Sweet Pete's Ice Cream Truck

56 Farquhar St #1405, Boston
(978) 996-1606

Recent Reviews

Κάλλια Ανδρικοπούλου

Delightful tastes and polite behaviour! Congratulations!

Alaa Mukbang

The best off the best

Ηλιας Χασανακος

(Translated by Google) The best ice cream in Boston...(Original)Ότι καλύτερο στη Βοστόνη για παγωτό …

Viola “vsh” Shkembi

They have good choices but a little expensive

Emily Jaffe

We used Sweet Pete’s ice cream truck for my son’s birthday party and it was amazing. Pete was so easy to work with and was so responsive to all of my calls and emails. He showed up early and the truck was great. His assortment of treats was fantastic and both the kids and adults loved the selection. I highly recommend sweet Pete’s truck and will definitely use them again!

Robin Kahn

Cant say enough great things. Super easy to work with! Lots to variety and very accommodating. High recommend!

Susan Jackson

This is the only place I buy my dogs' tags. I still have the first tag I bought from them back in the early 2000's and it's in perfect condition. Easily readable on the back and the front. A quality product from a quality company!

Hazel King

Love these tags! Been using these tags for At least 15 years.

Charlotte Sutton

We had a great day but there is something that needs to improve! Great food and place, but good customer service is important!

Armando Spencer

they have a great flavors

soumyakant padhee

I went for icecream today. It was a residential area and there was no cart. I think it is seasonal

Michalis Margaritidis

Excellent service!!! Affordable prices!!!

Retail Store 2915


Panagiotis Paris Orfanos

The best icecream � for the hot days in Boston ��

Kallia Andrikopoulou

The best ice cream in Boston by the best and kindest ice cream man!!Congratulations!!

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