Caffè Nero

375 Assembly Row, Somerville
(617) 209-6570

Recent Reviews

Dmitry Salnikov

One of the best coffee shops in whole Boston

A K.

5/5 for the staff who work here! The taste of the tea bag that Cafe Nero uses could get better. The tea itself gets a 3/5. Therefore, overall id give this place a 4/5.

Ginny C.

Considering we are in a global pandemic, the fact that they have no soap in the (ladies) bathroom is atrocious. When I asked about this, they stated it had to have very little soap in the dispenser, because it would just leak out as it was broken. The sane question to follow this up would be.. why do you not have a standard individual hand soap on the sink and/or hand sanitizer, until this issue is resolved?! It's astonishing and does not make people feel comfortable, especially as we start to open back up - this is the fast track of going back into lock down and is a worry about health codes. There were no paper towels and it was a mess. About the product, a "large" iced beverage is a medium at best and I paid 5 dollars for 2 small energy bites.

Lorraine R.

Got ignored for a little while, then was able to order. Greasy heated up sandwich and the place needed to be cleaned.

Denise Oakley

Delicious! Great variety of food & drinks.

Nancy L.

My first time at Cafe Nero this weekend. I really like the decor at the coffee shop. The cold foam cold brew was also very good while pricey ( $5 for a med size) but I was shocked that they wouldn't give me a small cup of ice. Thought the guy was joking when he said no but he meant it.

J. Eliot DeGolia

Barista was friendly and insisted that I give him the full list of items rather than pausing between each one. Coincidentally, he forgot a drink order and misheard a sandwich order. A friendly reminder led to a desirable result (free drink) and the incorrect sandwich was still delicious. Typically I've had more smooth encounters at this location in the past. But this time wasn't awful.

Midknight Mechanics

Each location is excellent including this one. It was very nicely done inside. Perfect place to grab a coffee and relax on the patio.

Lucca W

Ice latte is really good. Nice place for study!!

Jordan G.

Garbage. Just had an order delivered. Did not honor buy 1 get 1 special. Only received 1 item where there is clearly 2 on the receipt. Another item was cold. Nothing to do with delivery because other items were hot. Finally, avacado toast was in a box on it's side so it was a total mess when it arrived. Won't pick up the phone. Maybe it's better in person. DO NOT get delivery.

Sandrine Perichon

I love this place. I like to enjoy their terrace !


After exploring the streets of this regentrified area, I needed a pick me up and tried this cafe. Their coffee was done right and having a biscotti rounded out my experience. Great outside dining area that is inviting and well laid out. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Laura Bilbo Raftery

Iced latte was nice, sitting outside

Christopher Daley

The staff was very friendly. But the inside seating situation was unacceptable. About half the tables and chairs were taken up by people with laptops and no food or drink just taking up space. I had to go outside and sit in the cold to eat and drink. The staff should be more diligent keeping the tables free for new customers.

kaissa oulhadj

I hope when Covid is over the guys who works there can get rid of his beard . Not professional and not sanitary with that hair and that beard .Otherwise I love this place !

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