big fun cafe

18 Brook St, Quincy
(617) 689-8866

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Shi Hua Li

The food are all good i strong recommended the steam rice roll, the only reason I didn’t dine in is the place is too small, but I am okay to take out and eat at home

Jea Kim

Clay pot rice has been one of my new favorite Chinese dishes since moving to Boston, so I decided to give this place a try. Since they were located in a residential area, parking was quite difficult, and I decided to do a takeout instead. I was initially skeptical of getting a clay pot rice as a takeout thinking that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the crispy rice bits. However, I was glad to found out that they offered the same experience. Portions were also huge for the price, and I liked that they offered customizable topping combos.Among the two clay pot rice I ordered, I enjoyed the one with the Chinese sausage and minced beef with poached egg. On the side, I also got the roasted pork steamed rice rolls which a lot of people seemed to rave about. They were good, but quite similar to what you could get at other places in Chinatown. They still did a fantastic job with the crispy rice bits, and I would definitely return to try more from their menu.

Audra Wu

Solid spot with good clay pot rice and cheong fun. It’s a relatively small no-frills shop, owners were friendly and helpful, quick food service. We ordered minced pork & preserved vegetable clay pot (rice deliciously crispy, a little on the salty side given the topping) and a shrimp cheong fun with egg (decent, the noodle itself was perhaps a little too soft for my taste). Good value for money given portion sizes.

Jackie C.

Must visit if you are a fan of cheung fun (rice noodles) or clay pot rice. I have had a lot of cheung fun in my life and they got the texture just right- a perfect balance of silkiness, bounciness, and chew. The fried dough cheung fun was the crowd favorite. Clay pot rices are a traditional food from an area in China called Taishan/Toisan and I believe the owner is from there. The rice was masterfully cooked with crispy pieces along the clay pot and aroma was intoxicating. Go for yellow eel if you want to be super traditional, but chinese sausage and bacon (also traditional) may be more approachable. I also loved that they put the chueng fun and clay pot sauces on the table so you can add more according to your taste.

Cory Roberts

It was pretty good, steamed rice rolls were the highlight. Didn't like the false advertising on the pig intestine congee (called that in both Chinese and English) which instead came with liver, a shortcut and much cheaper product. 4 star food minus one for that.

Susannah C.

Really really good spot if you are craving comfort canto food. Place is quite small, so there may be a wait. The rice plates are a great portion. We tried the shrimp and cha siu rice roll and both were delicious!! The rice roll were so soft and flavorful. I'd definitely come back to try other flavors. We also got the chicken and salted fish fried rice, which is always a hit. Next time, i want to try their claypot rices dishes.

Jason K.

My go to spot for Cantonese food after a long day of work in the area. The har cheung are thinner than the usual fare served at dim sum restaurants but are nevertheless still delicious. Their beef chow foon is also quite good and comparable to the fare at other restaurants in Chinatown. They also offer the Sprite with salt and lemon, which is a drink unique to Hong Kong. Their soy milk is also nothing to sneeze at. Worth a trek out here if you want some Cantonese food at a quiet, cozy, low frills establishment. IG: Feastcoastoffense

Kristin N.

Authentic and delicious Canto food at Quincy, on the other side of the Wollaston tracks. My Hong Konger family has been frequenting this restaurant a lot. The place is pretty small, which can seat ~18. We usually get the clay pot rice and the rice noodle rolls, which were amazing for their price. Specifically, their Chinese sausage and bacon clay pot is the best. This 三寶飯 is amazing too, but I personally think Kam Man does it better, cheaper, and with bigger portions. Their duck is amazing and inexpensive -- half for $15. This is a hidden gem to non-Quincy locals, the restaurant is full a lot of the time, which shows you how amazing this place is.


This small Cantoness eatery can seat about 15 people so expect some wait time if you want to dine in. There a lots of locals getting takeouts so its good.The Clay Pot Rice 煲仔饭 is a must have. I had the traditional one with roast pork and sausage. It nicely done with a thin layer crispy rice sticking to the pot at the bottom.Their Steamed Rice Roll is made fresh from rice batter they grind each day. You can see a chef dedicated for making those when you peak into the kitchen.They have very good portion for the price. My kids ordered the Yang Chow Fried Rice and Beef Chow Fun, they could only finish half and took the rest home for dinner.The boss and boss lady (I think) are busy working front and back but also very friendly to talk to customers if they are not sure what to order.

Xiaocheng Jiang

authentic cantonese food. the steamed rolls were made by traditional method, fresh and delicious. the soup comes with a variety of carefully selected ingredients and Chinese herbs (good for both taste and health). the majority of customers are local Chinese population (many of them are seniors), indicative of the authenticity of their food.

Leona L.

Only took pictures of the Chinese Sausage and Bacon Clay Pot Rice and Shrimp Steamed Rice Roll, but I also got the Spare Ribs with Black Beans Clay Pot Rice, Eel Clay Pot Rice, and Minced Beef with Pouch Egg Clay Pot Rice which were all delicious. My favorites were the Spare Ribs with Black Beans Clay Pot Rice and Chinese Sausage and Bacon Clay Pot Rice. Very authentic and delicious! The Shrimp Steamed Rice Roll is so good fresh, I would definitely recommend getting it! The staff was super friendly and helpful. The place is pretty small so I had to wait for ~20 Minutes for a table for four people. There is 2 hour parking on adjacent streets.

Tania H

A great local restaurant serving authentic Cantonese dishes. Tried 2 of their clay pot rice dishes (Chinese Sausage & Bacon and Chicken & Mushroom) and it’s worth the wait (we ordered in advance while waiting for a table), 2 of their rice noodles (BBQ Pork and Shrimp) and their Beef Brisket E-Fun Noodles. Everything was delicious! I can’t forget to mention their HK Milk Tea. I had it hot and it’s one of the best I’ve had in a while. I would definitely come back again!

Katie Yao

Ordered the beef, pork, shrimp, golden (egg), and pork liver rice noodles: it’s not rolled, but just scraped (different style). The toppings were just sprinkled on top and tough. The liver weren’t processed correctly so had a very fishy? flavor (compared to a sweet/earthy flavor). The shrimp was chopped up into 3 pieces instead of just the entire shrimp.Noodles were silky and thin but maybe we got take out so it wasn’t QQ. Quite pricey for the amount of toppings/fillings you get.

Carrie Chan

Speaking as a Cantonese, big fun cafe has the best steam rice roll in Boston!! Others dishes are also very authentic. The business is too good, sometime it takes time to wait a little bit, but it’s worthy! If I have time, I will always drive from Medford to Quincy, just for some good home goods from big fun cafe!!! Enjoy the good foods guys! Carrie.

Carrie C.

My favorite place to get Cantonese home foods in Boston area. Whenever I have a chance, I drive more than 30 mins just to get foods here. If you also like steamed rice rolls, this is your to go place. Also love their soup. Staffs are the most friendly and kind people.

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