636 Beacon St, Boston
(617) 430-4844

Recent Reviews

Corrie Hermans-Webster

They have gotten my order wrong on multiple occasions and deny doing such when it is brought up.

Jim Price

The people working here were polite and quick. Food was awesome, especially the onion rings! Love those portion sizes! Definitely recommend!

Joel Oliveira

Our favorite burger place in Boston - hands down.

Vahe Yacoubian

Very good burger that was reasonably priced.1) Grand Slam Burger- very flavorful. Mushroom and bacon combination was very complementing2) Caesar Salad with Chicken - Relatively basic. Filling and gets the job done.3) Large fries - Above average tasting fries from other places around. Would definitely recommend.

Trina W.

The restaurant was very clean, staff wore Boston Red Sox caps for opening day. Red Sox special for Boston university students. Comprehensive menu with vegetarian offerings. Fountain drinks not offered because of Covid . Delicious

Lola Sade

this is the ONLY place I will eat a hot dog from. and I don't even eat hot dogs anymore, lolI also love love their chicken sandwiches and their fries are THEE. BEST!

Chris Hallman

Great chicken sandwich ( get the phat chick crispy). Onion rings really good but need salt.

John Paul Jones

A+ burger with A+ service. That's really 4.0, but deserves 5 stars!!!Try the Boom Burger, its excellent!!

Steve Sullivan

Freshest salad in Boston! Outstanding burgers, chicken sandwiches, fresh fries and onion rings all are outstanding.

Sandra M.

Wow, Uburger was actually superb. Uburger is a hidden treasure. Nothing but quality. We had Crispy Chicken that was certainly flavourful and yummy. Team are super charming and service is really quick. Probability of going back to Uburger: 100%

Buddy T

Shakes, fries, and burgers are perfect here! All menus are extraordinary. Well-price and great for students as well.

Christopher Bangs

Great chicken sandwich and fries! A touch pricey but good food

Dariana R.

The BEST chicken burgers and the BEST fries in Boston. Fries are soft with crispy edges, and they give you a generous portion. The grilled chicken patty is my favorite. The best flavor!My go to is a grilled chicken patty, american cheese, chipotle and guacamole toppings, lettuce, bun, and fries of course. I have also tried their shakes and they're great too. I have not tried their beef patties! If you go in person make sure to get the Fanta Strawberry soda, it is a hidden gem.This meal will take you home!!

Jason Downing

Great burgers. Decent fries. They also have some outdoor seating available which is nice.

Kathy N.

This was the first order I placed through the Yelp app. I got the A+ burger with fries and cheese on the side. The burger was cooked perfectly! Fries were a bit soggy but their cheese is really good. I got there earlier than my expected pick up time but everything was finished by the time I got there, which I really appreciated! Pick up was hassle-free. When restaurants open up indoor seating again, I'd like the try the fries again as soon as they're out of the fryer!

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