1031 Tremont St, Roxbury
(617) 427-8068

Recent Reviews

Ana M.

They always cancel my order or make me wait 3 hours before updates and very upseting that i pay for a service and only 3 times out of 10 they actually do their job and the rest pf the time its a gamble between they cancel , closed or can't completw the order.

Dean Lewis

I like this restaurant! They prepare fantastic dishes, their menu is decent, The chief cook in that place is very trained, I like a lot tasting all their food. The dishes are consistently fresh and tasty, the service towards the guests is friendly. I frequently visit this restaurant and I was never unsatisfied. Highly recommended.

Mateo Kerr

Tried this place in the past with my friend and I am hooked ever since. I liked the excellent ambience and flavorful food and beverages. Highly recommended.

John S.

First time we tried was last night at we LOVED everything we got. The Salt and Pepper Chicken Fingers and Chicken Wings are the BEST. Very different and a nice change. We also got their Lobster Sauce and it was excellent and not salty at all (like others we have had at different places). The House Fried Rice was fresh, again not overly salty and excellent. We will definitely go again and try different things. Food was very hot and portions were very generous. Our new go to Chinese Take Out place and not far from our Easton home. Keep up the good work!!!

Darcy Rowe

Pretty good.

Liam Watson

This spot is the one I like best. I eat in many restaurants but here I keep coming back again and again. The team is very affectionate and the cuisine they place on your table is so yummy. I never decline to have a decent meal in this restaurant. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Nick R.

Tons of trash reviews but just get salt and pepper ribs or chicken and fries and you are in for a treat. Come here for the fried stuff not real Chinese food.

Yazzy Boo

The rice was bomb

kim lomax

Good food

Waylon Hahn

Exceptional place to have some food when in a rush. Their customer service is fast, prices are convenient, fantastic character. Would recommend to others

Mark G.

Everything had a funny (questionable freshness) taste to it. Had to throw most of it away. Order from another restaurant is my recommendation. Not trying to be mean, just honest.

Donald King

We came to this spot for lunch. we heard about this spot from many people. Well, it was very nice. The staff members welcomed us with a smile and we had a great feeling. The meal was delicious. We had a great time and we will visit this place again. Warmly recommended.

Emily W.

The SPOT for drunk, late-night sesame chicken. Ol reliable. The pick-up time is always quick and the sesame chicken is ALWAYS delicious.

Bradley St. Amand

My go-to for years. Never disappoints!

Isaac Sellers

The food and service were ahead of our expectations. We really liked the vibes of this restaurant. Wonderful place to take the family out for lunch.

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