11 W Broadway Unit 03, South Boston
(857) 496-7115

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Barry N

I like going here as they always have fresh foods to put on my sandwich. I like the Steak sandwich or the meatball sub. Either are great. Service is great and fast. With a soft drink and chips i am set for the entire afternoon. I always get the large size. If I can not eat it all I just save it for a later time. Go here it is really a good Subway. and clean.

Amanda Weeks

One of my favorite places to eat with my family. Thee food is simply fresh and delicious.??

Thomas B

Food was promptly made at the time I picked for pick up. And it a homely vibe of a diner itself.

Kenio Fortune

A few days ago I went to this place and I ordered oven chicken roasted sandwich, one hour a half later I threw up about three times and I had a headche,fever and it gave me and dizziness ,I will never eat in this place again!

Eddie RICH

I was having a great day today. Till I started to place my order and they wanted to give me a 1/2 of bread that was already sitting.. 9am in the morning... they started to speak a languages with each other.. then offered to give me new bread, which I said yes... very unprofessional if you asks me!! I'm ate in. This guy looking at me all types of ways, while I'm here...

Asher E

My son has celiac and we told the lady there that he can not have any gluten. When we asked for gluten free bread the two ladies said they didn't have any but that the wraps were gluten free. The wraps are NOT gluten free! Unfortunately I took her word and my son had the wrap and has been extremely sick and missed school for the last 5 days because of this.

Jean Demosthene

It's taste good

Chirstopher Fielder

Good place to go to breakfast or lunch

Novruzali Guseinov

Customer service is horrible!

Donna W.

For whoever owns this franchise - the employees working on November 27 at 6:30pm are absolute garbage and have no business working there. We ordered uber eats and literally everything was wrong. I got no protein in my sub, and I asked for it, my boyfriend didn't want his sub toasted and they toasted it, he wanted mayo and got none, my sub was a train wreck and I had to reassemble it myself. This meal was a complete disaster and, after being loyal customers of this location for so long, we have no intentions of coming back here. It's not worth risking another awful meal. I recommend hiring employees who care about quality and good customer service. Oh - I also tried to call to ask if maybe they were just out of my protein, but no one answered for over fifteen minutes so yeah.. good luck to anyone ordering from here.

Vernon MacPhee III

DO NOT EAT HERE. The watermelon cucumber drink was so old it smelled aweful and was carbonated from bacteria. I got an Italian BMT and the Ham was rancid. Had to throw it all away. I only got 1 cookie with my combo instead of 2. When building my sub I asked for extra pickles and I got a stern NO THATS IT NO MORE. I should have walked out. Do yourself a favor and dont even walk in the door. Very unfriendly and clearly issues with food rotation and dating, posiible time and temp abuse. Board of Health should probably visit.

hiba Mhadhbi

excellent service very friendly employees food was made as expected

Joseph Leydon

It was good for a Subway very clean.

Vukašin Aleksandrić

The store closes at 10pm? Not really, it was already closed at 9.47.

Vukašin Aleksandrić

The store closes at 10pm? Not really, it was already closed at 9.47.

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