The Playwright Bar

658 E Broadway, South Boston
(617) 269-2537

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Nabeel Sherazi

Amazing service, but the food is really not that great. I had the spicy burger and thought the patty was noticeably underseasoned, the bun over-sweet. For a drink I had the espresso martini, and while it was fine, it wasn’t to the caliber I would expect from a restaurant. I’m sure the regular draft beers and ciders are perfectly serviceable though. The vibe is interesting — it seems like it was once a spirited writer and music themed place that’s now selling its soul to turn itself into a regular boring old sports bar. Would love to return if it went in a more “Lolitas Cocina” direction than a “Ned Devines” but hey, I’m just one guy.

Chris Manhattan

This place really surprised me in a good way! The salad and steak tips were delicious. It wasn't too packed during the day and the bartender Linda provided excellent and friendly service! I highly recommend this place for dinner and drinks!

Maggie Leoffler

We went to the patio on a Friday evening right around sunset. Easy to find a table, beautiful weather, and we had a great time watching all the dogs who joined us! The food is pretty good, don't pass on the poke-inspired chips.

Kevin Ross

The fact that this restaurant was not ready for a reservation is the epitome of unprofessionalism. Had us waiting in the rain for an hour. And they were letting random people in before their reservations. When inside, drinks were at a good cost but very cheap tasting. Food was mediocre, nothing to really go crazy about. Wish I went somewhere else with my time

Molly Bolland

Absolutely horrible experience I had at the playwright today. Bouncer was incredibly rude, hostess made us wait an hour even with reservation. The appetizer of Buffalo cauliflower had chunks of cauliflower and hair in the food?!? Steak tips were completely over cooked no flavor. I am so disappointed with this overpriced and extremely rude establishment, will never being coming back.

Anna Cushing

This is the spot to be for a group of friends for brunch! Amazing selection of brunch food, good portions, and amazing towers! The prices were reasonable too - for about $50 the towers will give you about 10 drinks. We also got a pitcher of the espresso martini and it was a 10/10. And with all that, the servers were so great and the ambiance was super fun. Great music and vibes!!!

Nick Keller

Service was amazing, but the appetizers we had such as the Buffalo cauliflower and the truffle tots were both extremely extremely dry and the cauliflower were just huge chunks so every time you took a bite, the Buffalo casing around it would just fall off. We followed up on entrees with the grilled cheese/soup which was alright and the chicken Milanese which was actually amazing and preferably the best thing on the menu. If the food quality was overall better then I think I’d definitely rate this a 5 because the service was incredible.

Doron Bracha

Very nice restaurant, comfortable seating, pleasant atmosphere, clean restrooms. Good food in generous portions, great service. A bit pricey but very good experience overall :-)

Samantha Mackowitz

Music was pretty loud when trying to have a convo with a friend to catch up. I liked the fried pickle chips

Mason B.

We were visiting from Michigan and unfortunately, they refused to take our IDs. The server was very rude about it because she thought she caught "fake" ids. We're 23. She was also the same server I had on my 23rd birthday under a month prior but she did not remember (not that I expected her to). She refused to take our vaccine cards as backup proof so we were just told to leave.

Jill Grzeika

I love Playwight! However, the music is too loud. It would be so much nicer if you could actually TALK, not yell to the people with you.

Paige Waleryszak

The restaurant had great food, drinks and service! The bouncer outside was extremely rude! Told us we couldn’t enter unless we made reservations online and I insisted on going in because I called prior and the establishment told me they accepted walk in. After going in we were seated immediately! Again great service, and amazing place to visit! Highly recommend. After our dinner while we we’re waiting for ourUber the bouncer once again told us we couldn’t wait for the Uber I front of the restaurant even though there wasn’t a single person outside or waiting to be seated. The restaurant was fairlyEmpty. He made us wait in the rain for 10 min until our Uber drive arrived. I loved the food and drinks but will not return because of how rude their security staff was...

carolyn ubiera

The food was pretty decent & large portioned. But our waiter was really slow. She brought us our alcohol drinks before she even brought us water. We literally had to ask twice for a glass of water. I know It was super busy (Sunday Brunch) but when our drinks arrived they weren’t even decorated nicely, no sugar on the rim, no mint leaves, no lemon slices. Plain ol drinks thrown in a glass. The service over all was sort of bad could use improvement , the waiter would take really long to attend my table.

cr k

They cancelled my outdoor reservation I made over a week in advanced for my birthday due to rain without offering any indoor accommodations. My party ubered 30 minutes to get there just for the host staff to be extremely rude about the situation, and did cnot even apologize for the inconvenience. I was extremely disappointed and left stranded without anywhere to go. A horrible experience that left me extremely unimpressed with their management and hospitality skills of this restaurant.

Tuffy Questell

They have a good staff, a good menu, good music & ambiance! I was happy to dine there & take my food to go as well & nothing that I ate was less than tasty & enjoyable!!! I shall return!

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