370 Stockbridge Rd, Lee
(413) 243-4666

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Joyal Fernandes

Not a good experience. Didn't give us enough fries and gave us apple pieces which were from the morning breakfast.Worst McDonald's we've been to.Food: 1/5

Eric Garcia

10 minutes after showing it should be open but it’s not opened

Eric martinez

It was edible. Had nuggets and fries with BBQ sauce. Tried the sauce and had to spit it out because it was so sour. The sauce was definitely expired and I had to eat my nuggets plain.

Dave Marino

If I could leave ZERO stars I would. The store is 25927 on our receipt and I hope it is this one. Was in the Lee Plaza of the Mass Tnpk. We ordered a QP w/ cheese (pictured below with a couple of bites I took from it), 10 piece mcnuggets and a crispy chicken sandwich. WELL the QP was 1/2 of a big mac! saw the size of the patty and immediately saw it was too small. Once I flipped the burger over, I saw the middle part of the big mac bun as the bottom. The crispy chicken sandwich didn't have tomato or lettuce on it AND the mcnuggets looked really small compared to normal size ones. THIS was ridiculous. I would hope someone would check on this store to see why they are underselling merchandise and charging full price! Shameful!

malcolm atkinson

Came through the drive thru at almost midnight and the staff was still friendly and made some amazing burgers and fries

Anthony S.

It was bussin very good service give me playground no pubic hairs in my fooddddddddddd

Aras B

This is one of the best McDonalds locations! The sandwich (Quarter pounder) came out just like it looked in the pictures, and all so perfect tasting. This location is an unusual find.

Lawrence M.

Not that many people here but service is chaotic. Workers yelling at each other, and they yell out the wrong order numbers. Don't use the McDonald's app here. They won't start your order until you tell them you're here. The rest stop is nice though. The seating area is bright with a high ceiling. Everything was clean.

Tim Spaulding

I was told I can’t order through the drive-through because she apparently had a line inside, the car in front of me had just ordered, I walked inside and there wasn’t a line, is it because my truck is black?

Michael Bigelow

I saw that this place had a bunch of 1 star reviews but I was starving and stopped here anyways. I was pleasantly surprised with great service, fresh food, and friendly employees. Maybe they made staffing changes or maybe I got lucky; not sure. If I stop here again, I'll let you know if the experience is the same the second time around.

Amber “Spelfie” Hamm

Food was disgusting. Burgers were rancid, nuggets were barely edible.

Kestrel McDonald

Place was ok, but staff weren’t wearing masks right and some weren’t wearing gloves while handing the food..


Ice Cream Cones! Always a treat at McDonald's.


Go to this McDonald's and always have a problem at the drive-thru I gave her another chance today and there was another failed attempt please retrain the order takers

Matthew Cruz

My travels take me by this rest stop fairly often... It never fails that this McDonald's location serves up a hot and delicious meal for me. McDonald's is all over the place, but this one in particular stands out as they pride themselves in their quality, so I will make it a point to eat here when I pass by and I'm hungry!

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