Moonshine 152

152 Dorchester Ave, Boston
(617) 752-4191

Recent Reviews

Lynette Krick

Loved it!! Great food, great drinks, great server, and the outdoor seating was awesome. Had an excellent date here and we will definitely go back. They’re following Covid protocols very strictly.

Katiria Concepcion

Love the chicken & waffles and burgers most but pretty much everything here is delish!

Peter Kennedy

Great food! The chef is super friendly, always engaged on the floor, and service was fast and friendly.


PHENOMENAL $24 ? St. Patty’s day burger ?!!Worth every penny!Accompanied by some remarkable string French fried cooked to absolute perfection.Did I mention they have a monthly burger? Better call now and see what’s on special!Follow @CH3BZ for the best reviews!

Tim S

FUN night out. Great drinks, good to great food, and fun laid back atmosphere in a restaurant comfortable in its own skin. Drink favorites: There’s Fire, La Diabla… (anything made with house spicey tequila is awesome). Food that can’t miss: Caramelized Onion Beet Dip, Shine Famous Bacon Wrapped Stuffing Bites (wrapped bacon… come on); diners have been the specials… ranging from AWESOME – Feb Special Burger, to OK (Schitz Creek something or other). Service: They are what makes it FUN. Engaging, friendly, welcoming…. Make you feel like long lost family coming in for diner. Tip… if you can, get a high top attached to the bar. The bartenders are always awesome, have great recommendations, and tell funny stories.

Keira Hudson

I often read stellar reviews of restaurants in Boston, get excited, go for a visit, and most of the time walk away astonished that there is a serious lack of culinary "wow" in this town. I was really pumped to try Moonshine after all of the reviews and write-ups. Our brunch experience wasn't the worst food we've ever had but it definitely wasn't good. The French toast sticks are essentially deep fried Texas toast tossed in cinnamon sugar...burnt on the outside and oily on the inside. Grits? Don't go there. The other dishes were meh. The server really rounded things out.

Nino Gedeshi

Delicious food and amazing people! Could not get better! Try the Boston's Best Award winning wings or Mama Mei's fried rice!

Jonathan Walters

Terrific brunch spot in Southie! The French toast was amazing and the corned beef hash was equally as good. Would highly recommend.

Briana W.

This is certainly a spot where I had to exhale, hand over my card, and remember we're in a pandemic.

Definitely South Boston prices but the drinks and food fell short considering value for the meal. The drinks were not made well (think: frat party) and the portions made little sense. $15-17 for a regular portion of tacos depending on type (two tacos!) or "go grande" and get three tacos for $22-$25!

*chokes on water while reading the menu*

Decent experience, but I won't be back.

Kira S.

We love it here! They always have awesome specials and amazing drinks. The jell-o shots are so fun and flirty. Highly recommend.

Christian Maddox

How have I slept on this place for so long! This is exactly the type of restaurant that we need to rally behind during this time. Not only is the food incredible (best fried chicken in Boston straight up) but Chef Asia is insanely genuine and talented. Go. Right now. Stop reading this review and go.

Michael Owen

Everything was awesome! The food, drinks, atmosphere, and especially the staff. I loved how the chef would bring out the food and share her thoughts on the dish! Fantastic experience, will be back!

Kim Mai

What a little gem in Southie! Can't believe it took me this long to finally enjoy Asia Mei's amazing food! Everything we ate was so delicious! Can't wait to go back!

Emily R.

I will give Moodshine credit where credit is due--the food is delicious and extremely flavorful. The chef came out to proudly present her food which was really neat; she was also very sweet and friendly. If you are looking for new tastes and high-quality food, Moonshine has got it for you. This place also has a lovely interior and great ambiance. Casual or dress-up, your choice. Many mid-20s people. Our service was slow and the food took a good amount of time to come out.  
All of this does come with a price--a hefty one. The portion sizes are not very large at all and we actually left hungry but didn't order more because it was so, so pricey. We had an appetizer and a burger with fries each (with one beer). Our check was around $80. I understand location and high-quality meals raise the price but in our minds leaving unsatisfied made it not worth it. If you don't mind spending a big buck and have to order a bunch to satiate your hunger, I recommend Moonshine.


Can't believe it took me so long to try out Moonshine! Their brunch was absolutely delicious! Everything we ordered was just tasty, and my bloody Mary was quite good too! They have an outdoor patio, but it faces a busy intersection, and if it's windy out, I would eat inside. The owner Asia Mei was also our server, and she was kind enough to treat our daughter to a dessert. We ate so much but ordered the fried chicken to go because it looked so good. And yes it was amazing! Can't wait to go back for dinner!

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