atmosphere and plenty of fresh sushi options. Prices were fairly reasonable, especially considering the quality and presentation.Service was super.

Raphael Kim

Amazing sashimi. I also tried a couple other entrees all great. I don’t think you can go wrong here.

Mark Gmaillogin

Shared many fantastic dishes - the server recommended the Waldorf roll which was delicious. A friend stated “ I don’t know if I’m getting used to sushi or that was really good.” I replied that it was that good!

Vladimir shumovych

The food was fresh and delicious, a solid 4/5. That said I order over $125 in take out and got no chopsticks at all and barely got any condiments when I specifically requested extras of some basics like ginger. Complacency can really ruin what should have been a grade A experience.

Cam H.

Amazing experience fav spot waygu hot rocks n lobster Rangoon was to good recommend to any one in Boston area

MoneyMakerMac Eats ..

AMAZING experience! The food was delicious. I love the presentation of the butter Toro. It's a bit pricy but certainly worth it considering the quality of food and level of service! We were certainly well taken care of. This is the first time in a long time I've been this pleased by a lunch in the city!

Vahe Yacoubian

I have had takeout from here several times before, so i am surprised I have never reviewed this place before. In 2020, this place used to be my celebratory lunch takeout spot after exams. Good portions of tasty food, decent price and the best part is that it always filled me.Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box - 5/5. Have had their beef bento box, which is also quite good.

Thanh L.

It's been a while since I been here. The inside has more of a modern look. We got the Boat 2 which was 40 Pieces, crispy duck clay pot, toro, and seared sake Toro. The duck skin was super crispy like a Peking duck from Chinatown. The Toro and sake Toro were so buttery in texture. The boat has so many delicious pieces but the Maki was my favorite. Service was great but it a bit pricy. Good spot for a nice out

Luis L.

Superb! This place is outstanding in quality and service . I have had sushi in many places, including in Japan (and good one too). This place is really good

Fatima N.

Reasonably priced Japanese restaurant with upscale vibe! Such a rare find. We came here for our anniversary dinner and they took such good care of us. Even gave us complimentary champagne!

Barry Lee

Waitress was one of the nicest all around!Warm welcome walking in and exceptional food!

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