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k. KaurelyPeguero

Hello! I don’t usually do this but today I ordered a drink as usual but something happened I didn’t like. One of the employee assisted a homeless guy on the cashier and then was me… after he went to make my drink and other customers drinks.. without washing his hand after he had contact with money .. I don’t see that sanitize or good proper food and beverage.. thank you!


When your packing doordash orders in a busy as hell fast paced restaurant, you don't take your sweet and slow time packing orders. I was getting notifications from doordash basically asking what's the hold up! The order should of been ready 10 minutes ago. Told them the order wasn't even made when i arrived. This Starbucks location which is in the back bay was so very busy with people coming and going, orders everywhere and this young girl was slow at packing two of the batch orders i had to pick up. I was frustrated because this effects my ratings on the doordash platform. DO BETTER!!! And im speaking for everyone who does food delivery because i bet everyone else who picked up from this location was frustrated just as much as i was!!?

Shanna Rojas

This location has been out of Matcha for over three weeks now. How is this possible?

Manali Shinde

I am not a person to drop negative reviews usually but this one felt right.I am a big fan of Iced shaken expresso with oatmeal milk and have been having it for over an year now. For past 3 days in a row I got the the messed up drink. Either the quantities of ingredients were not right or got the wrong drink all together. When prices have gone up so high and someone ends up paying $8 for a coffee just to get the order wrong is bit upsetting. I am not sure is it because of untrained staff at this location but have had great experiences with Starbucks until now.


Definitely a Starbucks for grab and go.


Worst ever. They forgot the whipped cream and extra shots. Maybe they are too busy to do the customized version. But it really tastes bad.

Zachary Keaney

My fav Starbucks. Cutest place to stop at in Back Bay.Food: 5/5

Rochna Jean-Jacques

Every time I come here it’s ALWAYS a nightmare. I’ve been holding my tongue hoping that they get better but the team here is incompetent and rude. They aren’t apologetic about their mistakes. This morning I ordered oatmeal along with my coffee. I surprisingly got the coffee in a timely manner for once but after about 20 minutes, I asked about the oatmeal. Apparently the girl at the register didn’t notify anyone or use the proper procedure to submit my order. Then I continued waiting expecting my oatmeal…15 minutes later I ask the girl fulfilling the food orders about it and she snaps at me as if I’m at fault for spending nearly my whole morning waiting for some oatmeal! The girl completing the food orders was extremely rude and the girl at the register didn’t know what she was doing. I’d recommend any other local Starbucks but this one.


The table and chairs were dirty and when we asked it to be cleaned they just gave us a tissue. There were only a few customers so being to busy to clean was not an excuse. The expression in their faces looks like they are bored and unmotivated. No service with a smile…

Gaby Musset

do not come to this starbucks if you have your baby in the stroller. I was inside having my coffee and eating and a person told me that I had to go. I explained to her it was cold outside and to let me finish my coffee because I was carrying my baby and she told me I had to get out. because technically you buy and go. It doesn't seem fair to me.

Christine V.

Ordered a flat white latte , barista doesn't know how to make it ! Did not make a fuzz bc there's a lot of customers ! Very disappointed!


Friendly and very cheerful staff, food and coffee were great!

Brian Roffey

Picked up over $40 of online orders, but was CHARGED 10 cents for a bag to carry them in.

Jacob W.

Can't even sit down in this place to drink your coffee, it's freezing out, but yet you are not allowed to stay within the store to enjoy your coffee. Honestly the stupidest establishment I've ever been to.

Vickie Chevrette

Good coffee, staff very friendly. You feel important to them,they remember your order.

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