Carmen's Cafe Nicole

114 Water St, Plymouth
(508) 747-4343

Recent Reviews

Chuck Jorud

Always a great place for breakfast!! Friendly and attentive staff!

Amy Parce

My wife and I had a wonderful time at Carmen's Cafe Nicole. All of those who worked there made our time with them quite enjoyable. The food was well made and our waitress did an excellent job! They contributed to a wonderful day for the two of us.

Charmyne Goodfellow

Good breakfast and lovely dog friendly deck! Super friendly staff!

Kiefer Gonzales

Great service and great food. Very welcoming and "home-y" feeling.

David S.

I am a local and regular. Service today wasn't bad there was none. Yes you were busy but having a customer sit at a table for 20 minutes with not one server contact is not acceptable. At 11 am I walked out knowing they don't serve breakfast past 11.

Michelle Parson

The food is good, but don't stop in if you are in a hurry. They even have a sign that says this when you walk in. If you have time to spare, then by all means stop in

Mike Venezia

This place is amazing very laid-back no rush not in a hurry and they accept dogs out on the porch want for breakfast there with our niece her husband and their dog Howard can't say enough good about this place beautiful view of the water friendly with great food will definitely return

Roxanne Hughes

We sat down at a booth, after being told to take a booth or a table. We waited quite awhile for our waitress, it wasn't busy at all when we were there. There was zero silverware or napkins on our table. When I asked the person who was prepping the booth behind ours, she inquired if we were having finger food or did we really need silver. (I had ordered Cole slaw so yes I did need silver) I then heard her in the kitchen questioning our waitress if we needed it. She then came back with 2 napkins, 2 forks and 1 knife. There were 3 of us there for lunch. Maybe she was assisting the dishwasher and didn't want extra work? Food was ok. Service was ok.

Phil D.

Holy hungry hippos, it's not often you're in a restaurant for an hour and leave hungrier than you walked in. I wish I could give a review of the food at this spot, but alas, it was like the punchline of a bad joke and never came. It was like getting your driver's license renewed, a lot of people shuffling around, talking to each other, but nothing getting done. I wish I could say that they offered nothing but excuses, but that would mean someone would have to acknowledge our right to exist. After two tables who were seated after us received their orders, one about 30 seconds after they left, it was time to sashay outta there. Two servers seemed unconcerned and unsurprised. If you want to be ignored by attractive women, join Tinder. There, at least you don't have to tip.

Russell Rhoades

great food and friendly staff

Cynthia Gerrior

Fantastic food, friendly atmosphere and wait staff. Here's a tip..Breakfast is just out of this world (French toast)...

Kristin Reynolds

10/10! Friendly staff,great options to choose from and so very welcoming! The view of the waterfront is a bonus!

Breana M.

Small quaint restaurant on the waterfront. Staff was extremely friendly. Not the place you want to go if you're in a rush which was perfect for us. The food was delicious, so much flavor in the items we ordered. Also, the service was exceptional.

Tammy G.

This is a great place to grab a bite. Unlike most places in the area, it is not obscenely over priced. The waitress was helpful, polite, and sweet! I would definitely recommend this place to the weary traveler.


Enjoyed the fish and chips and fried scallops. Kids also enjoyed their food. Good view of the boats in the bay. The staff were very friendly. Coffee not the best.

shaily sharma

Nice food, but the kiddie menu was really small in portion. Food was fresh, but could do with some flavor. Quite popular though.

Daniel Gill

Food was ok. Nothing that we got (from breakfast menu) knocked our socks off. But it wasn't bad either. We went at 11a with two small children hoping for an early lunch....we should have done better research - it was still breakfast only at that time and there was no flexibility to get the kids lunch. So we had a 2nd breakfast that day.

Bruce C

Well I had two hours on the parking meter and just made it. It was a Sunday brunch kinda time and the restaurant was moderately busy. Nacho, salsa and guac came in about 30 minutes. Then she asked if we wanted the salsa! It was home made and it was very good and fresh. Meal came about 15 minutes later, the fish and chips were outstanding and all in all the meal was excellent. Service not so much. It's a waterfront restaurant so a good place to take it all in if you want a very leisurely meal.


Enjoyed a very good breakfast in a great location. This cafe is right across the street from the waterfront. Good food with great friendly service.I would recommend this place inPlymouth.

Melinda M.

Spur of the moment sightseeing trip to Plymouth. Lots of places on the waterfront to grab a bite to eat. Choose Carmen's Cafe Nicole. Greeted warmly on entering and chose a booth inside. Service prompt. We both had the lobster roll plate and shared the clam chowder- both delicious. The owner spent a few minutes chatting with us about Plymouth - very informative.


Almost didn’t eat here due to prior review. So glad I did. Had the avocado version of Eggs Benedict and bacon. It was so tasty. Nice big cup of hot coffee and very attentive service. Add to that a view of the water and a nice breeze. Overall a great experience.

Matthew S.

Worst place I've ever been for breakfast. Service was poor and the food took forever. Will not be going back anytime soon.

J P.

