Shake Shack

335 Assembly Row, Somerville
(617) 604-3025

Recent Reviews

Sarah Diri

Good food, kinda slow and pricy though. Sometimes your drinks are a sticky mess on the outside and your burger is half hanging out the bun.

Cocoa Thunda

It was an amazing experience the entire staff is super friendly and super hardworking. Most of all BRAYAN!!! He’s super helpful and goes above and beyond! He makes everyday I visit a better day and the rest of the staff are a pleasure to be around. They all carry a smile and are very open and genuinely cheerful!

Allison Cockett

Fast and amazing food with an incredible guest experience. The Assembly Row Somerville Shake Shack has an amazing staff that cares so much for customers. Brayan the manager has gone above and beyond to make sure every customer is happy and enjoys their visit. I couldn’t ask for a friendlier experience from a restaurant every single time I go.

Matt Hockey

Still sitting here as I write this. Correct me if I am wrong but the middle of the burger isn't supposed to be cold? Shake Foodborne Illness Shack at your service. Totally gross and inedible.


I ordered food here thru door dash. The food is decent as far as taste is concerned, but the quantity of the food is pretty small for the price. I don't think I will order here again. Go to beast burger. It's so much better . This shake is almost $6 and it's tiny. These chicken bites $10. I spent almost $30 .. the pictures they show are very deceiving. This is the essence of buyer beware. I get new places want to be hip and cool but price gouging is ridiculous.

Sanaa Aboukal

Stuff are very friendly and polite.very clean store and the most important the Food is great! The hamburger is just very tasty, fries were very crunchy.This is the best fast food burger that you could ever get.Love the Shroom burger!Food and service really complements each other in this locationGreat management effortsKeep it up ??

Austin Hunt

I love Shake Shack as much as the next person but 29 minutes from ordering to getting your food is unacceptable. I would like to think they just took too many orders and couldn't keep up but they weren't even that busy. I give it the 2nd star because the place was clean and the staff was very respectful but I won't be back.

Victoria T.

Just your typical shake shack, same as the others. I tried the hot honey chicken sandwich for the first time, and I didn't really like it. The sweet mixed with the not really spicy chicken was a bit weird. But I love their regular burgers and regular chicken sandwiches, so I'll give shake shack 4 stars. Service was good, and you can order on tablets yourself at this location.

David J.

Worst shack shake in Boston. 30+ minutes late on online order. Bad service and low quality food. Don't come to this location, complete trash and poorly run location

Jim G.

I ordered a delivery through the App. I ordered at 445 PM. I received a text from them at 5:08 informing me that they were working on the order. The original delivery date was about 40 minutes later. We waited until that time had passed . I received a call from the Uber driver who told me that when he went to pick up the order the store had no record of it. The App then kept extending the delivery time. I finally got the food at 7:00 PM. The food was hot but the burgers had no lettuce or tomato on them and only one straw. I sent an email through the App about my experience and they refunded the cost of this order.

Erik Hall

Went to shake shack, they didn’t have shakes.

Lane J.

I have been wanting to try Shake Shack for quite a while. I'm from the West Coast so really looking for something that compares to In-N-Out Burger. The only other place close by is 5 guys. Unfortunately while the burger was ok for the price it wasn't what I was hoping for. The paddy was flattened and thin and a bit salty for my taste. I just expected a bit more for a $5 burger.

Sabbor Sheikh

Love the location near the beer garden and how open yhe restaurant is to the outside. They have self ordering stations as well designed to speed up service. Love the Shack!!

rexy the sexy

Food was ok, but my cheese fries were a bit cold and and I found cardboard in my burger. This place is clearly unclean and I do not recommend.

Brendan T

Awesome service and food!! Been to many locations, and the people here go above and beyond. The smoke shack burger is phenomenal

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