Mike's Ice Cream Stand

466 Nashua Rd, Dracut

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Day Ton

He scammed my son for 1,000 dollars worth of Pokeman cards and gave him 25 dollars how rude

Robin T.

Really good ice cream and homemade waffle cones! Yum. Awesome staff. They sell hanging plants and Christmas trees.

Gloribi Burgos

Horrible service by a man who works here or probably owns the place. He was rude as soon as I got to the window. Rudely asking what I want. I ordered a sundae and he didn’t add anything to it. Then I ask why it’s plain and he said, “oh” then added a tiny bit of sprinkles and a lot of whip cream and a cherry on top and charged me $3 for a bunch of whip cream that melted in 2 seconds. He got mad when I asked for my $ back smh

Khounchai Linlavong

Love it always get a tip


Quick cheap and absolutely delicious

Loretta Dumais

Very slow to order just a kiddy cone , an expensive kiddy cone was 4.00 dollars that was bad ???I will not go there again ❗❗❗❗❗

Jackie Aurore Dufault

I love this ice cream stand great service and delicious food

Paul McMahon

Mikes said that a five year old coupon is not valid which is worth $5

Laura Clement

Had delivered through delivery service. Order was perfect. Ice cream was delicious and large portion. Thanks for making our night!

Jennifer Hart

Good serving size, but need to be more earth friendly when it comes to the dishes

deirdre vigeant

Great ice cream today

Jerod B.

Visiting family in New Hampshire, a missed turn turned into quite a find. On the "scenic route" back to Hudson, we found this place in drakcut, mass. The service was very nice, but due to the pandemic, we could not scope out the place. The waffle cone contained oreo and coffee, which means i got my sweet and caffeine all in one sitting. If in the area, stop by for some flowers..ohhh.. also there was a card shop attached as well.

Debby Casul

Luv it?☺

Michelle Morrison Assuncao

The Ice cream flavors are so fun and creative. The portion sizes are amazing, the staff is always so friendly Love it here.

John P.

This place it hit or miss... they either don't have set ways to make their sundaes or they fucked mine up the last two times I went... sadly today is the last time I will be visiting your establishment 25$ for a messed up reeses Sunday and a frappe... not including tip one of which I wouldn't eat....

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Mike's Ice Cream Stand

466 Nashua Rd, Dracut, MA 01826