120 Water St, Plymouth
(508) 746-5411

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Natasha Torres

We went to this place and 1st of all their customer service is not good at all. We noticed that this place was cash only so they told me that there was an ATM in the back of building. I went to ATM and was charged but the money never came out. So I went back and told them about it. They then tell me that there is nothing that they can do and that they do not own the machine. But their business name is on the receipt of ATM machine. My daughter ended up paying and as they were handing me my icecream they didn't look at me or say anything to me completely rude. Also, they continued to send more people to the ATM after I told them what had just happened to me. When I called my bank the next morning sure enough my money was taken out. These people are frauds and rude please beware.

Carolina Mallea

Always delicious and love the vegan ice cream

Vicki Glenn-Astuccio

Service was fast and pleasant. Ice cream was great!!

Jeanette Deroy Quick

My daughter and I were there yesterday afternoon (4/16/2020) We got peanut butter Oreo, and Ginger ice cream. It was the BEST ice cream we have EVER had!!!!!!!!!! We could not stop raving about it!!!! So creamy, so rich, such fresh ingredients;we actually couldn't put into words how we would describe this ice cream!!!! Thank you Soo much Ziggy's. We will go back again and again!!!

John Grattan

Love their soft serve! Always look forward to it every summer


Ziggy's will forever be the best ice cream in this area. When asked what you want, just point at anything. No such thing as bad ice cream from Ziggy's.


Best place on Plymouth for a quick lunch! Comes with a great view, stop in while you're walking around

Bryan DeGrange

Had just a few minutes for lunch and this place was quick to get our food. The service was great and the food was super good as well. The fried Oreos were extremely delicious.

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So many choices and they are all delicious!

Danielle M.

Great Ice cream, friendly staff and right by the water. Loved that they carried Peppermint stick, just for that they get 5 stars!

WickedHGD Studios

This place is awesome! They have over 50 flavors of icecream, hard or soft serve. They even have burgers french fries and don't even get me started on the onion rings that are homemade.


Lots of flavors and just great creamy goodness. I had a blueberry donut sundae! So good. Would definitely go there again when I'm in Plymouth and need an ice cream fix!

Chelsea Gage

Ziggy's has it! Every flavor. Hard serve or soft serve. Flavor twist. Crazy sundaes I mean everything. I love this ice cream shoppe my little one gets so excited when I say "do you want to take a trip to Ziggy's?"

Champ Minecart

This place is awesome! They have over 50 flavors of icecream, hard or soft serve. They even have burgers french fries and don't even get me started on the onion rings that are homemade.

Brian Saunders

I've been going to Ziggy's since I was a kid and I decided to try their steak and cheese. They were fireee! The only thing I wish was different was is they were bigger! I was surprised at how good they were. Kudos, p.s the employees are all so nice and work hard, they kill the line, they're good at serving a bunch of people at a time. Coming from someone that works with the public I appreciate their drive. 👏 👏

Jennifer Conrad

I consider myself a twist cone connoisseur, and the chocolate vanilla twist cone at Ziggy's is at the top of my list. Just the perfect summertime treat.

nick routhier

Love this place if your ever walking downtown in plymouth by the water this place is a must locals and tourists alike.

Blair D.

WOW!! This is some of the best ice cream I've ever had. So good! Sweet and creamy and just perfection! I highly suggest the Maine Black Bear, Peanut butter Oreo, and the Strawberry Cheesecake. If none of those sound appealing to you, no worries--they have over 50 to choose from. Go and try some for yourself!

Christopher M Gay

Friendly service. Good food

Josh Gay

The food is the perfect “greasy spoon” food. Fresh fried French fries, tasty burgers, and of course awesome ice cream!


Best ice cream in Plymouth, fresh, a variety of flavors, nice easy menu to read and they serve sandwiches and soups too.


The death by chocolate is unbelievably rich highly reccomend it if you enjoy chocolate

Lila J.

