Kaju Korean Cuisine — Kenmore

636 Beacon St, Boston
(617) 936-4252

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Reetuparna Biswas

It's really good!

Angelo Bommarito

Excellent food and service. try the Kimchi Pancake

Jetson Leder-Luis

I found the saucey fried chicken a bit underwhelming. Not really crispy under the sauce, basically a bad version of general tso’s chicken. I’d give it a miss

Sarah S.

This place is a decent place to go to in Allston- it is a bit of different experience going here in COVID due to not having a lot of sides (and also no more refills). Sad they didn't offer Japchae as a side. The Seafood soup is pretty good, but nothing too amazing. They also ran out of purple rice & only had white rice. I also tried the Beef Bulgolgi and it was fairly good, not as much flavor as I would have liked but tasted hot & fresh. The Kimchi Pancake here is also pretty good. Would come again if I had cravings. Food: 3.5/5

Bela. W.

i don't like tofu, but the fact that i am obsessed with the tofu soups in here. they're food is 11/10

Daniela Gomez

I didn't grow up with a lot of Korean food, so I didn't know wat to expect. It's really good and I love the pancake and clay pot. BULGOGI? Wow. Can't wait to b back.

Maya Martinez

super delicious food, with great portion size and great prices. They have a great set up for picking up your food and the staff was so nice, would defiantly recommend!

Michael Holford

This place has fantastic service and tasty food. One of the best spot around here. The food came out fast and the rates are reasonable. Will definitely recommend this place.

Polly Y.

I'm a fan of this location. It's spacious and cleaner than the one in allston. The taste seems to be consistently yummy, though the sides are a bit smaller. Menu is clean and easy to read. Popular among college students, but have never had a crazy wait time before. The servers are also friendly. I would recommend!

Avery Lamp

Love their spicy beef tofu soup. Hits just right :)

Sharon L.

This spot is right on BU campus so super convenient! They have delicious tofu soups with a variety of other dishes. My favorite would have to be their pork tofu soup with pork belly combo. The pork belly is juicy and crispy at the same time and the portion is a decent size. The tofu soup is delicious and a must have during Boston's cold winters. Another favorite would have to be the hotstone bulgogi noodle soup - super rich with flavor and a comfort food to me. Their service is always great and everyone is very nice. This is a great place if you're looking for yummy korean food!

Cindy H.

I adore Kaju Tofu House in Allston and have been a loyal customer for over a decade, so I was excited when I found out about the second location in Kenmore. My go-to here is the tofu soup and that's what I went with. The person behind the counter was so nice, my food was packaged well, and I got some banchan despite my small order, but I have such a bad impression of this restaurant because my soup was so unflavorful compared to that of the Allston spot. It's so many shades less red/orange and the tofu was in giant blobs. I will give it another shot since I've only swung by once, but I feel like it will be a gamble with the other location only a mile away.

Soo J.

Super yummy Korean food! I had very low expectations for this place since my experiences with take out food has been a hit or miss. The tofu soups were definitely on point but the only thing I disliked was for surely the seafood. I had a one oyster and a generous amount of clams but no shrimp, the portion of seafood is understandable since it was a part of my bibimbap combo but the seafood was not fresh. It was almost like frozen seafood so I picked them out. On the other hand, I loved my beef bibimbap!! It had a generous amount of meet with variety of veggies! Yum. The tofu & veggie clay pot was decent, I'm not a huge tofu fan so the tofu was overwhelming to me and they didn't pack any gochujang ( red chili paste ) so it felt like it was missing something. The galbi was super good.. I mean it is on the sweeter side but the quality of meat is great!

Overall, if you ask me, I would definitely order from this place again! I was feeling homesick not being able to eat Korean at home but the food here has definitely satisfied my cravings.

Kendrtiond Nanced

This place is my preferable site. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to visit this restaurant. Whenever I feel like having a special lunch, this restaurant comes right away to my mind. outstanding and all sorts of food and a rich menu.well mannered crew, and pleasant vibes. Also, the cost is affordable. I sent my friends to this place with no doubt.

Lockwood Lockwood

The place offers an awesome range of fresh food. I enjoyed dining here. Employees are always very friendly, prices are reasonable and the place is always neat.

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Kaju Korean Cuisine — Kenmore

636 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02215
(617) 936-4252