Boba Tea Snow Ice House

1 City Hall Square, Lynn
(781) 656-5656

Recent Reviews

Brenford Stone

Would not go back too confusing overpriced I got up and walked out

Bezajia Forchap

First time getting boba here and I found a piece of hair in my strawberry milk tea. The boba tasted unusual.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Jazmine Chen

Love this place! I have been going here for about a year now, they have progressed so greatly! The staff is extremely kind and helpful, especially if you have a hard time pronouncing things, they always know what your saying or help you! The prices are perfect, I got a large milk tea with black bubbles, and a snow ice with black bubbles topping, it came out to only 14$! The food here is great, you can also get waffles, macaroons. They have tons of drinks/smoothies/teas+! The boba is perfect!! I always come here over the other ones around, even tho this is farthest from my house. I love this place tons! And its great especially for first timers who haven't tried boba before, this place was my first time and i hope others get to have the experience i have here, the people who work here are super friendly and nice and i think they are perfect for the job! ❤️ I recommend this place 100% 5 stars!!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Amanda F

I love the fruit tea boba. Having a boba experience is expensive so while I agree with other reviews that it's pricey compared to other boba places it is comperable. You need to tell them how much or little sugar you want. They are operating as if you k now what you are doing.Need to know's: Parking by city hall in Lynn is nearly impossible most days due to the congestion of the street. I have the best luck parking on the street to the right. You have the option to order this with Uber Eats pickup (makes it free and if you are with someone you can just have them run in).Favorites: Strawberry fruit tea, Mango fruit tea, popping boba.Service: Always polite and kind, very fast less than a 2-3 minute wait.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 5

Service: 5

Joshua Ramotar

Underrated Woburn spot you gotta check this place out Best staff super helpful with any questions and very

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Alex D.

People are very kind. Thank you so much for the drink. Had blueberry green tea with some mango bobas. Very neat place as well

Amanda Celeste

People are great there ?Drinks are amazing but ....I think their prices are a little too expensive ? i payed NEARLY $14 for one drink just on adding a little bit of extra boba and other toppings ...?

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

D Jones

Staff was super polite but my slush tasted like water and powder. Super nasty wont be going back

Reuben Tanner

I ordered two drinks today, forgot to ask for no sugar and was not asked how much sugar I wanted. When I heard another customer ask for no sugar I said "oh I'm sorry, I forgot to ask for no sugar" and they said they could not remake it unless I paid for two more. I told them that they could have asked me how much sugar I wanted and they said it's on me to tell them. Ended up having to pay double to get two drinks, unbelievable.

da don

I paid $7 for a small scoop of boba in a large drink…. Overpriced and overrated. no parking as well. goodluck on a rip off. Teas are not even real better go to king fu tea 15 mins away from this place so you don’t get ripped off.

Danya H.

I was craving boba tea and a treat so I went here a couple days ago it wasn't busy so if you want stuff quickly it's ok but the quality is horrendous I got a Oreo bubble egg waffle and it was so bad and the boba teas that my partner and I got were not any better.

Ray R.

There are multiple flavor of milk tea, and tea here. More importantly, you can choose your own bubbles and toppings.The mango popping bubbles I tried were delicious and popped right away in the mouth. The jasmine green tea tasted fine, but I'd love to try more milk teas next time.

Jelenny Clark

The guy is nice who took our order. Very quick service. Adalynn ordered a strawberry banana smoothie with strawberry boba and I ordered a mango green tea with blueberry boba . Super cute shop downtown Lynn. We saw macaroons but we chose to get them next time ! They also have a cute instagramable section to sit and take pictures ♥️

Shelley Stamoulis

I paid so much due to fees with Uber eats. But sooo worth it. It will be my go to for the milk teas moving forwardAs you can see in the pic, I finished ow drink before I did my review , IT WAS DELICIOUS.

Sally B.

I was excited to try this place out, but it didn't meet my expectations.+ decent variety of menu options+ in theory, nice seating though there was a crowd of teenagers there for the full hour when we stopped in / returned such that we couldn't actually get near the photo wall or see the other seating+ the snow ice itself was good, though the popping juice bubbles were the best part- they were out of the boba itself, though they had other jellies - just no black pearls, one of the main things we wanted- my friend asked for a cup of tap water and they wanted to charge her a dollar- my other friend ordered a simple tea and they made it with milk, which he didn't ask for and can't drink - then it took another 5 mins to have a replacement made while we waited in line behind a bunch of other orders- outdoor seating area was very dirty, lots of trashOverall, this was underwhelming and I won't make another trip to Lynn for this, will stick to Chinatown instead.

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