Puffins restaurant

95 N Main St, Millbury
(508) 865-2252

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David Pothier

Made a reservation for outdoor seating for me, my wife, and my two children. The hostess (who was also the owner) said “Usually we don’t do reservations for more than 4 people but we can make an exception”. At this point I became suspicious that this person was either stupid or not listening to what I was saying. Sure enough, when we got there at the appropriate time the owner informed us that there was no outdoor seating and that we would have to eat inside. Turns out she did not mark down the reservation with that detail. We had a baby with us and she did not offer a high chair. When I asked for one a few minutes later she merely pointed to some high chairs that were stacked underneath a table, making me retrieve one. When eating at a restaurant I expect mistakes to sometimes happen, it’s unavoidable. But I have never had an experience like this. The owner seems completely incompetent and ignorant of proper restaurant etiquette. The food wasn’t bad, a bit overpriced in my opinion.

Johnny Prudente

We went for Grandma's birthday brunch, and boy did they impress. Kids were entertained, Drinks were fun brunch cocktails, and the food was delicious! Had myself a BLT, and it really hit the spot.Kid-friendliness: Menus kept the kids occupied coloring and the staff was very clearly versed in catering to kids.

John Proia

I love breakfast food and Puffins doesn’t disappoint. Food and service is awesome.Tammy was especially helpful. Puffins is lucky to have her!!!

Victoria Pinkwood

I took my mother to Puffins today for her birthday. The food and service were exceptional. I highly recommend the homemade hash, it was the best I’ve tasted anywhere. I will make sure to visit again.

Gina R.

Was extremely satisfied with my breakfast and mimosa Can't wait to bring my friends out. Great food Great drinks Cute bartender

Karen Melo Ticas, CFP

(Of note: I primarily write these reviews for my own business clients who are typically in or nearing retirement. I review establishments I visit that they might like, given the unique demographic of my client base.)If you’re ever in the greater Worcester area, stop here for breakfast! I dropped in with my husband and mother-in-law on a weekday. There’s was plentiful parking and I noticed several handicap spaces available. Wasn’t too busy given it was a Monday morning. We were immediately greeted and we found the place to be bright, well decorated and clean.There was so much choice on the menu. I was delighted to see that they could make gluten free French toast! Which was exactly what I had and it was delicious. My hubby had a platter with eggs and mixed breakfast meats, also looked great. I found the prices to be fair for the quality of the food.I noted that the restrooms were not only clean but gender neutral. This is highly important! It’s welcoming to families with young or disabled individuals and also welcoming to the LGBTQ community.Lastly, there was a variety of seating and easy to get around, which is helpful for seniors and anyone needing some additional accessibility.Great place. We’ll visit again.


Decent breakfast spot, with outdoor patio. Drinks and food are okay, but the service was great.

Becky Gustafson

Haven't had a bad experience yet. Homemade hash is delicious. Never a complaint on the wait staff. They are amazing. Haven't had a bad meal yet. Portions are huge! Go hungry or prepared to take your left overs home.Dietary restrictions: Plenty of choices if you have dietary restrictions.Parking: It's on both sides of the restaurant but limited. Plenty of handicapped. One side of the building is for an apartment as well and can cause unnecessary issues.Wheelchair accessibility: Plenty of spaces and easy access

Asma Issam

Had breakfast there with my son on a Saturday morning. Upon arrival to our table I find dirty silverware with food remains on it. The food was just okay, the coffee was horrible, completely watered down and tasteless. I'm not even picky about coffee and I was actually surprised that it was possible for me to not like coffee. I can tell they were understaffed, one young server was taking care of seemingly half the restaurant. The food came out fast but it took her a while to take our order to the point where I was contemplating if anyone was going to come take our order. She was very nice and was cool as a cucumber even while trying to keep up with all the tables, but the service definitely wasn't over the top. I didn't like one of the dishes I ordered (avocado toast, which ended up being a sliced avocado on a piece of bread and 2 overdone and soggy poached eggs for $14) and I was happy that they only charged me half for it, but I would've been even happier if they took it off the bill. They said they can't because I "already ate some of it." Well of course I ate some of it, that's how I found out I didn't like it. Also ordered a side of fruit for my son and I asked for only strawberries and blueberries and many of them were moldy. I didn't want to make a fuss so I didn't complain about that but since I didn't have a good experience overall I won't be returning to Puffins and I don't recommend it to anyone. I didn't ask for a box for the leftovers which is very unlike me. The decor and atmosphere are definitely inviting and the place is clean.

Cathy Michaels

Banana Foster's waffles are to die for. Great place, next time I'm there will try the Spanish Rice Karen's son recommended ?

Tony Jodice

Food was really good, came quickly. Great service and cozy atmosphere perfect for a breakfast


Everytime I go to Puffins for breakfast the service is horrible. The waitresses don't acknowledge you right away and tend to talk amongst themselves. The food isn't anything to brag about. One time I got one chocolate chip pancake and was charged over $6 for just one pancake because I didn't want a full stack. Hire better servers.


I used to love going to puffins, and i had not been since the renovation. My wife and I decided we would pop over before chores up at milbury and check it out. Sat down right away as it wasn't busy yet(around 8:30) and our waitress greeted us quickly to take a drink order. We ordered 2 chocolate milks, one for myself and one for my daughter who's 1. Took one sip of mine and it was very sour. Looked at my daughter and she'd already drank half of hers. After my wife tasted it she confirmed hers was also sour. Now I can understand an honest mistake like that but serving a customer sour milk on accident certainly deserves a visit of a manager to apologize. There was never once a visit from a manager during our entire experience. Now maybe it was just bad luck but we got our food and it was very bad. Except for the egg and cheese omelet. My wife got avocado toast, the avocado was hard as a rock cut into cubes and placed on toast. I got the tacos, which also had the same unripe avacados and the pork carnitas was very dry. Not once were we asked how our food was, and when our waitress did make her way over we asked for the bill and she surprisingly looked at our food and asked if we needed box's. We declined and she proceeded to take our plates knowing we were displeased and yet didn't ask and did not send over a manager. This is basic reasturant etiquette. I didn't want anything for free, I did not want to make a big deal of our poor experience, i just wanted someone from there staff to acknowledge us. Very disappointing, sorry for the rant but this has put a sour taste in my mouth.

Joe L

First time visiting restaurant. Attracted to have breakfast outside, so decided to givevit a try. We sat on deck on a weekday morning. Not very crowded. Had to go in to restaurant to ask them to wipe down tables and chairs, which were wet from previous evening. Server/Mgr came out and wiped down chairs and took our order. While sitting waiting for our order several people came to sit on deck, maybe 5 to 6 tables. Could not help but notice that all were waited on by Mgr/owners and there appeared to be a long wait for everyone to have order taken. There also appeared to be plenty of staff standing around inside restaurant mulling around. After 1 hour wait, which seemed exceedingly long given it was not that crowded, our food arrived.The food was average given 2 people for $30.00 for eggs and hash and eggs and sausage. No drinks. Couple next to our table were still waiting for 1 of their orders when we left. The service leaves a lot to be desired. Spent 1 1/2 hours for breakfast. Fortunately, we had no where else to go, but whole experience was a let down.

Thomas Mespelli

I got takeout. 3 eggs, corned beef hash, side and toast. For $15 I had expected a sizeable amount of hash, but I was quite disappointed to have been given maybe a small handful.It was delicious and filling, though.

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