The Alvah Stone

440 Greenfield Rd, Montague
(413) 367-5345

Recent Reviews

Jeffrey Herr

Best brunch in western mass, best experience brunch i’ve had. Crispy yet moist sumptuous potatoes. cinnamon cornbread! brunch was presented in three courses. Set in an old paper mill, overlooking a waterfall. love this place

Lee Mashburn

Beautiful outdoor setting with delicious food to compliment. Service is fast and friendly, with big positions making the price worth it. However, if nothing else, come for the view. Almost every table has a beautiful view of the water an it creates a wonderful setting to have a meal! Also, the dressing on the greens is possibly the best thing I’ve ever tasted!

Stuart Krantz

I like my Cold noodle dish (Although I wished I asked for it Hot.) and sitting next to The Montague Mills Falls was quite the treat. I would trim up the hillside a little - if DEP let’s them - fit a bit clearer view of the falls.

Jose Lopez Ganem

As a food professional, I very really comment on this forums on the work of colleagues; notwithstanding, leaving behind praises for chef/owner Howard Wein and his team is necessary. I've been visiting the Montague Book Mill on-and-off for a period of years: I met my wife there, I had (prior COVID-19) professional meetings with peers from NT/VT under the auspice of its walls and gardens: the Alvah Stone is always the highlight of the visit. A couple of months back I reached out to chef Wein to ask for a particular favor: I wanted to organize a small gathering in lieu of my wedding reception for family. As noted before, this is a place of emotional significance for my wife and I, and given the restrictions in place at the moment, it has the benefit to have the most precious outdoor siting in the Pioneer Valley. Chef Wein and his team worked with me to make this memory was (1) safe for all attendees, (2) accesible for people with dietary restrictions, (3) tasty - I dare to say - outstandingly delicious, (4) stress-free with clear communication throughout the planning process, and (5) extra luxurious given the ongoing challenges of COVID-19.Trying to support the Alvah Stone as a regular customer during COVID-19, I can see why some guests might find disposable ware or no-reservation policy troublesome; however, its is important to note that (1) the quality of food/beverage at the Alvah Stone remain top-of-the-notch, best of the Valley, and (2) hospitality provided is unblemished despite general labor shortage - and inherited risk of working service positions - in restaurants nationwide. Both kitchen and deck staff work gracefully and tirelessly to make this spot a destination when visiting or living along the Connecticut River.Just like the Michelin Guide would recommend for a 3-star country French restaurant: the Alvah Stone is worth a detour!

Gary Ransom

Lamb ribs! Never had’em, and now I don’t know where they’ve been all my life! Anyhow, this place has come up with a great Covid protocol that allows for great waterfall-side dining while being smart about distancing. You just order and pay at an outdoor greeting station as you walk in. Then you pick a table and they deliver your food. Works great and ends up being very quick. Go there!

Don Sadowsky

Very picturesque location by the rushing stream that served an old mill, with outdoor seating. The spicy eggplant is alone worth coming for. The staff is friendly but stays out of the way

Brian Watson

Absolutely beautiful outdoor patio next to the relaxing sounds of rushing water.The griddled cornbread was perfect.As for the food...they REALLY like their sauces. The peanut noodles (recommended by waitstaff) was drenched in the peanut sauce (far more sauce than noodle by volume). The Spicy Eggplant sandwich was drowning in the tahini. The lack of balance is disappointing, and did not live up to the hype. I severely regret not eating at the other onsite restaurant, The Lady Kilgrew. Ugh ugh ugh.**Guy sitting next to us confirmed that the peanut noodles 'always' have too much sauce hence why he never orders them.**DO NOT GET THE PEANUT NOODLES!!!!! They are inedible.

Alex F.

As far as food goes, it was ok. As far as experience goes - don't waste your time. Our bill was close to $200 and we were forced to eat out of paper take out boxes. No menus were given out, we were instructed to order as soon as we got to the host stand. The drinks were probably the best part of the entire meal - and even those were over priced seeing as we were drinking out of plastic cups. Sad to see a cute restaurant with a great atmosphere be such a disappointment.

Cheryl D.

What a beautiful setting for an absolutely delicious dinner the food was spectacular we ordered a lot of the menu and everything was spot on drinks were strong and tasty the Wait staff was attentive helpful and friendly and the owner Harold sent out deserts for the group. What a hidden gem. You dine on the side of the bldg outside next to a river bed. What a beautiful way to end a nice getaway. We are already planning on going back .

Michael Schvarczkopf

This place is a real treat! Excellent food excellent service and the location next to a beautiful waterfall makes it very special. Nice selection of gourmet food with reasonable prices.

Emily Davis

The servers and the view were lovely, but that’s the only good thing I can say. The food was extremely lackluster for the EXPENSIVE prices and it was served in to-go containers?! We thought the Alvah stone was going to be a classy restaurant, but it just seemed tacky and poorly managed.

Sofia Canale-Parola

michayla was so great!! amazing service, great attitude, good knowledge of the menu :)

William Rosa Jr.

Loved this place. Will definitely be back

Jason Permatteo

Excellent food, service and setting.

David Butterfield

Service was good, location was breathtaking, food: left much to be desired. Come here to buy a 30 dollar steak that's for some reason pre cut and swimming (I mean swimming, it was like bobbing for steak hunks in a baked bean soup) in baked beans. Everythings in takeout for covid, felt like we were eating at a massively overpriced food truck. 15 dollar salad, no meat, just salad. I guess they came to that price because of the canned garbanzo beans and cooked broccoli (on a salad? Weird imo) mozzarella sandwich was ok, bottom piece of bread was so saturated with oil that it disintegrated in my hands. The two people who got salmon were very happy. All in all, it was a nice locale, with super nice and friendly wait staff, but the price didn't match up to expectations of food quality.

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