Adams Donut Shop

348 Federal St, Greenfield
(413) 325-8247

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Reinvented and finally back open, Adams donuts is THE place to get your donut groove on. They have the basics, but the speciality donuts are outrageously, creatively good. It tough to get the speciality donuts. Check out their website on when they are open and when you can order their specialty donuts. If you don’t order them in advance online, you might be out of luck. Even the online ordering is a challenge. The portal is open for a very small window and then they sell out within minutes. You can still get the good, ole standards by walking in the door on one the days they are open, but you will have to wait in line. Super popular place for the locals. Worth the wait!

Karri lynn Bailey

Love the food but even if u go a half hour after opening, the speciality donuts are always gone?

Brienne Superczynski

Adam’s Donut was our favorite donut shop when we lived in the Greenfield area. This is a must place for anyone in the area!

haless x3

If you haven't been to Adam's since the new owners took over, you have to try it! They have the classic Adam's donuts, and have added some amazing new fancies. I cannot wait to see how far they go in the future!

aaron white

Best gourmet donuts around! New owners breathed new life in the buisness.

Melody Demo

If only you delivered!! Of course I would weigh 500 lbs but I would be a very happy girl!!

Paul Wonsey

Great food. Great staff.

Helaina Balcanoff

the best local donuts; the classic honey glazed is my favorite kind of donut and Adam's does an exceptional job. Can't wait to back for more; so glad you're back!

Adam Baskin

Hey! You an American? You like donuts? Don't want to keep supporting our corporate overloads Dunkin Donuts? Then get your amazing donuts here!

Giles Kellogg

Best donuts in western mass, coffee is also very good. Get there early before the specialty donuts sell out.

Pete DeForge

This place is numero uno for donuts.These donuts make me go nuts.

Joshua Bellows

The maple cream donuts are the best donuts I've ever had!

Spike M.

Have they changed ownership? Stopped by at 10am on a Weds, bought three different kinds of crullers - all tasted stale and like they were cooked in oil that should have been changed LONG before. Plus what's with the whole-wheat-ish flour? Tossed each after two bites apiece. Coffee was not as bad but also had an off, chicory-ish taste. How could this legendary local donut shop fail so hard? Two stars in the hope my experience was atypical.

Jonathan Schulz

I visited Adam's today for the first time around 9:30am. Parking is rather limited in front but there is more space behind the building. Two ladies were working and quick to help. I ordered an assortment of 2 dozen donuts for a meeting at my office. The donuts are thinner than some other places like Donut Dip in West Springfield or Mrs. Murphy's in Southwick. I tried two myself - the Blueberry Glazed and Sour Cream. Both were good! The reason I deducted a star is that the front counter area is cramped if there are other people in line and the selection is not huge. Even so, I will visit again as I like to support local businesses.

Alanna Wile

Extremely Helpful and friendly staff, coupled with some of the most delicious doughnuts I've had in my life made for a spectacular experience at Adam's donuts. This place is a "hole in the wall" and nothing special to look at, but we didn't go for the ambiance. The donuts taste delicious, even well after the time they would be considered "fresh" out of the oven. Even cooled, they stayed soft, and melt in your mouth good.

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