Red Skiff Restaurant

25 Massachusetts 127 Alt, Rockport
(978) 546-7647

Recent Reviews

Israel Boatwright

I simply liked their dishes. I always get excellent service here. The place is well organised and the cashiers are always very welcoming. Would recommend to others.

Maranda Nielson

Could not say enough good things about this adorable resteraunt. I went with a large group and they were able to accommodate us all. Customer service was excellent! Even with our large group they efficiencntly took our orders and got us our food very quickly. The food was absolutely delicious and a great price. Get the Pumpkin Muffin and/or the Breakfast Poutine, best breakfast I have had in quite a while!

Bret O.

It pains me to write this because we've generally had good meals at the RS - but yesterday the service was so bad it's worth noting. Normal busy - but not insane Sunday - were seated relatively quickly but were then ignored for the rest of the visit. Party of 4 - our simple breakfast food came out in four very separate waves - all of which was after two groups (who were seated at the same time) had ordered eaten and were paying. We had to ask for coffee refills, cream, syrup and other items that would be normal no brainers for attentive waitstaff. No acknowledgement or apology offered. Food was fine - but experience was damaged by the poor service. We still tipped 20% and will come back - just hope to have a better experience next time.

Nicole Himmel

Excellent food! Breakfast burrito was to die for, corned beef hash is made fresh...and dont even get me started on the crispy crunchy home fries! Place was very clean and cozy too. Highly recommend!

Betty Keena

One overworked waiter trying to take care if the whole place. Food somewhat mediocre, but if you are a fried potato fan, these were lovely and crisp. Over-all, not your best food experience in Rockport.


No air conditioning on a super hot day. Way overpriced for a less than average meal. Wouldn't return or recommend

Scott C.

Waitress was friendly and helpful. I ordered the crabcake benedict, which was okay (eggs poached well and hollandaise tasted great; this was my adventurous time, and I generally don't like seafood, so others might enjoy it more). My wife had the pork shoulder benedict, and the taste I had was very good.

Garrett C.

Terrible gluten free lobster roll, even worse "roasted potatoes," and borderline expired tasting ketchup. I had a gluten free lobster roll, last week, and it was served on white, sliced bread that was not toasted or anything. Simply white bread. The "roasted potatoes" were boiled and served cold. The ketchup tasted as if it was spoiled. I am only giving 2 stars because my girlfriend relatively enjoyed her corned beef hash.

David Rubin

Would love to have tried it but there sign says closed today due to mechanical issues and is dated July 21. It's now July 24. Closed for good?

John Matthew Upton

Been here half a dozen times, great food great service and they accommodated our infant son easily! Try the Anadama bread and the griddled muffins 100p

Joelle D.

Great breakfast and service. It's the best in the area.

Jim Morley

Pricey and no taste, had BLT Diet Pepsi tasted funny and came in a small glass

Andrew Barclay

Very nice place.

J S.

Really cool little place in an old town kind of setting. Staff was super friendly, I forget the waitresses name but she was awesome!

Joe Kelley

Awful experience and extremely unfriendly staff. My family and I have been going there for years and today they were unable to accommodate a party of 5. They still tried to sit us but refused to let us move two small tables together so we could actually sit and enjoy breakfast. Having been there many times every summer since I was a kid, I have been able to and have seen the small tables be pushed together to accommodate larger parties. Since the restaurant was not that busy this morning I was shocked by the rudeness of the staff refusing to push two small tables together. It was frustrating and embarrassing. My pregnant wife and I left to find much better service up the road. We wonâ??t be back again.

Julia B.

We're locals and just love this place. Consistently good and the waitresses are always super friendly and sweet. It's a small place yet they always accommodate us with a baby which really makes me happy.


Super enjoyed the lobster roll. Big pieces of lobster, not mixed with mayo and other stuff. A bit expensive but you get what you pay for and thats LOBSTER!

Madlene Hamilton

I really wanted to love the food here because it was recommended by so many people, but I have to say it was just ok. The staff was really nice, the venue quaint, the prices were right, and service was pretty fast. I'll have to try them again, for lunch perhaps. If you go try something else besides the special french toast.


