The Wok

723 Greenfield Rd, Deerfield
(413) 774-3606

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Allen W.

Should have listened! Looking for a quick bite in the area, something to grab and go but didn't want gas station food. Found this place and figured finger food appetizers would be just the ticket. Looking at the reviews they were decidedly negative. But figured how bad can you screw up chicken fingers. Well, bad. And worse than that was the response - or lack thereof - from the restaurant when I called them back. As the negative reviews didn't dissuade me the musty smell when entering the restaurant should have been a clue and a wake-up call. But got my takeout and started driving. Upon the first bite noticed a sour tinge. Thought maybe it was just THAT chicken finger so tried another but still same. Separated the batter from the chicken trying both to determine if maybe it was something in the batter. But it was definitely the chicken. Tried another but still same - the chicken tasted sour, like it had been brined in buttermilk or yogurt. Inedible. Called the restaurant to let them know that their chicken possibly could be bad and that they should check it out. DID NOT ASK FOR A REFUND OR ANYTHING. The woman said I had to bring my order back for them to do anything, that without the order there was nothing they could do. I explained that I was about half an hour away but all she KEPT REPEATING was that I had to bring my order back. I kept telling her that I was NOT asking for a refund - or even a replacement - but I just wanted to let her know so they could check. And again, she said I would have to bring MY order back saying that all orders are cooked to order. I said that there must be other chicken fingers in the restaurant that she could have cooked so she could check it herself. Again, I had to bring my order back. I said that if I was standing right in front of her and ordered chicken fingers that she couldn't have an order made up, so she could try? Her response? HUNG UP! Yep, she hung up on me. This 'behavior' has been noted in other reviews. Will never go back. Some of these hole-in-the-wall places - Chinese or otherwise - can be good. Being a biker I have had my share of road food. This place was bad. And because of how this was handled this place does not even deserve a second/another chance. Again, I was not asking for a refund or even a replacement. I was merely trying to alert them of a potential/possible health problem. All they had to say was 'Thank you. We will look into it.'

THAT'Sll Flagg

Horrible service very rude and the food was terrible and when I addressed the issue they told me no refund. They will never get my business again

Isiaha Greene

Don't come here expecting a refund for sub par Chinese food, they'll tell you you need to bring your leftover food back in order to complete a refund. Food is trash and so is the refund policy if you could call it that.

Alix Yarrow

I feel really bad about leaving this review but the restaurant should feel bad about what came out of the kitchen today for lunch. I was hoping to really enjoy this as I live right down the street now.The host who took my to-go order was kind enough, and the food was somehow ready within 5 minutes? I ordered a lunch portion of orange chicken, add broccoli, with white rice. The latter two of which were edible! But the chicken... something was definitely very wrong with it. Unfortunately I believe what I was served had actually been pork that had been marinating in a salt brine for too long and had gone off; after eating a couple pieces I started picking them apart to find the insides grey, slimy, and in some areas still raw pink. Sickening.I threw everything including the condiments right into the trash and took the bag to the dumpster immediately. I have had a mild stomach ache all afternoon but I don't get sick so unfortunately I have to wait for it to pass. I should have known, the place was filthy inside and smelled strongly of mildew. If the reception and dining areas are uncleanly, the kitchen is always worse! I'm kicking myself for not walking out.

Colby Orcutt

Rude, left my food on the floor too pickup next too a dirty mop bucket.


Two thumbs down seemed expensive and I couldn't even eat the sesame chicken. Absolutely the worst in my book. $15 for lunch special and I threw it out

Shawn Slattery

Best Chinese food I've ever had.

Mel Demo

The best Chinese food in the area


First time trying for lunch. While it wasn't completely horrible, its not a place I would go again. I know a lot of people in the area really like it ..I just don't. Very disappointed in the quality.

Connie Zangri

Was very good.!!

Richard Tirrell

Take out only.we got enough with one dinner order to feed my wife and self 2 meals.I eat Chinese food like a pig just saying.!!

Maddie Brandl

love their wings, the best iv ever had (don’t tell my mom)

Jennifer Reynolds

People in the area flock to this place. I personally don't like it. Food is bland, restaurant is dark and out dated. It's busy all the time though.

Amanda Adams

Best Chinese around

Jeffrey Green

They just celebrated 44 years of being open! Here's to many more! Such a great spot.

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