343 Federal St, Greenfield
(413) 774-5999

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Fast and friendly

Maddie Brandl

so good, fast service. i like their tea


Sandwiches are great, but the staff is what makes this shop! Always smiling, always pleasant and helpful! They've managed to keep their sanity through the limitations Covid has put us through and still remain smiling & cheerful! That's how you sell a business!!

Paul Parda

Very disappointed they discontinued roast beef from their menu.

Destiny Salgado

The service is very quick sandwich is always fresh

Cody L.

Drive through employee wasn't wearing a mask-they didn't even try and hide him in the back. He told me he just didn't like wearing it.

Shawna Hale

Good food. Getting expensive to eat there. Not much meat on a ham sub.

Randi Capri

Ordered Turkey sub with bacon online. Went through the prompts, selected the sandwhich to not be toasted. Same with chicken teriyaki. Picked up subs, drove home and open them to find COLD chicken teriyaki (right out of the cooler) and cold bacon. Called subway (by the laundry mat, where I ordered) no answer... drive back to subway and manager says "well it said not toasted" ......remakes sandwhich and it still comes out terribly. The bogo promo advertised doesnt apply to this store, waste of time and money.

Patricia Naughton

The woman waiting on me was rushing me to order. It looked like she was about to kick me out if I didn't make up my mind in another minute. She even asked me if I was still making up my mind, when I was still looking at the menu. And I wanted to get my usual turkey and roast beef, but I was told they don't carry roast beef anymore. The turkey was ok, without the roast beef.

Reba Razz

This is the best subway in Franklin Co. The sandwich artists are true professionals. Always kind, always delicious. Boom.

Shylo Valego

The wait time is often 20-30 minutes which isn't to bad for fresh made to order food and there are a couple great employees but the majority are grumpy , borderline rude or very slow

Yaitza Gonzalez

Sooo disappointed. Order a chicken bacon ranch melt and everything was cold. I will think if you are ordering a sandwich melt the cheese and everything inside will be nice hot with a very delicious melted cheese. Well that wasn’t the case. Chicken was super cold like it was taken out from the freezer. I didn't expected this kind of service from a Subway. Never buying here again.

Glenn Mathieu

Beautiful place.

Kathy Otero

Was very upset I always go there and my visit on the 14th I bought 2 milks and they where expired i went in today and showed both the receipt and cap of milk and looked in the fridge and they still had expired milk in it i told one girl she quickly removed them but lady in charge kinda gave me an attitude and said well I drank one and I said well maybe later u will feel sick like I did i have cancer and I get sick easily but I felt so upset I will never return

Lily Barschenski

So 5/19/2020 I called this subway location to order a pick up at 7:30, yes it was a half an hour before they closed, but it did not mean that I needed to get attitude from the staff member that answered the phone for my order. It started off with "when will you pick up your order" continued with "we don't have that" and then on top of the attitude I received our sandwiches and they were wrong. Now I work in a restaurant and so does my friend that we were ordering together, we were able to correct our sandwiches ourselves but why do I have to do that when I ordered it a specific way. I didn't get a name but she was rude and disrespectful, I know it sucks having people call before close but I deserve respect when calling just asked to get there before close without an attitude.

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