Tsuru Ton Tan - Boston

512 Commonwealth Ave, Boston
(857) 233-2839

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Vincent Zuo

Very fast service and great food! Make sure you go hungry to get your money's

Jiazhe Chen

In short, they serve the worst Japanese food that I have ever had in the Great Boston Area so far in more than 2 years, and they don't even try to provide reasonable service to customers.I waited for like 20 minutes to be seated in a party of one, which is not fast but understandable. No one served me water. No one wiped the table, as I can clearly see the stains remaining on the table. I ordered Karaage Fried Chicken and Katsu Curry Udon. The Karaage Fried Chicken tasted as if they have kept the raw meat in their fridge for weeks. Some parts of it has grey or even black color on it, instead of the normal red or white as one can find elsewhere. Plus, it was so dry, I can't believe that the meat was marinated before cooked, even though the lady who came to listen to my complaints insisted that it was marinated. And they have put so much flour on the karaage, I felt like that I was eating a bowl of fried flour instead of chicken. The dipping sauce is fine, which felt like a miracle to me. The udon noodle was overcooked in Katsu Curry Udon, and somehow there were undercooked onion slices in the curry soup. This made me wonder, how did they even manage to make that happen if the curry soup tastes okay? The fried pork steak, the "katsu" part tasted just the same as the karaage, another huge bunch of flour. At last, I can't stand this anymore and told the waiter who came and ask if everything is okay by saying "NO". And he just left without a word! Why bother ask if you don't want to know? (They sent the lady I have mentioned above to learn what happened and they gave me my cup of water in the end, because I told another waiter to let the chef come and I will tell him face to face how bad his food was. Obviously the chef did not come because he does not have the nerve to admit that his food is such a nightmare. The only reasonable thing was that they would consider change the food for me if I told them at the beginning. But honestly I think I deserved a refund in such a situation.)I am definitely not in the mood of taking photos for such a disaster, and my suggestion is that, since there are so many places in the Great Boston Area serving properly cooked Japanese food, the chef of this place and other customers should really go there to learn how to appreciate it (To just name a few, Ganko Ittetsu Ramen has best karaages and Futago Udon knows udon noodles should not be overcooked.). Don't spend your money here until they have improved their food completely.

Charles XYZ

Summary: Don't go for the all you can eat.They let you order 3 items at a time, but every time you order, it takes them 30mins to bring me the food. They strictly enforce the 90 mins dining rule. Using this tactic, that's why I was still hungry after ordering the 82 dollar Ultimate ayce course.To be fair, the Chicken Karage and the scallop sashimi were good. But it was my first time having sushi with the rice being crunchy.

Jos Chea

I could give this more than 2 stars because the food was alright but everything else, bad. Seating is such a confusion. You have to wait on the stairs that lead down, so a group of 4-5 different parties are sqeezing to the side of the stairway while their servers are bringing food up from downstairs. How easily could someone knock a tray full of food down.After going in and letting the host know we are a table for 2, we were told the wait was 15-20mins, while other people who came after (with NO RESERVATIONS) were given seats. We were eventually told to sit at the bar.We ordered 4 items but only received 2. No one came to check on us other than asking if we wanted something to drink. By the time we were done, 2 items still haven't arrived and we told them to just take it off. (It was never even cooking.) They removed the items and was given a discount, which really means absolutely nothing because we still received bad service and half our order.

libra dom

i came in with a large party of 10 at approximately 8:00pm, seated 8:15pm. we opted for the $46 ayce menu and gorged ourselves the entire time. in terms of the various dishes, the sashimi was buttery and exquisite through and through. the wagyu sushi was something i do not recommend unless you like your beef lightly seared and near mooing (it was obscenely rare and dripping red). if you’re into that, perhaps that dish is for you. i got the softshell crab tempura, which was absolutely delicious, and the wagyu truffle udon that had a mild flavor. the meat in the udon wasn’t as fatty and tender as i would have liked, but not bad still. waitstaff were incredibly benevolent, yes there were mishaps here and there, but that’s given for a large party. one thing i really disliked though is that when we got seated, we were told that we only had 45 minutes to order since the restaurant closes at 9:00pm. though they let us stay a little past the closing time, it would’ve been really nice if they at least gave us a heads-up in advance before seating us. it felt like we were being deceived in that sense. in general, this place is a no-brainer option if you want to grab a quality meal for your buck.

Pack 50 Milk Street

I honestly have a great experience with the atmosphere and the host. The host is very welcome. But our server seems to be a bit less active and slow responding, also I saw the host keep helping them cleaning and serving food as well.The food is also interesting, we ordered the udon and it came in a huge bowl. Like crazy huge but food is a bit so so, but great presentation. If you come here, you will definitely enjoyed the food presentation.Overall experience, I would recommend you to visit this restaurant. They have the all you can eat option with a super good price and great a la cart presentation.We just got bad experience on the service side but to the overall, I can say you will enjoy this restaurant.

