Hole In One Breakfast & Lunch

98 MA-6A, Orleans
(508) 255-3740

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Karen M

Mom and I both had a delicious breakfast! The potato pancakes were super crisp, the toast nice and hot (often not the case at breakfast places!), and the home fries were flavorful. The baked goods looked amazing, and I’m really glad we grabbed an orange cranberry muffin to enjoy later. We definitely plan to go back and try some of the other breakfast options and yummy treats! Oh, and the coffee was excellent!

Kenneth Adair

Great little breakfast spot their homemade chips were so good!

George Gallagher

Seems they took down my 3 day old review, it was a 1 star.Everything about the place has changedFood comes slowly and is cold and or not even cooked (Grilled English Muffin) was taken out of package cut in half and tossed in the container!!For the $$ you pay service is lacking as well professionalism of the StaffIf ya wanna pay top dollar to wait forever on cold undercooked food and then have the audacity to ask about your order after 45 minutes to an hour be my guest.......Won't be back

Caroline C.

Amazing coffee and delicious donuts ! Honey dipped was my favorite but sour cream honorable mention and my girls loved the Boston crème and chocolate glazed. Sweet because they are donuts but not overly.

Andrea A.

Great spot, coffee and pastries were delicious! I would have preferred the breakfast sandwich come assembled and the eggs not be runny. It was very messy to eat

Jennifer K.

I had high hopes for this place based on the reviews and pics. Unfortunately, it didn't meet those expectations. When we entered, it seemed a little disorganized and a little confusing on how or where to order. On the plus side, between the outdoor seating and indoor, there was a good amount of space. The bakery case looked good and I was looking forward to trying the "Mostest Cupcake" (their take on Hostess). I ordered one of their sandwiches while my partner ordered a burger. The sandwich was good and I think it would've been better if it came with fries, chips, or a salad like the burger did. Unfortunately, although I placed an order for a cupcake, I didn't receive it. Overall, I'd say it was pretty average but has potential.

Haley C

Both their food and employees are amazing. I always go here when I get the chance. Most recently I ordered the French toast (they let you pick which bread) with a side of bacon. The toast was phenomenal and the bacon was perfectly cooked. My group also ordered the pistachio coffee which they both said tasted great. They have a lot of seating available both inside and outside, and despite the large amount of people that are there, the food arrived timely. 10/10

Amy B.

SO pleased with my experience at Hole in One, lots of coffee and espresso options, house special mocha coffee was so refreshing and not overly sweet, delicious pastries galore and a number of exceptional gluten free options including gluten free cupcakes, brownies, cookie and muffins.

Annie S.

LOVE this spot. One of my favorites for breakfast on the Cape. Get there early on the weekends or you'll be waiting in line. The line moves fast though. Food - I always get a sugar bun, wow this is unreal, if you like sugar, you need this - Ham and cheese croissant, they can warm it up, the croissant is the best I've had - Eclairs are delicious - Boston cream, apple fritter, jelly, jelly crueller...all great. The jelly crueller is more of a jelly old fashioned but long. Its Good and I haven't had something like it before. Drinks - the iced mocha latte and hazelnut or vanilla hot lattes are great.

John Serrano

Probably the worse breakfast I've had in a long time. The only good part of the breakfast was the loaded home fries which is the reason for the two stars. Pancakes were awful in taste and consistency and scrambled eggs with cheddar we're not scrambled, felt like rubber and had a slab of cheese just sitting on top as if it were just placed on after it was already cooked. Disappointed is an understatement. At least their home fries are good I guess.


This is most disrespectful restaurant my wife and I have been to. At about 1:30 I walked in the door and asked for a menu, the receptionist give me a menu, I asked her about table service outside, Where my wife and had planned to eat, my wife had walked back to the bike shop by the bike trail to retrieve bike where it was having work done. The receptionist said we had to order at the counter and wait, and then we could eat outside or in, she doesn't say anything more about closing time. I seat at a table waiting for my wife and reading the menu, my wife soon returned riding her bike after she made her selection form the menu, we go inside to order at 1:55 pm, the lady behind the counter says we are closed, I say “oh what time do you close” she say 2pm, I said “well its not 2pm and where given a menu earlier and we no knowledge of the closing time, the receptionist don’t say a thing when she gave me the menu”. The girl very very rudely says “We are closed I told you, you have to leave, you can have cup cake from the glass cabinet.” And with her stamen we left and went to a very nice and friendly restaurant by the bike trail. We won’t return to Hole In One ever again.


Stopped one day on our trip, and got some stuffed croissants and doughnuts, which made for a good and quick breakfast. Nice seating area outside! They had some really decadent-looking things on their breakfast menu, but we were in a hurry ... so we'll just have to go back next time in Orleans!!

John H.

The best place for a doughnut on the Cape in my opinion. It's everything you want in a classic doughnut - light but not greasy and sweet but not artificially sweet. The sour cream doughnut is a winner for anyone who loves a crumbly cake doughnut while the honey doughnut is a solid yeast doughnut that is soft and chewy. We got a vanilla cold brew and a coconut cold brew. I didn't really like the vanilla one but to be honest I'm not sure if I've ever found a vanilla cold brew that I've actually enjoyed. That said the coconut cold brew is solid. The iced coffee is on the lighter roast side so if you want a stronger coffee taste in a cold drink maybe go with the nitro. The service was very friendly and the line moved quickly. Definitely worth checking out.

Tyler Christensen

Delicious potato pancakes! The Mountain is a family favorite and lots of chocolate chip pancakes for the kids! Loved it all!


We needed breakfast early and in a hurry and we got it here. Everything was delicious and due to ordering yourself things are speedy. I also to a muffin to go and wow, it was excellent.

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Hole In One Breakfast & Lunch

98 MA-6A, Orleans, MA 02653
(508) 255-3740