Slades Bar & Grill

958 Tremont St, Boston
(617) 442-4600

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Lisa M Furr

Ok, first and fore most. They need to hire or at least train there wait staff, when I walked in to meet my friends the waitress was sitting down with my party like she was one of the crew, then she said " what you drinking ma". REALLY!!! We ain't friends, I'm a customer, I replied she laughed and walked away. No worries I will never step foot in that trap again.

Alexander Smith

I can’t lie. This food is off the CHAIN!I waited 30 minutes for TaKeOut, but it proved to be worth it.Decided to go with a VegeTarian Sampler Trio: Potato Salad, Mac ‘N CheeSe, and Fried OkRa.Out of CONtrol DeliCiousness! I can see why this local GeM Is still going BosTon STrong!

Alexander “LEX” Smith

I can’t lie. This food is off the CHAIN!I waited 30 minutes for TaKeOut, but it proved to be worth it.Decided to go with a VegeTarian Sampler Trio: Potato Salad, Mac ‘N CheeSe, and Fried OkRa.Out of CONtrol DeliCiousness! I can see why this local GeM Is still going BosTon STrong!

Deborah Bentley

Location in a great area, however the parking sucks. The place was lit with lots of people like a Friday Happy Hour Sports Bar. The place was friendly and warm. Staff was courteous, professional and gave my crew excellent service. The food was delicious and more than enough to eat. Overall. The service was excellent. I will revisit when returning to Boston.

Key Smith

I ordered a 12 piece of chicken and a side of fried okra. I placed my order at 6:14 PM Friday, October 14, 2022. I had to wait 1hr & 10 mins for me to receive my order. To compensate for my wait they gave me a side of macaroni and corn bread. Why did I give them 2 stars. Let’s just say my chicken was half done. I ordered a 12 piece and I only received 10 pieces of chicken wings.. I will never ever visit this establish ever again in life.

Lissa McBurney

Awesome fried okra, excellent wings and catfish. Strong drinks. Service very friendly, long wait for food, kitchen must have been busy understaffed like so many places now. Go with folks you enjoy talking to while you wait ☺️.

Dayman Chatman

The wife and I enjoyed the music. The cocktails were strong. The food was actually delicious. I gave it 3 stars because of the service. The waitress and the floor manager had a great attitude however if my actual waitress would have checked on us just once between the time we ordered and the time we got our food I would have given it five stars. I hope she could learn from this.

Shelia C.

Wings are good but the service cancel's out everything. Been here since June working, thought I found a Soulfood place. We pack so much customer service. So sad. I always want to support my folks , they make it hard and they don't care .

Sheila N.

Been coming to Slade's for at least 15 years for just their fried chicken. I don't know if it is under new management or if the cook was on vacation but their chicken wings was Off in flavor. Also Do Not order the fried shrimp! They charge $14 for 8 fried shrimp...and it was Not given to us on a bed of lettuce (as advertised in their menu); it was given to us in a tiny metal basket (wish I had taken a picture). Shocked at the price, we had asked to see the manager for an justification for the price and he refused to come out to speak with us...we saw him behind the counter obviously avoiding the situation. Our visit was in the middle of a Saturday afternoon and would be normally busy but it was not. That should've been the tip-off for us to not come in. Very Disappointed with the food. My friends will not be back however I might give them one more try in order to decide if they are still worth my money....

Jalia Scales Dennis

Excellent food and cocktails and music. Jadine and staff made solid menu recommendations as well as local dining options-very kind! Bathrooms were clean. Great neighborhood gem to experience.

YouTube Topful

Food is good. My only problem is don’t collect cash and you don’t have coins to give back. It’s not ok to keep the change. So now it’s either I bring exact change or pass on your establishment. I don’t use my cards everywhere. Also put up a sign.

Jacquelyn S.

I live in Brockton. I wanted some fried Okra so what better place than Slades on Tremont Street. So my husband and I drove down making family and friend stops in between. Of course it was the usual double parking, people going and coming from everywhere and the music so loud you couldn't hear. We ordered our food, fried okra, 3 chicken dinners with 2 Mac & Cheese, 2 Black Eye peas and Rice, 2 Collard Greens, 1 Yams. What we received was 1Mac & Cheese, 2 Black Eye Peas no Rice, Yams, 1 Collard Greens and 3 Chickens none of which was the standard Dinners and no utensils or napkins we have grown to know from Slade's. The kitchen was filled with young adults playing and catering to the Bar crowd instead of the ones who ordered to take out. The phone doesn't have anyone answering it, the mailbox is full. So this is the only Avenue possible for this review. Jackie

Michaele McKeever-Davis

The food was excellent indeed !’

Johana M.

I went to Slades today. Omg what happened? I ordered the grilled pork chops, mac & cheese and collard greens. And a 10 piece fried chicken wings. I ordered one entrée to share with my Mom because the last time we ate from Slades last year the fried pork chop was not tasty like it use to be so we decided to get the grilled pork chops and it was worse. I said at least I have the fried chicken wings because Slades is known for their fried chicken wings. I was wrong I can't count on them for that as well. The fried chicken wings are not tasty delicious as they used to be and I had to actually put them in the oven to crisp up a little more and the taste still wasn't there and it's disappointing because at least I knew I had Slades because it's hard to find a Soulfood place that cooks real Soulfood in Boston. What happened to the cooks where did they go? Because this cook is not a cook this is a scrap cooking person that don't know how to cook and they need to step away from that job. I'm not trying to hurt anyone feelings but Slades was the delicious soul food, nice music, a great drink, and fun with family and friends. Things have really changed and when I asked for one of my old friend's who use to waitress there for YEARS and they said she no longer worked there I should have ran out the door!

Francis Kilson

Came in yesterday with my girlfriend, daughter, and brother. Second visit and the food was PHENOMENAL. I’ve tried so many different places and this was place has been the BEST. Very friendly staff and cannot wait to come back! 10 stars!

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