Ivan Ang

The selection for the buffet is amazing. I love the different tiers they have to determine how much more food you'd want to try. Definitely worth going back to try everything they have on the menus. Come for the sushi, stay for the Udon!

Raju Parmar

Great food and value for all you can eat...fried chicken and salmon rolls/sashimi are a must try!

Anna Ta

As always, I went during an off time, right about the time it opened. It was surprising since it was a Saturday, but by the time I left, it was getting real busy. The bar area upstairs(also known as the brasserie) was closed, and I presume it is opened for dinner. My party was sat downstairs which have a very cozy feeling.First the food. The food is delicious. Do not let the bowls fool you, the portions are slightly more than average. As a 5'2 female, I was able to finish off the uni cream udon with no problem, and even had the taiyaki dessert. My male friends only had slight problems finishing with their broth based orders, but did complete it. There are many options to choose from, and they also have an all you can eat option, but for an average person, it might be more economical to choose one dish and stick to it. Although I haven't tried their cold options, I highly recommend that you don't knock the cold options out.Second, the service. The service is a bit average. Due to the layout downstairs, there are walls and and pillars in the way that make it hard to catch the attention of your server. It took 15 mins to get water to the table, and please note that most of the servers during the lunch time are from the younger generation. There was an older gentleman who roamed through the dining area and was very attentive and had exceptional hospitality. He may have been a manager or the owner. Either way, typical service was average. They were not rude, I was served satisfactorily, just difficult to get a hold of, and not enough workers available.Third, prices were affordable especially considering the location and the food quality. The prices even help overlook shortcomings from the service.Overall, I will be returning. I hope to try their cold options as I have tried cold options elsewhere and would love to have them here.

Timo Cunniff

My family and I were staying in the Hotel adjacent to the Tsuru Ton Tan - Boston. We ordered food that we were to pick up before going to the show we were in town for. We received notice that the order was ready and we could pick it up. That was at 6 pm yet we sat and waited for a half an hour. I asked repeatedly where is our order until they brought it out. We took it back to our room only to be further disappointed by the quality of the food. The chicken was low quality and tasted as much. The two orders of sushi we got tasted off, like the fish was bad. Can you imagine being in the city of Boston and getting bad fish? I could see that in Omaha Nebraska but in Boston? This place is actually the worst restaurant I’ve been in, EVER! The service was lousy and the food was even worse. Stay away, far away or you can hear me say I TOLD YOU SO!!!

Jillian Kenney

Stopped in before a show the other night, and I'm SO glad we did! Wonderful servers. The sushi was incredible, and we had to get the honey yuzu ice cream before we left. Incredible! Can't wait to come back.

Vincent Cheung

I’ve now gone twice for Dine out Boston, once for lunch and once for dinner. Overall it was great value and a good introduction to their food. The udon was the highlight both visits and the quality was great. The bowls are also very large and I can’t decide if the inconvenience was worth the aesthetic. The one disappoint thing regarding the food was the sushi. Both times the sets were supposed to come with uni but both times I was told it wasn’t available after the order had gone in a while. It’s not their fault for not having uni or running out but it was disappointing two visits in a row. The tuna was also on the tougher side. Lastly, our waiter also disappeared after serving our food and then no one waited our table for the rest of the meal. We had to wave down a different waiter at the end to get the check.


Have been to this place on many occasions and it has never not let me down. Their udon is decent, hence the 2 star, but other items on their menu, such as the sushi, are lackluster and not fresh as they should be. Most recently went here to get hotpot AYCE. This experience was very subpar to other hotpot places in Boston, such as the nearby Shu Daxia or Shabu Zen. Firstly their hotpot options were very limited for the price, and the AYCE is mostly there for the appetizers. Sauce selections are also very very limited for hotpot. I have given this place many chances and all I can say about it is the udon is not bad. Do not go here for anything else

Jack Clayton

Not baddd. Im glad i have this in my neighborhood. Lots of different options and they are all pretty good. Not super excellent but not bad either. The udons arent very good. But the appetizers and sushi are pretty good

Chelsea K

All this for $15 - go try their lunch menu (weekends included) - their lunch prices range from $12-30Their lunch menu includes a HUGE bowl of sukiyaki udon (or you can get different udons as well!) and sushi rolls (different options available). I chose the 3 rolls + udon combo, and all the rolls were good. Recommend the 8piece salmon special ($18) or the rolls+udon combo ($12-15). They have weekly specials ($15) that changes, so that is an option if you want to try something new!Service was good, and the restaurant is very clean and huge inside. Recommend dining here!

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