Bertucci's Italian Restaurant

1777 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington
(781) 860-9000

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Alli Risley

Unfortunately, my fiancé’s mac and cheese was inexplicably sour. My alfredo was very watered down, not much flavor. We would have asked for salt but the waitress was so busy (bless her heart.) It seemed like she was the only one working there. I would not visit again.Food: 1/5

Daniel S.

Came in late supper. We sat down to some rolls. They needed salt but not bad. My soup needed some too but that's why the salt shaker was made. I enjoyed my Caesar salad. My wife's pizza looks great. My son's chicken Parmesan too. We will have leftovers. Our waitress, Jenny, was polite and pleasant. The restroom was clean. The music was mellow. The decorations were classy.

Teresa C.

Waited over 10 minutes with no eye contact starting at 7:55 pm. We saw two people - a server and someone sweeping look past us. There were two tables that had people at them, with one checking out. Based on lack of interaction, we left. There were at least 4 people in the kitchen area too. Maybe this is just a take out place now.

Lara Martin

So enjoyed our dinner! And very nice to be able to share the experience with our dog outside on the patio! Aidan is a wonderful server ?Food: 5/5

Nicci Kadilak

Aidan and Kristen are both fantastic and the food is surprisingly good. We used to go to the Woburn location and were perpetually disappointed with both the food and the service. We just rediscovered Bertucci’s and have been there three times this month! It’s never been too busy, and everyone is always friendly.Food: 5/5

Kate Wadhams

Our server Aiden was fantastic! Super helpful and went out of his way to make this a great experience. The food was fantastic as well - we especially loved the Nolio pizza and the Elderflower Punch cocktail.Food: 5/5

D Cares

This place is a staple Italian and I am pleased to see its picking up. The oil dip and bread is delish, the salad is yum with the fresh mozzarella and the pasta was great. Only thing to change is to ensure the pizza is a little more done. Room needs a new layout in the center and it feels a bit dated but otherwise it’s a good spot!Food: 5/5

Brett Castro

Host was rude and refused to seat my party despite having a completely empty restaurant. Both the host and waitress had hostile demeanors. Some groups got tables despite not having reservations, so it appeared the host was blatantly selecting who he would or would not give a table to. They didn’t even allow us to sit outside of the restaurant while we were waiting for our take out.

Alice Lim

My 8-year old and I have a standing late lunch date at the Lexington center location on Wednesday afternoons before an extracurricular he has nearby. We both love it — he loves the kids cheese pizza and the rolls (remember those?! I do and I still like them). The lentil soup is also delicious. The service (I think it’s Stephanie?) is friendly and welcoming.

Angelina Recchia

Came here with my son. The food was great. The manager Will was very polite. We are not from around here so we asked him what was good and he gave us some good recommendations.


Food was good. Service was also good.


Great food great service

David Alteezeo

We are all teenagers and there were only two servers in the entire restaurant. The one who served us talked in a super rude tone, while the other one spilled drinks and broke glasses and didn’t bother clean it off the floor she spilled it on. THEY COULDN’T EVEN SPLIT A PIZZA IN FIVE PIECES EVEN WHEN THREE OF THEM WERE TRYING TO. When we tipped 25 percent and left the restaurant and were standing outside of it trying to find out where we were going next, but one of the servers POKED HER HEAD OUT OF THE RESTAURANT AND SAID WE DIDN'T PAY ENOUGH TIP! The pizza was low key bad and tasted like cooked plastic. Worst restaurant service I’ve ever been to. Would not recommend.Kid-friendliness: We were all teenagers and got treated badly. Some grown-ups next to us paid no tip and the waitress actually said "Have a nice day!"


So my friends and I went to the center today to hang out. Our first stop was Bertucci’s, and although the pizza was good, apparently the waitress that served us wasn’t having a good day. We even saw her screw up and spill eight glasses of lemonade and break most of the glasses. Then, we ordered a large pizza and we asked for them to cut it into 5 parts, but they made it into 6, even though all the staff in the restaurant at the time was trying to help but ended up splitting it into 6 pieces anyway. Then when it was time to pay, we gave them a 25% tip but apparently they didn't take in account the extra $6.50 cents that we left, so after we went out of the restaurant, the waitress barged out the front door and screamed at us that we only gave $1 for a tip, and that we should give more next time. Giving tips isn't even mandatory! Then we tried to explain that we didn’t but they had already left. Overall food 3/10, even worse than birthday party pizza but service was down to probably even 0.5/10.Kid-friendliness: We were all teenagers and got treated badly. Next to us was a table with all grown-ups, and they left no tip. The waitress said to them: "Have a good day!"

Betty R.

My goodness how slow. The young man at the reception seated us with welcoming in a punctual manner. The waitress arrived about 5 minutes later, seemed unsure of what to do. We gave our order but she waited for us to order more. Soup and large pizza seems simple. The soup came 15 minutes later. The pizza arrived another 15 minutes after that -half hot/ half NOT- how does this happen? We called her for the check - another 15 minute wait- we felt it would be a quick dinner- it was not. Sad and disappointing

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