Timber Fire Pizza

455 Highland Ave, Phillipston
(413) 209-0097

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Ryan Foster

Awesome pizza!

John Harty

The best pizza I've had in 20 years love the atmosphere I'd drive any distance for a pizza this goodKid-friendliness: Plenty of room to run around

Mercedes Mateo

Timber Fire Pizza is a total vibe. The team is so friendly, personable and all around good folks. I ordered the Macaroni and Cheese Pizza. Its made up of Housemade Garlic Cream Sauce, Cabot Cheddar ?, Gremolotta Bread Crumbs, White Truffle Oil and I added Bacon ??. Best ? I have ever had. Timber Fire Pizza gets a 10/10 from moi. Also, received some very cool custom complementary Timber Fire stickers, that are colorful and play on words well. There was live music on the farm, the sun was shining bright and being surrounded by flowers and the apple orchard was magical ??☀️✨️.


The best pizza in Massachusetts. Probably top 5 in the USA according to my tastebuds who have travelled all over USA. Wish they were open more than 4 days a week.

Patrick Cumming

Timber Fire Pizza, without a shadow of doubt, reigns supreme as the unrivaled pinnacle of pizza perfection in Northern Worcester County. From the very first bite, it becomes apparent that this establishment's dedication to culinary excellence knows no bounds, leaving patrons in a state of pure pizza bliss.The pizza at Timber Fire Pizza is a revelation—a harmonious marriage of impeccable ingredients and a mastery of the ancient art of wood-fired cooking. The crust, adorned with a gentle char and a delicate crispness, serves as a testament to the pizzaiolos' expertise in achieving the ideal balance of textures. The sauce, a symphony of vibrant tomatoes and nuanced seasonings, dances gracefully upon the palate, imparting a delightful burst of flavors. Topped with an array of thoughtfully selected ingredients, each pizza creation tells its own story, captivating the senses and transporting the diner to a realm of sheer gustatory delight.What sets Timber Fire Pizza apart from its peers is the unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest, locally-sourced ingredients. From the artisanal cheeses to the freshest produce, every element of their pizzas is thoughtfully chosen to ensure an unrivaled gastronomic experience. This dedication to quality is palpable in every bite, as the flavors unfold with an unparalleled depth and richness.Beyond the extraordinary pizzas, Timber Fire Pizza offers an inviting and cozy ambiance that enhances the overall dining experience. The rustic charm of the wood-fired oven, combined with the friendly and attentive staff, creates an atmosphere that is both welcoming and memorable. Whether dining with friends, family, or savoring a solitary meal, the warmth of the establishment elevates the experience to a new level of enjoyment.

Tony “roni”

Hands down best pizza in North Central MA. Been waiting a long time for decent brick oven neapolitan pizza in the area. Timberfire checks all the boxes. Great pizza, easy hassle free online ordering, prompt and friendly service and a great atmosphere whether you eat in or take-out. Spread the word, Timberfire deserves your business.


Delicious pizza, very nice area to relax and listen to live music, plenty of seating for larger groups. Staff is all friendly and helpful. Although the pizza is technically separate from the brewery, the counters to order each at are located in the same building. Great to have a large range of options for food. Pizza is cooked fresh in an outdoor oven. The slices could be cut a little more evenly ? but not a big deal. Overall, would highly recommend!!


They offer wood fired pizza with vegan cheese. Really delicious and a very cozy ambiance. ( Timberfire operates inside the red apple Brew barn. The brew barn has french fries and pretzel bites that are vegan. Their veggie burger is also vegan but unfortunately, the bun is not.) Updated from previous review on 2023-04-29

David Bialecki

Just went there tonight. Always excellent.

Grace A.

I had their Mac an' Cheese on a creamy garlic white pizza last Sunday evening...it is without a doubt the best pizza I have had for a very long time...I look forward to trying other specials on their menu...if you like Mac an' Cheese and white pizza this is two comfort foods in a slice...excellent pizza making...I highly recommend you won't regret

Emily Anderson

The crust is perfectly crispy, yet soft and thin. They chop everything super fine which is awesome. The sauce is slightly sweet and flavorful. We will definitely be back.

Ry Parcell

Best pizza in the area. Great folks. Couldn’t be happier

KatherineandRy P.

This is hands down the best pizza in this area. Delicious flavors, unique combos, perfect brick-oven crust. A welcome relief from all the deep dish green pizza in the area.

Johanna Bogdanow

Stumbled upon the farm on our way back from vermont to Boston and loved everything! Amazing setup, lovely staff, honestly the best pizza in all of Mass, a great selection of beers, and there was live music too!

Mike S.

These guys are fire...best pizza around. Great service, better pizza! Don't sleep on their wings either.

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