350 Newbury St, Boston
(617) 859-5751

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Ashley J.

The drinks, sandwiches, bakery items, etc. are pretty standard across Starbucks locations, so I'll focus on service and the physical location. During weekdays from 9am to 2pm, service is pretty speedy and the tables/service area are clean and quiet enough for work. However, there's a "rush hour" when many nearby high school/middle school students get out. When "rush hour" hits, Starbucks is often sold out of many popular items like Cake Pops and Refreshers. From 2pm til close (4pm), the store gets really loud and crowded, service is much slower (10+ minutes for one drink), and the tables/service area are littered with straw wrappers, cinnamon flecks, etc. There's almost no parking space, but easy to reach by foot or MBTA (right outside of Hynes Convention Center stop). I'd highly recommend coming in before 2 on weekdays or ordering ahead on the Starbucks app to avoid waiting in line!

Al Lenoci

Your classic Starbucks, currently one row of 7 two person tables for seating. Everyone was super friendly.

Denagor Nagorniuk

I really appreciate the kind and helpful service with a smile in the Newbury ST location and the cozy relaxing dining area it's great location where i can come in and have latte or bagel or Breakfast sandwich and send text messages out to friends and family or listen to a sermon or classical music all on my phone again thank you so much for the kind service with a smile ? I'll be returning soon to dine . Derek Nagorniuk

Syd DeLeonardis

The crew at this location last Sunday evening 11/13 was absolutely lovely! Bryan, one of the employees, made my whole day with their great service and positive attitude when they helped me find the exact Boston mug I had been looking for all over town. The friendly baristas helped me find my new favorite drink and this will definitely be my new go-to Starbucks! ?


usually would not rate a Starbucks as most folks know what one will get. However, the Sat morning opening staff made my day, and it is only 5:45am. Their smiles and super nice service beamed positivity to the few of us groggy customers and we all woke up with a coffee and a smile.Food: 3/5

Patti C.

This is the trash area in the Starbucks on Newbury. I was totally disgusted. This Starbucks always takes the longest and is usually messy, but this was just horrible. I walked right out and won't be back.

martin ainger

Typical Starbucks on Newbury St, Boston. Very busy, had to wait for drinks, well staffed going as quick as they could!

Jon Marshall

Closed almost once every week for repairs on any given day. Arrive after 8:30am and most of their breakfast items will be gone. For such a premium location, youd expect better.

James Hanley

The guy working today white cap & mask on August 15 /2022 very rude was waiting for drink on side bar and he barked at me saying could not stand and wait for my drink he could've told me nicely. He is one of the reasons Starbucks has this identity problem also if he is scared work in his environment he should stay home.


The place is bigger than I thought based on my guess of the outside size.

Laura Lauraaa

A barista was asked to sanitize a shaker for the drink due to severe allergies. They just rinsed it with cold water and lied about it. Your laziness couldve costed someone their life. Do better.

Jenny T.

Being on Newbury St, this location is pretty packed - especially with high schoolers on the weekend.

Joe D.

The worst Starbucks in the commonwealth. We ordered three drinks, and all were WRONG. STAY AWAY.

Atticus McDonough

This is my go-to Starbucks in the vicinity of my work. They are quick, friendly, and is a very high volume store. Very impressed

Kwaku Darko

Great service. The workers are always kind and accommodating to my friends and i, all of which are blind

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