New Bedford House of Pizza

64 Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford
(508) 999-1271

Recent Reviews

Andre Johnson

best pizza in New Bedford by far.. I always get the linguica and mushroom which has been a favorite of mine since I was a young child.. as for the atmosphere it's a takeout pizza place doesn't need to do much there.again best pizzaFood: 5/5

Cizelia Liborio

Pizza was delicious ? Friendly customer service.

Paul Amaro

Pizza definitely different this last time I went there the sub was horrible all I tasted was salt and bread was hard

Linda W.

Excellent pizza. I've been eating at New Bedford House of Pizza for years and they never disappoint


Rst beef grinder was prepared with frozen beef thawed while cooking. It was tough and crisp. HORRIBLE. It had been 30 years since I had been there. I was on a nostalgia trip. What a let down. Years ago they where he best around. Not any more.

Abe Montijo

Great food even better service.

Nick T.

the entire pizza was burnt and barely had any cheese, honestly the worst pizza i've ever had, school pizza was better. also when i left with the pickup i get a phone saying i didn't pay, after that explaining i used a 10 and 20 and got ones back for change they "remembered" i did in fact pay after threatening to have police involvement, don't know if the other reviews are fact or i just came on a day with the worst crew possible, either way won't ever come back.

Lolly O.

Well, it's been probably 20 years since I went to New Bedford House of Pizza, it didn't disappoint. Just as delicious as I remember. In truth it's still not much to look at but the pizza quality and taste were in point. Service was fast and friendly too. We got a large linguica and garlic and a small cheese. So good!

Wayne Briggs

What happened used to be good just bought the worst Italian sub I ever had and the pizza not much bette

Janine Carreau

we've tried it twice. Once for pizza that proved so salty that all three of us woke up with swollen lips. The second time I called for a simple sandwich order that caused the staff deep confusion. (I asked for a hot roast beef sub with onion, american cheese and lettuce) and the one answering the phone as well as the manager I asked to speak with insisted I list what I DIDN'T want on the sub. Neither could wrap their heads around simply putting the toppings that I asked for and nothing else. Un friggin believable

Cheryl Ocampo

Over cooked pizza and subs .

Brittany Hanley

The person who comes around and collects the money cia credit card if you don’t have a chip he makes sure he stores all the info about it I just had 2200 taken out of my account and New Bedford house if pizza was the only place this card has been used at in few weeks and the only place that had access to my card also if ur ever looking for a good fight between employees go there we had to stop bringing our son wkth us to pick up food because two employees were outside fighting it’s so professional there and don’t get me started on how clean it is , I’ve witnessed them drop fries and try to put it in my bag I caused a huge scene next thing I know I’m missing $2200

Stacey Vaillancourt

Not enough sauce on my chicken parm and there was no mayo on my turkey sub when asked for mayo subs tasted dry

Xiomara Chandler

Love new bedford house of pizza ?

Artur Botelho

Even though I love their Pizza I am once in a while in the mood for a couple of subs called in today for what should be a simple order ask for pastrami sup no pastrami second inline ask for roast beef sub no roast beef I I am done with this place do not know what the problem is here if you want a limited menu at least let the customer base know,not play question and answer on the phone

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