136 Main St, Kingston
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David Hennessey

We ordered thru the mobile app. The app double ordered for some reason when I picked it up I was in a hurry to get someone to work. Went back an hour later and told the guy in a blue shirt that works there what happened. He told me nope nothing we can do and was extremely rude about it saying to call corporate and just walked away...


Good food to start, But appart from that despite the busy line they work pretty well in an orderly fashion got my food around the time I was expecting and I enjoyed the service

Bella J.

pretty standard run of the mill dunks. rly convenient to use as a rest stop right off the cape cod highway. staff are quick. ambiance is mid. bathrooms ok.

jeff coats

Very cheap owner. I have ordered the same drink for 5 years the same way from many DD, never has my drink came half full when I order less ice. I wasn’t going to say anything at all, but mr walked over and made it a point to say “you know this only gets filled up half way because you asked for less ice right?” With an attitude like I did something wrong. I made a comment that in 5 years this has never happened, mr then started to yell at me, and talked bad about me behind the counter to his wife until I left. I realize leaving a review on a Dunkin is pointless, but I’m really blown away by the unprofessionalism

Julie Nevells

Best coffee and Donuts in New England.

Doug Preston

Best coffee around!

Chris Leaman

Went and bought a coffee and a 2 for 3 dollar breakfast wrap. Had just over $4- on my app and the guy scanned my app for a free coffee that I had earned previously. So he proceeded to tell me I owed him $$ I said how could I possibly owe you $$ if my coffee was free and my purchase was 3 dollars and I had just over 4 dollars on my app ? He said that Is what the computer says. I then checked my app and he had taken all my money and my account said 0. I said if my coffee was free and my breakfast was 2 for 3 dollars and I had over 4 dollars on my card you owe me $$$ he said no I owe him $$. I said it’s simple math 4-3 equals 1 and I should have around 1 dollar on my account. He proceeded to get angry and told me to leave or he was going to call the cops. I said fine call them as I will wait so they can teach you 2nd grade math. This was an older gentleman not a kid. I don’t know how he made it this far in life without basic math. But he swore the computer doesn’t lie and he couldn’t help me because the computer says ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ Stay away ! They can’t count change.

Leon Wood

The staff is always happy and pleasant ??

MARK Curran

Perfect Always?????

Bikerz Finest

This is my all time favorite Dunks in the country. I on average visit 2-4 dunks a day all over the state. This location is always spotless , fast and my order is ALWAYS perfect. Great tasting coffee and super friendly staff. They staff treats everyone like family.

Jonathan Gronroos (johnny)

It’s Dunkin’ Donuts so ya know how it be

Jonathan Gronroos

It’s Dunkin’ Donuts so ya know how it be

michael simmons

As always you can count on a good cup...I've been coming here at this store for more than twenty years

Joyce Evans

Service was good

Art Stone (Stoney)

Haven't had any issue with getting a wrong order here...other Dunkies can't get anything right!??

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