Nick's Place

195 Lowell St, Lawrence
(978) 655-3973

Recent Reviews

Nicole A.

If I could give this place no stars, I would. Terrible is an understatement for this place. My order was completely wrong, the owner is beyond disrespectful and will continue to talk over you instead of making it right. I feel it's better off he didn't, the food looked nasty anyway and the fries (the only right thing) were cold and stale. Don't waste your money, this place is awful.

Shannon Williams

Horrible HORRIBLE customer service. The manger is the rudest individual I have ever encountered in the food industry. I will never order from this place again

KayKay B.

The manager or whoever running this store is a freaking creep .. he threatens and texts people from His personal cell phone .. He threatened to go to someone's house because of an order they didn't pick up due to the awful customer service they recieved. They looked the person up on Facebook to not only harass her but post her pics to reassure her he knows who she is and proceeded to text threatening messages and imply He'll be going to her place of residence.. I will continue to post and expose this place until something is done CORRECTLY

Joselene R.

Literally the worst place to order food. The food is always over cooked. i ordered a steak and cheese with Mayo lettuce and onion. It didn't have any Mayo or lettuce. The steak was over cooked, the bread was almost burnt! this Always happens. This is my final time ordering from them. they just don't care about the quality of their food.

Plush Worldd

The food there is great

Difference Khosa

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Jared F

Place is pretty good. Can't go wrong if you get any roast beef. I like mine with BBQ and horseradish. Can also get a lo lt of chicken nuggets for real cheap.

Tyler W.

Told us we wouldn't get the order and freaked out and didn't hear when he asked what city. Don't buy from this place.

Vivek Mangipudi

The veg quesadilla, the fries, the mozzarella cheese sticks were simply amazing!

Gmerk 78

The costumer service isn’t it they’re way too rude on the phone and sometimes in person. The wings are never the amount your supposed to get and the food quality just have been going down. I ordered a pork sandwich and the meat was raw and bloody will never order from this place again.

Sodani So

Extremely rude and unprofessional, delivery driver an hour late, the delivery driver finally came and called my so call wrong number.. and was complaining/ arguing of how he can’t find building F when he was literally in front of my building. Hung up the phone and made me walk to his disgusting car and had the audacity to demand a tip. Lol then proceeded to yell out the window of his busted car while driving away. MY COMPANY AND I WILL NEVER BE ORDERING FROM HERE AGAIN.

Maggie F.

I use to LoVe going to Nicks Place but now is under new management and they are Aweful.When you call on the phone and place your order they said they got it but when you pick up your order is a totally different order, unfortunately it has to do with the language barrier.When you tell them that the order is wrong they don't seem to care...Iam done with them.

Emily Long

Do not go here! They serve moldy food. I would give it 0 stars if I could

Janelle M.

Delivered me excessively MOLDY food!!! Unacceptable!!! The food that wasn't moldy was over cooked and looked disgusting....but I was not eating anything from a place that thought it would ok to give a customer a moldy ass food item.

Vincent Rando

ordered a super beef Saturday afternoon. just the beef no bread,sauce,cheese just the meat. let me tell you if you like cold ,well done, dry, tough , roast beef then this is the place for you. I nearly choked to death trying to swallow it. they even gave me the crusty end of the roast. worst beef I ever had and it had to be 5 oz. of beef. for $8.50 it should have been 7 oz. never eating there again. too many competitors to settle for this crap.

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