Good Eats Pizza & Subs

1002 Tremont St, Boston
(617) 442-0999

Recent Reviews

Seemo Sofi

Great subs and pizza!

Natina S.

This spot recently changed owners since then I've noticed a change in their food and in their customer service. most recently I ordered a meal that would have cost me 20 bucks less had I picked it up. I ordered delivery because I wanted it delivered I didn't wanna have to go to the actual restaurant. they forgot items on my order that I paid for when I called them to tell them it was basically that I needed to come and get it instead of them rectifying the problem by sending someone to drop off what was missing from my order they then decided to do nothing about it on top of that the last few orders they messed up. they changed something in their red sauce and it taste like crap, it taste like plain vinegar. they charged me for a two liter soda only delivered a single serving soda which they have done on multiple occasions and I've had to call or write special notes in the delivery for them to do the right thing. ever since they've changed owners the restaurant is not the same absolutely not the same I got way better customer service and better food when the previous owners were there. you guys just lost a customer I will never order from you again

Bostonboyz boyzBoston

You know the pizza is good when i even eat the whole crust i usually dont. The steak and cheese chop fine was tha Bomb. Basing it on just these 2 items 5 star i didn't feel sluggish after good settling in stomach.?good staff.

Kevin O.

Food is decent but service is terrible. "15-20 minutes" for pickup has turned into waiting 45 minutes too many times

Chosen One

Used to love this place , nice people! But I think it’s under new management. Just tired of going in there telling them to use gloves. I’m over it . “WEAR GLOVES “. I shouldn’t have to tell you that. Yesterday he touching/picking off someone steak with his bare hands. Today he has a handful of fries ... bare hands. Tired of ruining my appetite. Tired of repeating myself . ?

Adil Jamal

Best subs in town and pizza two thumbs up

Adil Jalal

Best subs and pizza two thumbs up??

Nessa Charles

Used to love the steak and cheese from here. I don’t know what’s changed but it’s not for the better. I Ordered a steak and cheese with lettuce and tomato. The Cheese wasn’t even melted. No tomato, old choppy lettuce, and meat was heated and slapped on. Salty not tasty.

Shalonda Bodden

I ordered a Greek Salad with Tuna on the side. Tuna wasn't mixed well. They asked me what kind of dressing I wanted, I told them Greek they gave me NOTHING. When I called them to let them know the wcted confused and hung up! I'm all set with this place! The new people SUCK!!!

gezervet jenkins

Quick service for quality food

Kim M.

Solid, greasy pizza. My favorite thing about Good Eats is that they delivery quickly, the portion/serving is HUGE, and whenever you get chicken tenders or fried raviolis, they arrive still hot and always crispy! Sometimes when you order those, you run a risk that they arrive soggy but that's never been the case with Good Eats. A dependable pizza joint.

universal lovechild

The pizza is good

Tracie Gonsal

The best crispy chicken Greek salad ever. Friendly staff definitely Good Eats!!!!!

Dana Raines

Good place, need to put seafood menu up in there

Laura S.

Best chicken Caesar salad ever!! It comes w/ really good Pita bread. Pizza is great too. Can't go wrong with this place. I used to work nearby and order from them all the time. Now when I am in the area I always stop by to get the Caesar salad and/or pizza

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