Cottage Street Bakery

5 Cottage St, Orleans
(508) 255-2821

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Deanna Johnson

Not what it used to be. What happened to crispy edges on the muffins? Flavors have changed; too much citrus added! Muffins much smaller!

Alice H

I always stop here when I'm in Orleans for a delicious homemade pastry, cookie or sandwich and an excellent coffee. Sometimes I pick up a loaf of bread, a pie or some frozen soup for later. Such a gem!


Having visited this bakery for the first time, I am marking this as the best bakery on the Cape! The Dirty Bomb muffin was such a treat, varying from all others with that slight nutmeg taste mixed with cinnamon. OMG bars were awesome! Cupcakes were simply light, not overly sweet, smooth frosting. I have visited four other bakeries on the Cape and so far.....this is the best one hands down. The staff was very kind and did not rush you (even though we arrived just as they were closing!) Looking forward to my next visit. We felt pricing was reasonable.


We try to visit the Cottage Street Bakery every year while on vacation but was unable to until yesterday and today. It has not changed, products are delicious and customer service friendly and patient. Yesterday I had the BLT on a croissant- very good and fresh. My husband had the veggie chili with a half sandwich- he enjoyed it and said it was delicious. Today we stopped by for breakfast on our way home. The cranberry almond muffin and bacon egg and cheese on a croissant was delicious! They opened promptly at 7:00 and were morning friendly! Of course the dirt bombs were purchased for home! Don’t hesitate to visit! Highly recommend!

Maureen B

For 20 years our family has celebrated special events with a cake from Cottage Street. Their products are fantastic! The people who work there are fantastic! In the spring of this year I was told to reach out after labor day for a special order for Oct. 1. After multiple tries at reaching the owner I was finally given a hard NO at my custom order. The order was for a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. I was told to come by Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and see if they had one. Obviously, for a special event on a Saturday that is a most unsatisfactory solution. I understand they have staffing issues which is why they can not accommodate the customer with special orders. But a vanilla/vanilla cake? WOW! Big disappointment and lost customer.

That Ginger Anna

Delicious selection of cookies and pastries. Get there early because stuff sells out quick. Definitely worth a stop.

David Grimaldi

My 1st time there today, what a cozy little building with delicious fresh smelling oven baked treats!

Eden Sidlo

Amazing!!! It's close to a lot of inns/motels, and their pastries are to die for. Especially their special dirt bombs. They're nutmeg muffins rolled in butter, cinnamon, and sugar. The coffee is amazing too, nice and strong, and you can add your own cream/sugar.

Neela Baker

AMAZING MUFFINS!!! I highly recommend the dirt Bomb(the cinnamon coated muffin) and if it becomes your favorite just as it is mine, then the ice cream cafe next door even has a dirt bomb ice cream flavor using bits of these muffins! If you are coming here during the season, you definitely have to get there early or else you'll be waiting in an atrocious line.

mary lewis

If you love a moist, flavorful muffin as much as I do Cottage Street Bakery has the perfect muffin for you! They have a variety of baked goods that looked equally as yummy! The aroma as you approach the entrance tells it all! I also enjoyed a delicious cup of Honduran coffee!

Bridget Ward

It is OK. There is a reason this place didn't have a line at lunch time and it's not because it is a little off the beaten path or the service is really fast. The sandwiches are just ok and don't expect it to come with chips and/or a pickle.

Sean Mahoney

Dirt bomb? Yes, please!Thankfully these fine folks were open, when others seemed to be closed for the season.

John Daniels

The dirt bombs were amazing along with their muffins. Highly recommend!


We've been going to Cottage Street Bakery for years, and it never been anything but delicious. Yes, you have to try a Dirt Bomb, which is decadent, but try their other pastries as well (I'm a fan of the Lemon-Raspberry Muffins and the Blueberry-Raspberry muffins, while my daughter loves the croissants, especially the chocolate-filled ones). The breakfast sandwiches are delicious as well. And if you have an event like a birthday or wedding, you can't go wrong with one of their cakes!

Jean H.

Pies used to be great. Git a mixed fruit pie yesterday and it was lousy. Filing was ok but included peaches that were hard. Crust was huge and tasteless, too bad.

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