Tasty Burger

145 Dartmouth St, Boston
(617) 303-0560

Recent Reviews

Amy Gardner McDonnell

nice place to chill have a drink while wait for subway. food good deal.

Joshua Aguilar

Good food. Good price. Good people.

Charley M

Friendly staff. Good variety. Reasonable prices. Food order timely and very tasty :)

Steven Voytac

Ducked in for a quick lunch one day. Good Patty Melt. Nothing too special. Quick eats with a bar attached.

Jea Hyun Kim

After a long train trip, I was craving for some guilty food and found this place right at the gate of the Back Bay station. Ordered the Big Tasty burgers and Totchos and it turned out to be a great choice. Contrary to its name, the burger was quite small, but it was still good nonetheless. The tater tots with chili and sour cream toppings were also perfect guilty pleasure food.

Isaac Balinski

Please note that I don't eat beef so I am usually getting turkey or chicken. But this is the only place to get a cheap burger in Boston and the quality is GOOD. This location has a bar too. I will say that it is a little slower than McDonald's, but if you order ahead it is no issue.

Jaque Collins

Its like a upscale McDonald's so if you're looking for good food great price quick this the place for you from burgers to tater tots and milkshakes just go I'm sure you'll love it

Christian B

Burger was tasty, but the overwhelming taste was cheese, drowning out the beef. It made the bun soggy. Onion rings were served in a pool of grease. Chocolate milkshake was far too sweet, no chocolate taste at all, had to throw it away.A disappointing experience. Marginally better than McDonald's.

Mark S.

Food is decent, onion rings were a bit sad, but service isn't great. I ordered online and 1 minute later I arrived, and stood around for about 20 minutes waiting for my food while other customers ordered and subsequently picked up theirs. When i finally got the employee's attention and showed her, she left to grab the bag that had been sitting at the far end of the shelf; apparently it just sat there for 25 min getting cold while I stood there waiting without being acknowledged ever. I should note that customer traffic was slow too, and that this has happened before as well. When customers are waiting in the pickup area, they should all be attended, not just the idiots aggressively walking up and showing their phone screens to the staff.

Abdulelah Allahyani

Wonderful staff. Love the fries and the strawberry milkshake. The burgers are fine, not the best but definitely will order again for the fries.

Jeremy LeBlanc

Tremendous service tremendous food challenges it puts the tremendous in tremendously

Maryanne Chessey

Amazing burger and great service! Ally was awesome

JP Hogan

This place is absolutely filthy. I don’t feel comfortable eating in here. Not like it’s late night or anything, it’s the middle of the day on a Sunday and it’s quiet

Sophia Chaviari

Excellent food, wonderful service and good prices. I was very pleased seeing them prepare my burger fresh, and beging a new small batch of fries instead of giving me the ones that were sitting for awhile. The staff was super friendly and helpful. I will be back soon!

Albert Lee

Excellent late night joint for a fresh, juicy burger and generous, tasty sides.

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