Simple, good soft serve. They also have wild and cool stuff. Honestly, give it a go. What's to lose? It's amazing

Jane B.

Amazing selection and good ice cream! The ice cream didn't necessarily standout as homemade. Cash only. Service was good but could be a bit more friendly. Give the German Chocolate a try...yummy!

Magnum Pi

My go to Ice cream parlor, for approximately 25yrs.It located on water St over looking the water. Ziggy's has a line at time's, But it's worth the wait huge variety of Ice cream flavors. All kinds of cones, dishes, sundaes and more. Has light food if you want some. But I go for the Ice cream, then go sit on a bench. Parking is on the street. Prices are in line with others. People are pleasant, give them a tip. go Enjoy!!! 👍

Kristi D

Good ice cream; Customer service was "eh" but I'd go again.

David Balch

I absolutely love Ziggy's. As a local, born and raised here, I couldn't recommend Ziggy's enough. I've been going here since I was a little kid and now my kids get ice cream here every time we come to Plymouth. You MUST check this place out

Michael Sayed

Very good ice cream place, lots of flavors, especially for soft serve.

Jess N.

Love love love ziggys! Great staff, huge ice cream and food selection! They offer gluten free cones and vegan soft serve! It's the perfect place to bring the family, There is definitely something for everyone! Not to mention it is one of the cleanest places I've ever seen! Overall every time I go in there from start to finish it is great experience! The lines may be long but it is absolutely worth the wait!

Kathy R.

Ziggy's you have forever lost my business. After observing two summers of you mistreating, bullying and intimidating your young, female employees, I am done. Shame on you. Shame on anyone who continues to support such a business. @peacefulmeadows in Village Landing, you are number one. Kind people, fair prices, delicious ice cream. #noziggys

Carolgene R.

Would rate a zero if possible. The owner is horrible. It is no wonder that employees don't return the following year. Mistreats and bully's his young female employees. Go to Peaceful Meadows around the corner at Village Landing - nice people, lower prices, better ice cream.

Joseph Vancini

Been coming here for 25 years. Daughter was visiting from VA. My wife and i and our other daughter brought her here for an ice cream. The owner gave her a shirt because she has been coming here as long as i have. Great place. Great ice cream. And a great owner as well. Good job Ziggys

Damian Kearney

There can be a bit of a line at times, but this place is totally worth the wait! Prime location to grab an icecream and look out at the waterfront. Easy to see from the road as well as a great spot to bring the kids!

Grace Bulman

I didn't try the food although it looked good. Their ice cream was awesome! The only issue is that this place can fit like 5 people comfortably inside and it gets crowded when everyone's ordering.


Ziggys is a fun place on the water to stop in and have an ice cream. Lots of fun flavors as well as sundaes to enjoy while enjoying the harbor and the Rock!

Joyce D

Ziggys is a fun place on the water to stop in and have an ice cream. Lots of fun flavors as well as sundaes to enjoy while enjoying the harbor and the Rock!

Ryan C.

Outstanding! Lots of options. Homemade hard ice cream is wonderful. Their sundaes are unusual and flavorful. The fried ice cream oreo sundae is dangerously good. Their waffle cones (especially if you can get them when they are hot and freshly made) are very good. Cash only so be prepared. Staff were great and very patient (given so many options it is hard to choose). Well worth the visit.


We stopped here for a quick lunch while exploring the quaint village of Plymouth. The food was great- burgers were really tasty. The service was quick and pleasant. I would not hesitate to eat here again. They seemed to do a really good business with their ice cream products but we were too full from lunch to try.


First time here, my friend and I got our own ice creams, ate them outside on the bench with a view of the bay, and decided to go back in for a sundae to share! Highly recommend the fried oreo sundae. Staff was super friendly and polite as well!

Mary P.

Great local ice cream spot with an overwhelming amount of flavors! We had the peanut butter Oreo Ice cream and the cake batter-- both delicious! Open til 11 and they serve a wide variety of quick service food too.