Boba Tea Snow Ice House

1 City Hall Square, Lynn
(781) 656-5656

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Reuben Tanner

I ordered two drinks today, forgot to ask for no sugar and was not asked how much sugar I wanted. When I heard another customer ask for no sugar I said "oh I'm sorry, I forgot to ask for no sugar" and they said they could not remake it unless I paid for two more. I told them that they could have asked me how much sugar I wanted and they said it's on me to tell them. Ended up having to pay double to get two drinks, unbelievable.

da don

I paid $7 for a small scoop of boba in a large drink…. Overpriced and overrated. no parking as well. goodluck on a rip off. Teas are not even real better go to king fu tea 15 mins away from this place so you don’t get ripped off.

Jelenny Clark

The guy is nice who took our order. Very quick service. Adalynn ordered a strawberry banana smoothie with strawberry boba and I ordered a mango green tea with blueberry boba . Super cute shop downtown Lynn. We saw macaroons but we chose to get them next time ! They also have a cute instagramable section to sit and take pictures ♥️

Shelley Stamoulis

I paid so much due to fees with Uber eats. But sooo worth it. It will be my go to for the milk teas moving forwardAs you can see in the pic, I finished ow drink before I did my review , IT WAS DELICIOUS.

Anthony C.

I'd give it a 5 but the Asian girl in there is just so pleasant and friendly she wears a gold chain with a jade pendant on it and she's very rude today is 5/29/22 and she's working the front today probably should teach her better customer service just my opinion have a good summer but your drinks and macaroons are amazing

Mercedes Phravixay

First time there and will never go back! First off the staff is not friendly at all or welcoming, the wait was so long when there was not that many people and the drinks were not good, very milky with no flavor and not real milk tea at all. Very disappointed

Jennifer Morales

The few smoothies I've tried from here were sooo good! I'd recommend an oreo smoothie with. strawberry boba ?

Eric Scott

Ordered a matcha snow ice and they first told me they were out, then checked the freezer and said they had it. This is what I got. 90% plain or vanilla or something with a 1cm layer of matcha ontop!

Bobby Conlon

Best for Boba and macrons. You need to get creative with the parking, but to the Victor go the spoils. And the spoils are BOBA, Tea not Fett!!

daniella x

When busy it does take extra time but it is so worth it! The place is clean and boba teas are delicious!

Teena N.

So happy to see a boba shop in Lynn. The interior is super cute! Kudos to their decor. Wasn't greeted when I walked in, there was only one other customer in the shop where I entered. And three workers. Took them over 5 minutes to finally assist/greeted me, but that's fine. I was feeling super patient and it didn't bother me. Parking can be a hassle too, you can be lucky to find parking around the shop but it's also public street parking for other shops on that block. Love their options, however I wish their smoothies were made with fresh fruits, at least it wasn't powdered! It was actually made with fruit flavored syrups. So the drink tasted artificial. :/ Their mango yogurt was alright. I liked their boba, their boba was slightly sweet and chewy. Also got the matcha milk tea, was okay. Overall, I would come back if I'm craving milk tea. Other than that, I'll make my smoothies at home and hold off on the yogurt drink.

Nicole Beauvais

Ordered taro milk tea with black boba and 3 coconut macaroons. The Boba was SO fresh today and not too chewy or hard. The macaroons are always delicious. :) Highly recommend to Boba tea lovers, it's hard to find good bubble tea.


Today was my first time trying but will not be going out of my way again.. if I'm in the neighborhood, sure...My Tea was delicious but the Macaroons I got were stale, not one was fresh, and actually got sick after trying a few.

Viky B

The menu has lots of options to choose from. They also sell macaroons, different flavors!use try it!

Dana Giuliana

First visit here went great. My son and I ordered tea with boba and we found them both very good. I got the brown sugar and it was a little weak than what I get at Kung Fu but still very good. We got our tea within minutes and there was no line - this was on a Monday after dinner. We’ll be back and try something else.

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