90 Pleasant Valley St, Methuen
(978) 689-9302

Recent Reviews

Ann Ndirangu

I had to do a quick drive through for my daughter tonight. I am flabbergasted to say the least to see how careless people can be, this time of Covid-19 and infection transmission Is at its high time I saw this lady serving me at the window 2 she had no gloves no mask and she was dealing with paper money or credit cards and she then handles food?? I did not see any sanitation exercised at the time. She even put the tissues with her bare hands on top of the fries. You wonder why the Corona is up on Rising in Lawrence and about to hike in Methuen.

Brian Tatem

Went to get breakfast around 8am and it wasn't open. Signs said it was doing breakfast but doors were locked.

Domingo Triana

The food made me sick

Bryan Tucker

Very clean and accessible place. They offer big portions and for inexpensive rates. We enjoyed the meals a lot and the staff members were very welcoming and chatty. Recommended.

Mia Hassan

Wendy's is my fav. I will always get fast food.

JP Mcphee

My kids And I were completely shocked by the condition of the dining area, a complete disaster area,we walked out in disgust, if the front area looked like that, what's the kitchen look like

Judith Flores

They're burgers usually have fresh lettuce and veggies

Zack Matloff

This is the worst Wendy's location within 100 miles. Always very slow, rude staff, and they don't get your orderer correct more than 50% of the time. When you ask them to correct your order, they argue with you.

Edgar Escalante

Clean place all Wendy's have been remodeled are fantastic awesome design.

Timothy Dorsey

Better food than most other fast food places but still feels cheap

Phillip Barrett

Just left this place, the girl working the window tried to keep my change and didnt give me a receipt

William Ormaza

Very good clean and fast

Chuck Demarkis

very good fresh tooo

fezal sabina

great fillet o fish

Queen Breazzy B

Got stale bread which is ridiculous and they don’t give prices until you get to the window

Brett Gates

Didnt put sauce in the bag even though it was acknowledged it was asked for at the drive up, Didn't know what the strawberry sprite was even though it's on the menu board and was just told "they didn't have it" at the window, and rushed the whole experience even though I ordered quickly and it was slow at the drive thru. Horrible service.

Jessica Lee

Meh, good for a quick bite, but best salads out of the main fast food places.

Erica Cruz

Ordered a sandwich from location and it was awful. I’m only giving three stars because the customer service was ok

yeslie Rodriguez

Love the diverse options

Yarilene A

It good but sometimes I gets

Jessica- Lee

Meh, good for a quick bite, but best salads out of the main fast food places.

Yari Areche

It good but sometimes I gets

Iris Garcia

When to Wendy’s in hampshire st I Lawrence mass and after waiting for haft an hour the food it was cold and disgusting plus they told me they didn’t have any chicken nuggets freshly made the bake potato was tasteless and the burger

Kenneth Larrivee

If you're stuck eating fast food wendy's is a for sure win.

Gina Lavoie

Always seems fresh.

Juli Guerrero

Regular shmegular ol'wendys

Daniel Aviles

I just wish they had a roof over the drive thru window. No one likes to open their car window in the pouring rain.

Christopher Belanger

staff was in a real good mood, pleasant experience food was good (up to Wendy's standards) was tail end of lunch hour but my food was ready quickly

b. best

Love it.love this specif one in salem .love their food.except for the wendys near me in lawrence .they have soggy fries,no one that speaks good english,a whole bunch young kids that let addicts in bathroom to overdose .sad but true ..then if u spend 40 u get home w 20 worth food cause they forgot to give u ur food u spent for..


I like Wendy's. Good deals for the price you pay.

Miguel Mendoza

Everyone was ok... but fries were tooooo salty

Brenda Santiago

My second kitchen when I don't cook kids love it always fresh

Ben H.

They gave me a medium when I asked for a small... and they said my gift card had no money and it actually had 13. They a bunch of morons and they gave me salty fries

Андрей Подкорытов

I like Wendy's. Much better food then MakDuck

Ron Swede

Excellent food and better than usual service!

Jade U.

I love Wendy's. I don't mind waiting in a 10 minute line inside. What I do mind, is being in line and seeing AT LEAST 30 flies EVERYWHERE! On the wall, on the ceiling, on the floor, covering the tv they have in the lobby, even on the guys back that was standing in front of me. Absolutely repulsive.

Evy Eve

If I could give no stars, I would. The cashier didn't even say hi or asked what I would like to order. The bathroom was beyond nasty and there trash everywhere at the entrance. My burger was old and disgusting. I would advise anyone to find a different Wendy's and let this place close down.

Troy L.

This is the best Wendy's i've ever visited. The service was faster than any other fast food place, greeted with smiles and served with one too. The best fast food restaurant experience I've had. All of the workers deserve raises here.


We went to WENDY's yesterday! Frosty/s are amazing. The food was hot and fresh. I ordered the baconater Fries! So yummy! Hubby ordered the single and fries. The fries are crispy and so fresh tasting. There is virtually no wait from order to window pick up! Blows away fast food competitors.

Katie E.

Went through the drive thru shortly after midnight after work. Asiago Chicken Sandwich was absolutely delicious, fresh & hot