45 Province St, Boston
(617) 208-6000

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Alison B.

This is the best spot in Boston, hands down. Never in my life have I been to a wine bar that also has such incredible food! Truly everything on the menu is amazing, and they're always switching things up to keep the menu interesting!! (But there is always a steak -- and every version of it I've had is truly indescribably good!!!). Plus, I've never had a wine I didn't love. Their wine list is always changing, and is filled with interesting and delicious bottles you can't find at any wine stores around here.

They do a very fun thing with wine where they sell all wines by the bottle or by the half bottle, and you can ask what wines are open (if someone else bought a half bottle) and get any of those by the glass!!

Most importantly, the staff are all TOP NOTCH. They learn your taste in wine so quickly and are great at suggesting wines you'll like after you've been a few times. I go once a week and at this point, they know my taste in wine better than I do. It's so impressive! They also always take the time to tell you about the wine, which is really great! Plus, they're all such nice, interesting, and fun people!

This is my favorite restaurant, bar, and PLACE in Boston. It's the absolute best place to spend any evening! YOU HAVE TO TRY IT.

Katherine Boyce

My favorite place in Boston. Amazing staff, awesome wine, yummy food, and the perfect vibe. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Karr

Ordered some conservas online from these folks. The selection is worthwhile and what I ordered is delicious. The prices are good. The anchovies are my fave and it's hard to find good ones in the US. They even included a handwritten note on the best ways to enjoy. Everything arrived in perfect shape, and pretty quickly, and I will be ordering again, 10/10. And hopefully visiting someday.

Stephen Sheets

Lovely little spot. Excellent list of things you don’t see everywhere. Good small plate selection. And lovely perfect service. Only picky point - glasses from bottles are priced the normal quarter of bottle price - but this extended to a liter bottle, without a heavy pour — making for one quite overcharged glass.

Demi Daniels

Great time and wine! Popped in for a few glasses. Brilliant atmosphere and music, super fun and friendly service. A bit surprised @ the cost- $65 for 4 glasses, but worth it every once in a while!

Crystal crystaah

The staff here is really friendly and helpful and the food I had a Caesar salad with shrimp that was just really incredible

Matt Hauber

A very unique wine bar with an incredible and eclectic menu of delicious accompaniments. Tinned seafood, toasts and other small plates.

Austin D.

Amazing wine selection, and a staff that truly love to impart their vino wisdom. Food selection isn't for everyone, but you come for the wine, and hope to find something satiating on the menu once a few glasses in.

Alexandra M.

Staff flat out told me I was wrong about what I tasted in the wine, as I said it was quite sweet, but he told me that it was a dry wine and that I didn't know what I was talking about. Okay, I just had whisky, so, guess what, the wine tastes sweet after that. We were also told that we could not split the bill, which I understand is a hassle for servers but is a way to lose business when you know you can go next door and have that happen. So we did.

Tim F.

Ok, let me start with the fact that this little spot has some serious hype to live up to. Highly recommended both in magazines and online. So naturally we were very excited to try. This is one of the stops on a recent Boston food fury tour both my wife and I as well as another couple enjoyed. I did enjoy the glass of obscure wine which I have no idea what it was at this point. But it was well described by a knowledgeable hostess. We all ordered a glass and a variety of small plates to share. This is where my problem is. The plates were very small, especially considering a cost vs taste factor. The pinnacle of this was the Uni with Chips plate. What I expected was a creative uni based delight that paired well with a glass of wine. What we received left me literally asking 'are we being punked right now?' One small smidge of Uni, smear of butter, little pile of salt, and ... (drum roll please) a fun size bag of plain Ruffles chips. For an astoundingly high price. Now I'm all for a playful, juxtaposed yet creative food experience. But come on! Give me a break. So in review, want some interesting and obscure wine to try, great. Skip the small bites and have another glass.

Maria M.

Very good first experience at Haley.henry wine bar. Simple great bar snacks on the menu. The place is tiny...very limited seating. We waited for 2 seats, had wine while we waited standing. The server (hostess, somolier, server, jack-of-all-trades) took my large and bulky winter coat away to hang out of the way...thank goodness because there is no room for it in a standIng-room-only space. The server was knowledgeable about all natural wines, none of which I recognized as familiar from the limited Whole Foods natural wine section (natural wine = low sulfites = less hangover potential), and knowledgeable about the tinned seafood. As a tinned seafood newbie, I tried the smoked oysters in habenero, the mackerel in peri peri, and the octopus. All was served with chips (literally a small bag of ruffles) for the oysters, and good crusty bread, butter, fresh herbs, and lemon wedges for the mackerel & octopus. All 3 were good, but the oysters were outstanding! Also had the winter citrus salad which was excellent. The only thing that was a tiny drawback was where we sat...along the bar facing out to the street. The view is of the top half of the inside of a Walgreens, with very bright, very offensive to the eyes lighting and the tools of shelves of the interior of the store. Try for a seat at the actual bar which has a view of the tiny and clean kitchen. instead!

Varun D.

It's a cute wine bar in front of the Old State House building. Haley.henry isn't your typical wine bar and won't come with the same vibes. If you're into the combination of Hip-Hop, Wine and Seafood then this is the place for you. Now, I'm not big seafood guy but they had some meat options on their menu too. For dinner, I tried their Roasted Chicken Thighs that come with potato dices on the side along with pan sauce. The chicken was prepared really well and was soft, just like I had expected. They have an extensive wine list to try from whether you want a bottle or just a few glasses. I won't comment on the wines as that depends a lot on personal choice and taste but I'm sure you'll be able to find something you'll enjoy. If you're just looking for a glass and that's only listed under the bottle section of their menu then do speak to the staff and they'll be able to recommend something. Seating is limited but luckily I went on a Monday night so it was easy to get a spot. The staff was very courteous, and the service was great.

Becky R.

I feel like I just had a great first date that left me wanting more. Great wine, service, atmosphere. Will definitely be back to try the food menu!

Christopher Steele

They'll open just about any bottle on the menu if you buy at least half of it, and that selection is usually where the action is. Order something funky and new, and take the server's advice on what kind of tinned fish will pair best with it.

Nadir Kaplan

Staff member at the bar was very rude - maybe she is missing hospitality training. She was pushy, dismissive and certainly reluctant to give details about the wines. I strongly felt that this was partly because we were speaking in a foreign language with my friend. We all know what that means. When we were about to order a 2nd round we couldn't stand her attitude anymore; we paid and left.

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