Small and quaint, low key sort of a place. Personable service and good value. Food cooked well with good portion sizes.

Finnian Webster-Jelmberg

Food and service have gotten worse since new ownership

Hannah M.

Super friendly waitstaff, but the food fell a bit flat. We ordered: Nutella pancakes which are NOT stuffed with Nutella as advertised in menu - rather Nutella is spread between 2 stacked pancakes. Bacon on the side. Chickpea bowl which was OK. Kind of like chickpeas in canned soup with an egg on top. Nothing amazing. And a smoked salmon BLT which was supposed to be lox, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cream cheese... It had mayo instead and mayo=/=cream cheese :-o With all the options of food in Rockport, we will skip Red Skiff next time around.

Leslie M.

If you're in the Rockport area, make sure you check out this super cozy quaint spot for breakfast/lunch! Seating is super limited with about 6-7 tables and bar seating. But don't let the size of the restaurant scare you away, this restaurant packs a great punch with food! Along with a full breakfast/lunch menu, they have about 5 specials daily ranging from "Chickpea Breakfast Bowls" to "Crisp Chicken BLT Wraps," to a "Portuguese Grilled Cheese" which probably tastes as delicious as it sounds. Being basic AF, I ordered their Chicken Cesar Salad. The parmesan tasted like it was freshly grated and the chicken was super fresh. My sister and mom both ordered their Lobster Roll, which came with huge lumps of lobster meat, piled onto a perfectly grilled & buttered roll. The fries that came with their meal were crisp and fresh. The meal took about 15 minutes to come out, which meant it was made super fresh IMO. Service was warm and friendly. Things to note: they don't have any public restrooms, but there are some right around the corner 30 seconds away. Check this place out, your taste buds will thank you! ;)

Laura A.

Delicious breakfast especially lobster egg Benedict in an adorable area is Rockport. Generous portions, and clean restaurant. Seats about 20 people in this small space but still roomy enough and good for kids as well.


I left a big bag of fudge here by accident and considered it a tip. ð??? Staff was knowledgeable about allergies and very nice.

Christopher Hornsby

Awesome food and service


Their lobster roll is one of the best and we often order breakfast with muffins to go. Great food and service. Small venue but worth a wait for a table.

Colby Foster

Great food by Andrew and his team!

Jennie Bennett

Lovely. Delish food and great service.

Valeria R.

I had the tuna bacon melt sandwich and it was very delicious. The service was very good too.

Gary Cooper

Best BLT around served by a friendly staff!

N H.

My family came here after a hike in the area. The food was delicious. I recommend getting the blueberry muffin and make sure they grill it because it is delicious. I got eggs Florentine and they were really good. The service was also wonderful and everyone was friendly.


The breaky burrito was great, and the fried haddock was very good. The fries and slaw werenâ??t anything special, though.


We came here twice on our honeymoon, loved the eggs Benedict and relaxed atmosphere. Very cute & homey spot to eat.

Jason Pfaehler

good food and service, definitely recommend.


So so awesome, would return if given the chance. Service and prices were wonderful. Made a gloomy and rainy day feel like a bright and beautiful day

Laurie H.

Saturday, September 8, 2018....had to catch a flight home out of Boston, but wanted to get in my last lobster roll....for breakfast. There's no shame in lobster roll at 10am. Or ever, frankly. And it was a good version and it made me supremely happy. I really did want to try the anadama toast but just couldn't miss out on my last lobster roll for awhile. Hubby and son got regular breakfast fare and enjoyed it. We sat at the counter, which we enjoy, and watched the kitchen through the cut-out. Wouldn't hesitate to return!

Kristen Li

We enjoyed a very yummy breakfast here on the last day we were residents of Gloucester. Itâ??s a small place, but the wait was worth it!

Nancy Collins

Great food, attentive and friendly waitress. Highly recommended. Would return in a heatbeat!

ken fusion

The food is amazing. Resonably priced menu . Warm friendly staff.try the Anadama bread ð???ð???â?ºð???ð???

Nick U.

Quaint little restaurant, the waitress was very nice and the did was delicious! Great little breakfast joint that I needed for my hangover haha.