Burrito Spice

36 Central St, Ipswich
(978) 312-3345

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Max W

responding to what you wrote to meSo I do my lache at your restaurant almost every week and I always receive very good service, very good food, but I believe that this type of behavior affects not only the restaurant, but also all the people who were present at the time, I work at the hospital in Hárhill and I guarantee that it would not be necessary to do any test to find out whether your employee was drunk or not, I felt and saw that he was not in his normal state, I come to make it clear that it was exactly one person, a boy, and like me I always buy, I know the service is not like that, I just want to warn you that this is a danger that can cause more serious things to your establishment

Kelly George

I don’t know what went wrong with this place. I had tried it before and it was okay but today I spent almost $20 for something that was inedible and went in the trash. You could get better queso at a movie theater, the meat had a very strange taste to it, they forgot to put shredded cheese on, it was just bad all around. I hope they can get the quality back to what it was when it first opened because if not, they’ll be out of business quick.


The food was just ok I didn’t really care too much for my soggy chimichanga, however I have noticed that some people seemed to think it was great so perhaps I would give it another try along the way. The one thing I would suggest is they need to have better customer services. Working in customer services myself I know how important it is to a customer to be greeted with a smile or a kind word. The personality behind the counter was so bad. No smile, just a serious and unfriendly face. No thank you after purchasing the meal. They really need to step it up in that area.

Jessica Gentry Turner

Very friendly staff, clean environment, nice atmosphere, fresh ingredients. Our burritos were delicious! I’ll definitely be going back!Dietary restrictions: They use vegetable oil and none of the ingredients for the burritos had peanut or tree-nut ingredients. This is reassuring for someone with those allergies!

Sasha Madore

They were half way done with my burrito before mentioning that they didn’t have the barbacoa I had ordered, instead of apologizing I was made to choose a different meat (steak) that ended up being chewy and fatty and ruined the entirety of the burrito. Ended up paying $13 for something that ended up in the

Brianna Murray

We make sure to stop every time we are in town- the meats are always cooked and flavored perfectly and the tofu is always just right, never over cooked. Fast service and fair prices with plenty of seating for dine in.

John Scriven

Ok at best. Terribly inconsistent with quality and even the ingredients themselves. I always order the same burrito but have gotten 3 different kinds of salsa and 2 different kinds of cheese.


$24. One Burrito. 2 very small tacos. Everything cost extra. Not happy, never going back.

Linds bussone

I used to love burrito spice but they keep getting my orders completely wrong or missing ingredients. They’re no longer reliable.

Chris B

Its a great place. Tofu burrito was awesome. Highly recommended.

Gregory Pike

Best burrito, burrito bowl and quesadilla I've ever had. The food tasted so delicious and fresh. The service was great too. The staff is so friendly, patient and accommodating. Will definitely be back.

Mathew Macey

If I could leave zero stars I would. We ordered, immediately after walking out we realized that we didn’t get things we paid for. When going back to ask for it they locked the door and did not answer it or the phone to correct the error. They looked at me and laughed and walked away. Their sign said open and that they should have been open for another hour.


Best burrito, burrito bowl and quesadilla I've ever had. The food tasted so delicious and fresh. The service was great too. The staff is so friendly, patient and accommodating. Will definitely be back.

Trevor Wilson

Once again got some take out from Burrito Spice, and once again my order was so botched Hellen Keller could’ve done a better job putting it all together.

Abhi Max

Superb food. Lots of choices. Love the Cajun chicken burrito and Spicy queso with chips. Everything was fresh and tasty. Tres Leche Cake was yummy to end my meal. Definitely recommend this place.

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