295 Federal St, Greenfield
(413) 774-2200

Recent Reviews

Jametria Morton

Staff are friendly. Most of them and faster than Federal streets

Lyn OCc

Good polite staff and hot coffee I'm glad to be getting what I came for.

Melisa Foster

The people there are always very nice and very helpful.They are very attentive and are very fast with your order and get everyone's orders out in a timely manner.I love going there!! It's a very popular place ?❤?

Mick Lynch

Best Dunkin' Donuts in Greenfield!!

James Tinsley

I go everyday it's a dunkin but they do have good service so go to this one in stead of the other one on federal .

Terry Eaklor

prefer Cumberland farms. Dublin wouldn't even let you use restroom

Kristin Dolan

Creat customer service

Emily L.

Terrible. After messing up my coffee - we brought it back and were told by the woman  (employee) that she had made the coffee corractly and that the computer messed it up. Not the case, she made the mistake and instead of fixing it, she argued. Never coming back here - disappointed.

Maddie Brandl

the BEST place to go get fast breakfast, coffee is the best (better than starbucks) AND SO ARE THE DONUTS!!!! SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD

Lauren Doty

They can't make a simple coffee correctly and were very rude, I won't be going to this dunkin donuts again.

Carrie Truce

The early morning crew can’t get orders right and take forever to take your order

Ashley Benedetti

Don't try to order more than 3 sandwiches because every time I do they always forget one ? like y'all I paid for that gimme food

Jon B.

The only dunking I've ever seen not open because their employees called out and it happened twice in a week

Peterson Martin

First off all, im very loyalt with dunkin donuts I love the coffee and I go every day.However im feeling discriminate becouse i have ascent,but im America citizen and have the same right that everyone as consumer.its been the third time I go there and they say didn't here my order,they don'tdo anything for help and make me leave without my order. One time the manage went outside to give me my order and walk away and sad fukoff,thats so disrespect as human ben.

Tom Hartnett

Great coffee and great service

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