Wish I could give ZERO starts. Went to have breakfast here . Got seated right away. Had to wait for a few minutes before someone came over. The server's were to busy chatting with each other. Brought my husband's decaf coffee and my juice. Which by the way was filled with ice. Never got ice in my juice. When she came to take are orders , we told her the decaf was stone cold. Could not believe what she said next. Oh that's because of the milk that was added to it. REALLY!!!!!! She then pretty much huffed and said she would make a new pot. I also was looking around, about six tables had drinks but seemed all to be waiting for food to come out. None of them looked happy. At this point we said lets go. Asked if she wanted me to pay for the juice and they said no just go. So glad we did. See my other review for the place we went to that was outstanding.

Ben Parsons

Had lunch with my wife today! To food was super fresh and delicious with lots of different options on the menu. Service was very friendly and personable not to mention everything was very quick to come out. Highly recommend it and will definitely be coming back soon

Meghan M.

I used to go to the original Carmen's in Abington for many years as a kid and the food, and the service, was fantastic. I decided to give Carmen's Cafe Nicole a shot as I know it was the same family who owns it, just a different generation. What a disappointing meal! When the waitress came over to take our order we ordered everything at once including chips and salsa to start. The kids meals came with chips so I asked if we could substitute tortilla chips for both in the waitress said yes. About a half an hour later our waitress came back with chips and salsa and it was a very small portion for the table to share. The salsa was flavorful but it was warm which was different. Naturally we quickly ran out of chips far before we ran out of salsa so we asked for more. Another 15 minutes or 20 minutes later our food finally appeared and my kids plates had Cape Cod potato chips on them. Sigh.... I grabbed the waitress before she walked away and said that their plates were supposed to have tortilla chips on them. She rolled her eyes at me, and gave a little bit of attitude and walked away. She came back a few minutes later with a small bowl of tortilla chips And said "here are your extra chips and I threw in a few more for the kids". The plate of chips she brought out was no bigger than the original plate of chips and for 6.99 for chips and salsa I would expect a lot more. The California chicken wrap my husband and I shared was very bland, with little flavor. My youngest liked the quesadilla. My oldest had the kids' taco and the ground beef was a little on the burnt side. Our meal came to 40.00 and wasn't worth the price. This is not the Carmen's I grew up going to and I won't be back.


After taking 15 minutes to take our order (all 3 waitresses were too busy chatting with someone they knew at a table & the bar), the food was served lukewarm at best though my chili was cold. No one checked on us until we received our check - so no chance to complain. Tasted good but would have been likely excellent if it had been hot!

Amit Kumar Choudhary

Loved everything about it. Being a vegetarian, this place was a treasure. Servers are great and the vibe kept me longer than I wanted. Best local business around.

Woof Woofer

Great food, nice atmosphere, beautiful view, what more can you ask for?

Hannah Dixon

I’ve been here a few times and every time with my pup. The food and service has always been great and they always are so welcoming to dog!

Alfred Hall

Fresh food prepared well & served with pride. Exceptional eggs Florentine! Excellent fren h Toast offerings, not just your run of the mill. Creative menu with some ethnic influences in the mix. Committed staff for your satisfaction! I will definately be back for more.

Dick Bailey

We really enjoyed. Ate outside, weather, scenery and food all perfect!!

Ryan Cleveland

Food was good, Terribly slow service. Two hours for breakfast and there were a few empty tables around, not like they were slammed or anything. It took over 20 mins for someone to come by with water.

Abigail M.

Lovely little place with great view and outdoor section. Fish tacos were the best of my life. No skimping on meat here! Lol! Def stop in.

Al Hall

Great creative menu. friendly staff. Easy pace. Fresh food served as quickly as they can. Delish.


So long as you have plenty of time, it’s a great meal. Relaxing atmosphere, gorgeous view. Be aware there’s a span of time between breakfast and lunch that they don’t serve. We made it in but most people who arrived after us were turned away (I think around 11:30am ish).

Amanda C.

Went here recently and I was pretty impressed. The place has a funky vibe to it and a great menu. I could barely decide what to get because of all of the good choices. I ended up getting a breakfast burrito which was simple and delicious, and my boyfriend got a breakfast sandwich, which he loved. I also got an iced coffee with a flavored vodka (I forget what the drink was called) which was really good. I liked that they had some adult drink choices. The only drawback was, despite not being packed, it tool a bit to get our orders in. We did send the waitress away once as we were still looking, but then it took a bit for them to come back. It wouldn't discourage me from going again, just something to note as some are not as patient as me. I would definitely go back!

Pete Klammer

Best breakfast. Comfy and lay back. Great Mexican food. For lunch will be open for dinner soon.

Jenn K.

Great food and location. It was busy but not packed and service was a little slow, but not unacceptable. However, after getting our bill we noticed we were charged $1.50 to swap my home fries for a corn muffin AND $3.50 for my husband to swap bacon for ham. I don't think these substitutions should incur an up-charge but I'm more irritated that the waitress didn't tell us when we were placing our order that there would/might be a fee. That's poor service in my opinion.

Bob Brown

Always great, always consistent.... wide variety of breakfast and lunch offerings. Now they are serving dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Paul Abely

Excellent service and food. Beautiful view of Plymouth harbor