The Smoke Shop BBQ - Seaport

343 Congress St, Boston
(617) 261-7427

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Erin R.

If you're looking for a Seaport restaurant with a more casual vibe and more moderately priced, this is for you! My friend and I were looking for some comfort food before a night of drinking at Seaport bars and this was perfect. We both ordered the fried chicken sandwich -- I love how you can choose your side with all of the sandwich options! The Mac and cheese was perfectly seasoned and even paired well with a little dab of their in-house sauces. For drinks -- love that they have an extensive beer and cider list and lots of different whiskeys if you're into that. I'll definitely be returning to this location or one of the others!

Julie P.

We were being spontaneous on a Friday after dropping our kid at Logan airport and we head to the seaport to fetch dinner. It was hopping with people and it took over 30 min to find parking. I recommend just go to parking garage. $18-$20 ouch. But it did the trick. Many many places had over an hr wait and we called Smoke shop and they could seat us immediately. Our friendly waiter Werner was excellent and the bartender Alex made amazing creative libations. The ribs were unbelievably tender and meaty. The wings were good and smoky. My bbq bowl was chock full of tasty tidbits. Beans nuts rice cheese olives $12 and add meat for extra. I added brisquet. Flavorful but slightly dry. I wondered if they smoke on the premises. The buttermilk dill dressing was so good!! We have a new favorite in Boston. And I highly recommend Alex's floral spin on gin and tonic. lavender something.

Staci R.

The smell brought us in , casual dining and pretty good food I have to say THE WINGS! I am a wing snob, especially smoked wings. Don't like fatty, smoky tasting wings but OH MY! They nailed it. They are $12 for 6. Sounds like a lot but they are worth it! Meaty (Seriously meaty!). Done to perfection We had the platter to share it was ok. Burnt ends were more fat than meat. Brisket was good as was the pulled pork. Stick with the wings, you won't regret it.

Allison A.

We went here because we all like BBQ, and it was within walking distance from the convention center. I had the Burnt Ends platter with corn bread and Mac n cheese. The burnt ends had a good taste and the sauce was good, but it was pretty tough/chewy. But I did order something called Burnt Ends, so I might have expected that. Since the taste was good, the toughness didn't bother me so much. I found the sides to be lack luster. The cornbread was dry and the Mac n Cheese wasn't that flavorful. Would I come here again? Yeah, probably, but I would try some other options.

Chris M.

Food is garbage. The worst bbq I have ever had. Had very low expectations going in as I've had good bbq from KC, Texas, and the Carolinas but this managed to be even worse. Tough and chewy burnt ends and beans worse than canned beans from the grocery store. Do not waste your money.

Charlie M.

First time coming to this place. As I'm sitting and eating my food, A ROACH was crawling on my boyfriends plate!!!! Disgusting! We told the waiter, he then came over and killed the roach. Never experienced this but, it really creeped me out. Our bill was comped (as it should have been) and we left immediately. The picture is blurry because I was running as I was taking the pic.

Giuliana Mendoza

Excellent. Highly recommend the pit boss with a choice of three meats. We did brisket, ribs and pulled pork. My drink was also ?. I love spicy cocktails and this was the spiciest I've had. It was called the something, sweat and tears. Our waitress was really sweet too.

Chris S.

The only thing I can say is that what little food we received was actual fairly good, however, the portion size was absurd. The brisket plate was two slices of brisket with two Dixie cups of sides for nearly $30. Ridiculous. There are too many options in the Seaport for people to eat here. Never order here again.

Jesus Padilla

We ordered a Pit Boss with brisket, ribs and bbq chicken, and Famous Wings. The wings were sticky and delicious. The only letdowns were the slightly dry ribs and the very dry brisket, both had great taste though.


Delicious Southern BBQ! I'm not a big BBQ person but this place is excellent. My favorite thing to get is the brisket with cornbread and brussel sprouts (sooo good!). My Texan mother loves to eat here when she visits.


The food here is amazing! The fried chicken thighs are delicious. Smoked brisket was also excellent. Highly recommend.

Roslyn R.

All the food was delicious. My daughter had the ribs & mac n cheese. My husband and I had the chicken wings. OMG - so good. The brisket was moist and yummy. We were visiting Boston for the day but we would come back agai

Colin P.

Poor service, mediocre food - order incorrect and little to no attention sitting outside. I would not recommend having high expectations. Will get the job done if you are trying to fill the stomach.

Richard Thwing

It was awesome. The smoked brisket made me forget I was not in Texas. For my lunch I thought I was back in Austin at Franklin BBQ.

Rebekah Robinson

I can’t say enough good things about The Smoke Shop BBQ! We had my boyfriend’s birthday party there, and they went above and beyond to make it a great experience, including bringing out the cake and serving it to us. The food was absolutely delicious and the service was even better. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for great BBQ and friendly staff. Thank you so much to everyone there!

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The Smoke Shop BBQ - Seaport

343 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210
(617) 261-7427