Restaurante Algarve

128 County St, New Bedford
(508) 858-5043

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micaela machado

The food was good and presented nicely but the place is small. I had Galina at molho Madeira which is chicken in a creamy Madeira wine sauce almost like an alfredo but with a garlic hint it was delicious. My husband had the pork and little necks and that too was delicious.


WOW. First time experiencing portugues style food and ot was amazing. I got Ghalina ą Moćambique. It was a chicken seared with Mozambique sauce with fries and rice. It was phenomenal. My girlfriend got chicken Alfredo with shrimp on the side instead ot inside her pasta she was very happy. The juice based drinks are great too. Pineapple and dragon fruit. Paula out waitress was super sweet and even others were willing to help. 10/10 honestly. I recommend and will come again next time I visit. 4 people total after tax was just over $100. About $25-$30 per person for lunch.Wheelchair accessibility: There is only 1 parking spot here for handicap parking out of 4 spots total.

kristen koseski

My family eats àt Portuguese restaurants frequently and we have never had a better meal than we did at Algarve!! My father's dinner was reminiscent of his mother's cooking from the Azores. Each person in our party of 7 swore that their meal was the best at the table. Each item was cooked and seasoned to Perfection!! Bravo!

Gordon Nash

An excellent no frills but excellent atmosphere family restaurant. We were visiting from New York and wanted Portuguese food. This was what we were looking for, we were the only tourist. The staff and all the customers were Portuguese. The food was wonderful and the waitress friendly. To top it off the prices were reasonable.

Kristen H.

My tuna was over cooked and tasted old. I told the waitress but she did not offer to get me something else nor was the item removed from our bill. I will not return.

Tara T.

This place is amazing. It's a hidden gem in New Bedford! I'm not a huge fan of Portuguese food, but this food was authentic. We started with the mussels which were delicious! Next, I ordered the Arroz de Mariscos - (rice and seafood). It came out in this impressively giant bowl and the temperature was hot! The bowl had plentiful seafood including lobster, scallops, shrimp, mussels, & littlenecks with rice and a delicious house marinade. I've never had anything like it! And the price was very reasonable. My husband ordered the pasta Alfredo with shrimp and chicken. He said he felt like he had an entire chicken in his meal. He thoroughly enjoyed it! We ended with some desserts - the tiramisu and a pineapple dessert which is to die for! All of our drinks were amazing as well. And the service was awesome! We were checked on several times by waitstaff including the manager. I can't say enough great things about this place! If you haven't been there, put everything down now and go!!

Ami Silva

The food is a hit or miss. Some times its the best around and other days it could be so much better. Last time we were there it was Mother's day. We ended up spending just about 3 hours there. Mostly waiting. The food was good but not for my whole party. We would like to see them step up a little more and actually have their waitresses pay attention to what people are ordering and requesting. Also the bill was over charged. We had 11 people with us 5 of them which were children. No way did we spend what we did when they came around with the check. But we said nothing and paid it. Which sucks but we honestly wanted to just get out of there. Like i said 3 hours there i was ready to go. I had my 1yr old with me and being 9 months pregnant I wasnt trying to sit there any longer.


My wife and I went to Restaurante Algarve for dinner on our way to a movie. My wife ordered one of the fish specials that was listed on the menu at $21.99. A while after we ordered, the waitress came over to say they did not have any more of that special but they did have a similar dish that they could offer as an alternative. My wife agreed to the option and there was no mention of a cost difference so we assumed the other dish would be priced close to the special that was ordered. It was getting close to the time we needed to leave for the movie so I asked for the check. The check took an unusually long time to come and when it did, I found the amount to be much higher than expected. As I was now running late for the movie, and this caught me off-guard, I gave the waitress my credit card and just paid the bill. When I looked at the itemized bill, I found that I was charged $39.95 for my wife's dish instead of the $21.95 of the dish that she ordered. If I wasn't under the time pressure of having to be somewhere else, I could have taken the time to bring it up in a non-confrontational way but since I wasn't prepared to deal with this at the moment, I just let it go. The food was decent but there are several other great Portuguese restaurants in the area and we will choose to eat elsewhere next time.

Duarte Cabral

Was told the order would take 25 minutes and waited over an hour for take out. Ordered Chicken mozambique, cod baz style and 2 soups. They forgot the soup and had to wait an extra 15 minutes for soup that was already made. Chicken had a weird taste, soup was not the Portuguese soup I ordered and was not fresh. Paid $19.98 for 2 soups, which is rediculous and was expecting fresh Portuguese soup. Half the soup, not kidding, was beans. Kidney, brown and whatever other beans they had , they threw in this stale soup. Most expensive restaurant in my area and not even close to the quality of the other places near me. NEVER GO THERE AGAIN! I can go to the other places, spender way less and get better quality food!

Heath Francis

The menu is authentic Portuguese recipes. The food is delicious! The restaurant is well-lit and clean. A good choice in a city with many good Portuguese places. Lots of seafood options.


Food is delicious and worth the money. Service is great owner is a good man hard worker.

Susan M.

I was saddened when I read the negative reviews because each and every time we have been our food has been great as was the service. Granted, we were never there when there was a full house. As for parking yes, it is awful and as a handicapped person I need to be able to use the one or two spots outside the door and if some inconsiderate person parks illegally they should be reported to the police. I say this, not maliciously but rather in defense of others like me. There was a time when Covid was rampant and that tiny parking area was used for outside dining, which I understand, but I was quite disappointed because we ended up not going in. There are many, many Portuguese restaurants in the Fall River/New Bedford area, but only a handful that we dine at regularly, this being one. Hope to visit again soon, so PLEASE save a "Handicapped" spot for me

Constance Sauvé-Soares

One of the best Portuguese restaurants in New Bedford with and owned by Master Chef Artur. Highly recommend.

Nancy Martins

Great food and wonderful staff.

Ed Medeiros

I've been twice and each time the steak was great.

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